Fineous' Revenge - a Wizardry scenario

I will provide free installation help, tips, and character recuperation support via e-mail at:

Fineous' Revenge This is the Fineous' Revenge Wizardry scenario. It is in Apple II disk format. You will need an Apple II emulator like the one below to run it. First, create a folder of your choice such as C:\FineousRevenge where you will unzip the disk images and the Apple II emulator files from below.

There is critical information to get started properly which you can find here, just don't read the easily identifiable spoiler section at the bottom.
AppleWin This is an Apple IIe emulator for Windows for the above scenario. Unzip it in the same folder you put the game into.

Tip: go into the AppleWin Configuration (joystick/speaker button at bottom right) and remove the check mark in front of "50% Scan Lines" to get better video.

The AppleWin web site for the latest version is at:

If you need a utility to unzip these files, use Windows Explorer or go to and search for WinZip or WinRAR.