Scanned by SnafaruDragonQuest Tables and Game Master's Screen

The Game Master's screen sold by SPI wasn't bad but... a lot was left out.

My goal was to put everything on a few sheets instead of having to rummage through the book all the time.

So I've decided to create/update it to help everyone for easier playing.

I followed the rules of the 2nd Edition.

If you have suggestions, or found bugs in the tables, please write to me, Snafaru at so that I can make the necessary adjustments for the next release. Includes many tables like the Equation Summary which is espescially usefull. The Magic Tables basically reviews the whole magic system on 2 pages! Excellent if you haven't played lately and are a bit rusty! Unzip in a separate directory for convenience.

Last update August 14th, 2004 (Updated 9.1 Combat Equation Summary (Disarm and Knockout equations)). Format is Microsoft Word.

If you need a utility to unzip these files go to and search for winzip or pkzip.