Wizisystem deals with Wizardry 1 through 3.

My thanks to Steve Field for unearthing this manuscript on the left below that dates from 1984.

It contains some tasty little treats of information that many have never seen or heard of.

It was written and compiled mainly by gamers like us, enjoy!

Wizisystem 1-2-3 includes scenarios 1, 2 and 3 and maps.

Wizisystem 1-2 and Wizisystem 3

"Wizsystem 1-2" includes scenarios 1 and 2 and maps.
"Wizisystem 3" is a supplement to the "Wizisystem 1-2" and includes scenario 3 and maps.

Michael L. Nichols, the author of the above manuscript has also produced other scrolls of knowlegde that you'll find in Wizinews