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Here are all the Wizardry 8 Mods that I've been able to round up for everyone's enjoyment.

We must all thank mad god for his Cosmic Forge modding tool, without it these mods would not have been possible.

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(Posted April 11th, 2011)


Reforged_ReadMe 11.txt







This is the Wizardry 8 Reforged Mod v1.1 by Qusari. Posted December 27th, 2011.

Read me file for the Reforged Mod v1.1

For the Rapax Rift patch simply copy the files over the existing ones.

The 'NPC database fix' should fix the Umpani from turning hostile around their camp.

The Bone Mace's 'blunt wood hits flesh, sound file missing' crash to desktop patch.

The 'texture patch' fixes the error with the schwarzerschleimtröpfling.tga file.

The 'Knollenblaetterpilzgruen' patch fixes a texture issue with the Knollblatt mushroom.

A No-CD patch to play without the need to have the game DVD disk in the DVD drive.

NOTE: This version is adapted to work specifically with Qusari's Wizardry 8 Reforged mod. (Thanks to townltu for the info).



This is the White Wolf's Mod
Version 1.0 (Beta).

If you find bugs, or have feedback to provide, please e-mail the author White Wolf at marton.lengyel@hotmail.com

Posted January 1st, 2011.

The Christian Coder's Mod v2.0 From FlameStryke's site: "Briefly, there have been alterations to the spell system and now characters with the Artifacts skill can make the double and triple shot versions of those weapons with that capability. New items, alterations to character classes adding new capabilities, and allowing or restricting certain item usage. For all the details visit his web site." The web site is here: http://jeffludwig.com/wizardry8mod

New version 2.0 as of Dec. 21st, 2010.


A Tutorial by Qusari for creating new inventory images for Wizardry 8.

You will need the Comic Forge and the STI-Edit programs (see this site's home page).

Posted September 9th, 2010.


Lunastralis Mod v1.0

Lunastralis Mod Patch 5

Lunastralis Mod Spare 15 Lift Patch 1

Lunastralis is almost a total conversion of the original Wiz8.

Install the mod then Patch 5, choose to overwrite all files.

The Spare 15 Lift Patch is for people that have trouble with lifts in Trynton.


Dodd the Slayer Mod
Version 2.3

Dodd the Slayer Mod
Version 2.4
(to patch v2.3)

Many thanks to Zedd for taking the time to get these files here (at the time this happened the Dodd mod was nowhere to be found on the net), as well as killing his bandwidth for a good chunk of time, much appreciated! A true Wizardry fan!


Dodd 2.4 Daegan
Tweaks Final 2

Tweaks Fix

Installation Instructions

Daegan's tweaks to Dodd the Slayer Modd v2.4.

Install the tweaks then the fix (should fix the rusted clasp disappearance).


FlameStryke's New Mod
Version 1.1


This is FlameStyke's latest mod, rest her soul, she passed away in 2008. FlameStryke's mods where among the first complete mods.

Deathstalker's Mod
Version 3.0

Deathstalker's Mod
Version 3.0
Trynton Patch

This is DeathStalker's latest mod. Hmmm, this makes me think of the 1980's DeathStalker series of B-movies...
w8graphicmod.zip This mod only makes graphical changes and a few corrections to the game. The corrections are mentioned after the list of items included in the zip file and whose graphics and/or models were changed.
Disco Stu's Mod
Version 1a
Basically this mod edits existing weapons (and some armor). The main change was adding a minimum skill level to use certain weapons. It should make for an interesting game.
Passerby's Random Mod
The main function of this mod is to increase the randomness and variability of the game, primarily by drastically increasing the range of random loot.
Fuego Star's Mod Demo From FlameStryke's site: "Fuego Star has done some unique things with this mod and I really think you should give it a look. Bear in mind it is only a Demo and not a full mod. At this time I think the demo is playable through the monastery but I tell ya what, that door to Arnika Rd... NO TOUCHY! Do not go out that door... I mean it... Ok don't say I didn't warn ya!"

If you need a utility to unzip these files go to www.shareware.com and search for winzip or pkzip.