Wizinews primarily deals with Wizardry 1 through 4.

My thanks to Bill Swetland for digging these long-forgotten manuscripts.

I have re-created them to the best of my abilities; pictures are as they were in the original,

fonts were updated for easier reading, text was spell-checked and proof-read.

It contains some tasty little treats of information that many have never seen or heard of.

It was written mainly by gamers like us, with a touch of humor here and there, enjoy!

Wizinews Cover Page and Wizinews Cover Page

Wizinews 1:1 and Wiznews 1:2/3.
These PDF versions have been OCRed, proof-read and spell-checked.
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Wizinews Cover Page

Wizinews 1:1 only.
This is a scanned searchable PDF.
Different source than what is on the left.

Editor and Publisher: Michael L. Nichols
Wizinews is a trademark of Nichols Services; copyright 1984, 1985 by Michael L. Nichols

Note 1: In issue 2/3 of Wizinews all articles not pertaining to Wizardry have not been re-created.

Note 2: We have tried to reach M. L. Nichols for permission to re-created and distribute these documents but we have found no traces of him, these documents are very old after all and contacting the source can understandably be difficult, if you know how to contact him, please let us know.

Michael L. Nichols, the author of the above manuscripts has also produced other scrolls of knowlegde that you'll find in Wizisystem