What happened to

Robert J. Woodhead

For a very long time now I've been wondering what happened to the gentlemen who brought us the exciting world of Wizardry. I was able to reach Robert who was very kind to share the following:

Robert J. Woodhead, July 8th, 1999:

After leaving Sir-tech due to creative differences, I created the
VIREX antivirus tool for the Macintosh. I also founded ANIMEIGO
(http://www.animeigo.com/) and have been subtitling and dubbing Anime
and Samurai films for many years.

I lived for 6 years in Japan while doing this, and married my
interpreter, Natsumi Ueki. We now have 2 boys (6 and 4) and live in
Wilmington NC.

More recently, I've been doing silly things on the web, including
http://selfpromotion.com/ and http://bookmonitor.com/