DragonQuest - a Wizardry scenario by Snafaru

DragonQuest Scenario (c) Snafaru - 2000-2022

Since 1981 I wanted a game that was a combination of my two favorite games, Wizardry (computer frpg) and DragonQuest (dice frpg).
After a year of efforts and well over 500 hours of work my dream had finally come true!
This Wizardry scenario is based on the dice fantasy role-playing game DragonQuest 2nd Ed.
All characters, monsters, npcs and items have painstakingly been reproduced as closely as possible to the DQ universe while keeping balance.
Places from the Frontiers of Alusia world adventure map are used.
I hope this scenario will give you hours of enjoyment, and for some of you, bring back the excitement and nostalgia.

My special thanks to Steve Evans for providing programming tips and play-testing DragonQuest, his help was extremely valuable.

Wizardry DragonQuest Scenario v1.3.zip This is the DragonQuest scenario Version 1.3 with supporting files.

It is in Apple II disk format. You will need an Apple II emulator like the AppleWin below to run it.

First, create a folder of your choice such as C:\Games\DragonQuest where you will unzip the DragonQuest disk images and the Apple II emulator files.

Then read the Player's Guide (in PDF format) to find out how to get started plus much more like character generation, spell lists, etc.

Last update: 2022-07-12
Web hosts: please do not post the above file to your site. I want to make the latest version available to the players at all times. Please create a link to this site instead.

Thank you - Snafaru
Spells Lists Wizardry Spells Lists
with detailed effects.
AppleWin This is an Apple IIe emulator for Windows for the above scenario. Unzip it in the same folder you put the game into.

Tip: go into the AppleWin Configuration (joystick/speaker button at bottom right) and remove the check mark in front of "50% Scan Lines" to get better video.

The AppleWin web site for the latest version is at: https://github.com/AppleWin/AppleWin

I will provide free installation help, tips, and support via e-mail at snafaru@zimlab.com