* * *      W I Z A R D R Y   1-2-3   G A M E   C O D E      * * *
* * *      C A L C U L A T I O N S   A N D   F O R M U L A S ! ! !      * * *

Ever wondered how Wizardry was doing its calculations and how your characters' attributes was affecting them? Well, we've got quite a big chunk of it figured out.

Wizardry 1-2-3 Game Code Calculations and Formulas

(Posted September 19th, 2013)

* * *   M O R E    W I Z A R D R Y - L I K E   G A M I N G   ! ! !   * * *

Wizardry was inspired by multi-player dungeon games that were running on mainframes in the '70s such as Oubliette which looks a lot like Wizardry. The good news is Cyber1.org brought that system and the games back on-line! Which means you can play them today, and it's entirely free! I have dedicated a full web site to Oubliette here:

Oubliette Fan Page by Snafaru - PLATO* version

(Posted May 9th, 2013)

* * *   N E W    -    W I Z I S Y S T E M    -    N E W   * * *

Steve Field was very kind to send me this document I spent years looking for:


You may also be interested in this one too if you missed it:


(Posted January 20th, 2013)

* * *   A T T E N T I O N    -    M A J O R   N E W S   ! ! !   * * *

The VN Boards are down since April 2012, please let's all meet at the new:

postcount Wizardry 8 Forums

(Posted April 11th, 2012)

* * *    Updated - Latest Wizardry 8 Mod !!!    * * *

Wizardry 8 Reforged Mod v1.1 by Qusari

(Posted December 27th, 2011)

* * * N E W * * * Wizadry 6 Carrying Capacity Bug Patch * * * N E W * * *

In Wizardry VI, your character's carrying capacity is based off of their strength and vitality. However, due to a bug, the Wizardry VI game calculates a character's carrying capacity at the start of the game, but never updates it as their strength and/or vitality increases. Download from the patches section.

(Posted November 20th, 2010)

* * * N E W * * * Wizadry 6 Spell Bug Patch * * * N E W * * *

Patch to fix t he spell bug that causes monsters to resist the 7th level “attack all” spells. Download from the patches section.

(Posted August 4th, 2010)