Scanned by SnafaruDragonQuest 2nd vs. 3rd Edition Rules Differences

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Converting DQ 3rd Edition to 2nd
        There are relatively few differences between 
        DragonQuest 2nd Edition and 3rd Edition.  The blurb on the back cover 
        about "the thoroughly revised third edition" was copied, almost 
        verbatim, from the 2nd Edition, in fact.  The differences can be 
        divided into three groups: material that was cut, material that was 
        added, and material modified.
   Material that was Cut
        Chapters 46 (The College of Black Magics) and 47 (The 
        College of Greater Summonings) were removed, as was rule 43.7, the 
        "Ritual of Binding Earth" and rule 54.3, the seduction ability of 
        Courtesans. The most likely reason for the removals was political
	correctness, the removal of options considered evil or wrong.
   Material that was Added
        Chapters 46 to 51 (The College of Summonings, The 
        College of Shapings, The College of Rune Magics, Notes on Magic, 
        Creating New Colleges, and Guide to Herbal Lore) were added to the 
        third edition.  Chapter numbers for the third book differ by 4 between 
        2nd and 3rd edition because of this; Chapter 48 in 2nd edition 
        corresponds to Chapter 52 in 3rd Edition.
   Material That Was Changed
        I assume that most changes were made to increase the 
        expense of playing a non-human or to decrease the effectiveness of 
        spellcasters, as those seem to be the primary effects.  Some changes, 
        however, appear to be meant as compensation for the decrease in
	spellcaster effectiveness, and some appear to just be typos.  Some are 
        clearly of the same type as the removed material; the material was 
        altered to remove references to practices felt inappropriate, or to 
        mark them as being for NPCs only.
        Chapter numbers given are 3rd edition numbers.
     Rule 6.3
        The experience multiplier table was originally as 
        Race				Multiplier
        Dwarf				1.1
        Elf				1.2
        Giant				1.5
        Halfling			1.1
        Human				1.0
        Orc				0.9
        Shape-Changer			1.4
     Rule 8.1
        The money multiplier for Poor Trash was originally 1.
        The money multiplier for Impoverished Gentlefolk was 
        originally 2.
     Rule 8.5
        The SPs for a roll of 01 or 02 was originally 5.
     Rule 34
        The Colleges of Black Magic and Greater Summonings 
        were considered part of "The Entities".  The new colleges were not 
        listed in 2nd edition.
     Rule 36.4, Spell G-2
        The Base Chance of the Spell of Telekinesis was 20%.
     Rule 36.4, Spell G-9
        Spell name was "Evil Eye Spell".
     Rule 36.5, Spell Q-2
        The Base Chance was 75% + 1/Rank; The Experience 
        Multiple was 200.  The time for consultation was 10 min. + 1 
        min./Rank.  The line "The Ritual takes 10 hours." was added in 3rd 
     Rule 36.6, Spell S-4
        The Base Chance of the Spell of Enchanting Weapons 
        was 30%.
     Rule 36.6, Spell S-5
        The maximum duration was 15 min. + 15 min./Rank
     Rule 36.6, Spell S-6
        The Difficulty Factor for Ranks 1-5 was 3; for Ranks 
        6-10. it was 2; for Ranks 11-20, it was 1.5.
     Rule 38.2
        The adjustment for Willpower was +1/pt. WP above 15, 
        -1/pt. WP below 15.
     Rule 39.2
        The effect of Generic True Names was +1/Rank for 
        objects/nonsentients; The effect of Individual True Names was +5/Rank 
        for sentients.
     Rule 39.3, Talent T-1
        The effect of distance was -1/5 ft. after the first 
        The effect of Rank was +5/Rank.
     Rule 39.4
        References were to 12 Colleges and 24 Counterspells.
     Rule 40.6, Spell S-17
        Base Chance was 1%, and Experience Multiple was 500.
     Rule 41.2
        "In physical contact" modifier was +20
     Rule 41.4, Spell G-10
        Base Chance was 35%
     Rule 42.2
        medium/light mist/fog/rain modifier was -5.
        heavy fog/rain modifier was -10
        30' of medium fire was +5
        within medium fire was +10
     Rule 42.6, Spell S-8
        Spell name was "Demonic Firebolt Spell"
     Rule 42.6, Spell S-10
        Base Chance was 25%
     Rule 42.6, Spell S-11
        Base Chance was 2%
     Rule 42.6, Spell S-12
        Base Chance was 2%; Experience Multiple was 425
     Rule 42.6, Spell S-13
        Base Chance was 1% Experience Multiple was 550
     Rule 42.6, Spell S-14
        Base Chance was 2%; Experience Multiple was 500
     Rule 42.6, Spell S-15
        Base Chance was 15%; Experience Multiple was 200
     Rule 42.6, Spell S-16
        Base Chance was 25%; Experience Multiple was 225
     Rule 43
        The line "However, he may never participate in 
        rituals of this College which involve human sacrifice." was replaced 
        by "Player character Earth Magic practitioners are assumed to be of 
        this College."  Druidic Earth Magic was renamed Primitive Earth Magic.
     Rule 43.2
        Modifier for "Place of power" was +20
     Rule 43.3, Talent T-1
        Modifier for every 10 feet was -1; modifier for each 
        rank was +5
     Rule 43.6, Spell S-2
        Base Chance was 25%; Experience Multiple was 150
     Rule 43.6, Spell S-10
        Base Chance was 25%/20%
     Rule 43.6, Spell S-11
        Base Chance was 1%
     Rule 43.7
        Removed in 3rd Edition.
     Rule 44.2
        All modifiers were half of the value given in 3rd 
        Edition.  In addition, there was one more modifier for Shadow Weavers: 
        "It is twilight: -10"
     Rule 44.6, Spell S-4
        Base Chance was 10%, Experience Multiple was 200
     Rule 44.6, Spell S-8
        Base Chance was 1%, Experience Multiple was 500
     Rule 44.6, Spell S-9
        Experience Multiple was 450
     Rule 44.6, Spell S-11
        Base Chance was 1%
     Rule 44.6, Spell S-12
        Experience Multiple was 500, Base Chance was 1%
     Rule 44.6, Spell S-13
        Base Chance was 20%
     Rule 44.8 {Fright Table)
        On a 96-100, replace with: "Target's hair turns white 
        as he becomes totally catatonic (as if stunned).  Add 15 to subsequent 
        rolls on the Fright Table this day."
     Rule 45
        2nd dition did not have the note about being 
        opponents to the player characters.
     Rule 45.2
        Bonus for midnight on a High Holiday was +30.
     Rule 45.4 - Spell G-1
        Duration was 15 minutes + 15 additional/Rank
     Rule 45.4 - Spell G-9
        Duration was "Until task is completed".  Effects 
        were: "Creates a 15'x15'x15' "column of force" that will follow the 
        Adept's command to execute one specific task ("smash through that 
        locked door", for example) and then will dissipate.  Will do [D-5] 
        damage per 10 second exposure to flesh which cannot be pushed out of 
        the way due to a wall or other unyielding surface.  It will slowly 
        push metal aside, but will be halted by stone."
     Rule 45.5 - Ritual Q-1
        Ritual took 2 hours.
     Rule 45.6 - Spell S-4
        Base Chance was 20%
     Rule 45.6 - Spell S-8
        The chance of successfully Striking the target was 
        reduced by 1 (+1 per Rank).
     Rule 45.6 - Spell S-9
        Increase in Strkie chance was  (+1 per Rank).
     Rule 45.6 - Spell S-10
        Base chance was 5%
     Rule 45.6 - Spell S-11
        Base chance was 1%
     Rule 45.6 - Spll S-12
        increases in Physical Strength were for the remainder 
        of the Pulse.
     Rule 45.6 - Spell S-14
        Base chance was 5%
     Rule 45.7 - Ritual R-3
        Extensive changes; ritual involved a ritual murder, 
        which was where the wraith/wight came from, among other changes.
     Note: From chapter 52 on, chapter numbers 
     between 2E and 3E will be different by 4.  3E chapter 
     numbers are given here.
     Changes in chapter numbers for references are 
     not noted here.
     Rule 54.1
        Chance was Perception plus (8 x Rank).
     Rule 55.2
        Chance of Grievous attacking though a front hexside 
        was +1% for every three ranks (round down)
     Rule 58
        The skill was referred as Courtesan, with a Courtier 
        listed as a male courtesan.
     Rule 58.3
        The following was at the end of this paragraph: "A 
        courtesan should keep in mind that it helps to provide services at a 
        discount or for free and the bribe the right people to ensure freedom 
        of action.
     Rule 58.5
        This was rule 54.4 in 2E, with 3E rules 58.3 and 58.4 
        as 54.5 and 54.6.  Female courtesans received 25 + [(Rank + 1) 
        squared} Silver Pennies for a night's employment, with a comment: "The 
        distaff side will do better at this profession in a male-dominated s
        ociety.  The pay rates are reversed in a matriarchy."
     Removed Rule, Rule 58
        2E Rule 54.3 was an additional ability of Courtesan: 
        seduction.  Base chance is Physical beauty + 10 x rank.
     Rule 59.5
        The explanation at the end of the first paragraph 
        (starting "that is...") was added.
     Rule 62.1
        The number of troops that could be led was (15 + 
        [Rank Squared] + [4 x Willpower]).  There was no specific number 
        listed for Rank 0.  The size of a personal guard was {Willpower x 
     Rule 62.2
        The following was removed from the first paragraph: 
        "The military scientist may not attempt to rally a being who has fled 
        for over 30 + [5 x Military Scientist's Rank] seconds."  The success 
        percentage was ({Willpower] + [10 x Rank] - [Number of Beings])%.
     Rule 62.3
        Military Scientists were unsure of enemy tactics if 
        their roll was greater than the success percentage but less than the 
        success percentage plus (2 x Rank).  
     Rule 62.4
        The last line of this rule ("At Rank 8"...) was added 
        in the 3rd Edition.
     Rule 62.6
        The military scentist needed to pass every second 
        round, not the first of every two rounds.
     Rule 63.3
        The success percentage was ([2 x Perception] + [8 x Rank])%.
     Rule 64.5
        The foraging was automatically successful, required 
        application for (Rank - 12) minutes, and cured as well as a healer of 
        his Ranger rank.
     Rule 66.5
        Base success percentage was (12 x Rank)%.
     Rules 70-80
        I didn't look into these extensively.
     Rule 87.2
        The ** footnote on the table was added in 3rd Edition.
     Rule 88.2
        Experience Multiple was 250.
        Rank to place a Full Geas was 50.
     Rule 88.4
        An additional affliction was present between #2 and 
        #3: "Target suffers from virulent disease (a favorite is open running 
        sores)."  Items 3-5 were moved down one each.  The last sentence about 
        Dooms was added in 3rd Edition.
     Rule 90.2
        The last sentence ("For languages...") was added in 3rd Edition.