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Category: FAQ

Author  : Celine Aensland

Contact : ce.aensland at gmail. You know the drill.

Version : v0.8. A lot of rearranging and cleanin up done, should resemble
          a FAQ more than a random collection of notes now. Certain
          commentary taken out, other sections expanded. In short, less
          chatter, more detail.

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   It always bugs me when FAQs aren't dated. You go email the guy and he'll
 be like, "oh I quit 5 years ago". Jeez. Anyway, below is the version
 history for this particular piece. And yes, I'm overreacting :P

Alpha version dated  :  Sunday, 12th October 2003, 11:50pm GMT+8
Beta 2 version dated :  Wednesday, 14th June 2006, 11:15am GMT+8
                        ( crud, it's been THAT long? )
Beta 3 verison dated :  1 October 2006
v0.5 version dated   :  8 October 2006
v0.7 version dated   :  9 October 2006
v0.8 version dated   : 13 October 2006

History   : Alpha   - Sunday, 12th October 2003, 11:50pm GMT+8
                      Initial release, mostly draft notes.
            Alpha 2 - same week
                      Cleaned up the notes superficially
            Beta    - same week
                      Cleaned up FAQ layout. Typos. Added stuff.
            Beta 2  - June 2006 update. Omg. So much stuff.
            Beta 3  - October 2006 update. Been busy with other games.
                      Seriously. Added install directions, ToC, and
                      rearranged and reformatted a lot of crap.
            v0.5    - October 2006. A LOT of rearranging and cleaning
                      up. Should start to look more like a FAQ than a
                      random collection of notes.
            v0.7    - October 2006. Added spells and spell section.
            v0.8    - October 2006. Expanded guild explanation.
                      Added quest section. Added monster section.
                      Cleaned up several existing sections.

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===== [ TABLE OF CONTENTS ] =====

It's about time this FAQ had one :p

 - Introduction . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [INT]
 - Installation and Patching  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [INS]
 - Some Useful Tables . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [TAB]
 - Guild Overview . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [GUI]
 - Spells . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [SPL]
 - Race Based Guild Suggestions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [RAC]
 - Your First Character . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [1ST]
 - Penalty Info . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [PEN]
 - Brawling Party . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [BRW]
 - Suggested Parties  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [SUG]
 - My Target Party  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [TGT]
 - Quests . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [QST]
 - Monsters . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [MON]
 - Misc Tips  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [MSC]
 - Loot . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [LUT]
 - Old Notes  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [OLD]
 - Bugs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ERR]

   To quickly scroll to a section, simply search for the 3-letter string
 in brackets, e.g. to look up Quests search for "[QST]".

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===== [ INTRODUCTION ] ===== . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [INT]

   This thing started life resembling more of a collection of tips gathered
from various reviews and websites months (maybe even years) ago, rather
than an actual FAQ. Sorry for not noting who the sources were, but at that
time I wasn't expecting to write one.
   My additional notes and comments were originally written in [square
brackets], but since I used those to prettify section headers, I'm in a
bind and have to edit them all. Ugh.

 Str = Strength       Art = Artisan    Thf = Thief
 Int = Intelligence   War = Warrior    Bar = Barbarian
 Wis = Wisdom         Pal = Paladin    Mag = Magi
 Con = Constitution   Nnj = Ninja      Sor = Sorcerer
 Cha = Charisma       Vil = Villain    Wlk = Warlock
 Dex = Dexterity      Epl = Explorer   Cle = Cleric

 [G] = Good alignment
 [N] = Neutral alignment
 [E] = Evil alignment

Character combo notation example: Dwarf[N] (War)/Thf/<Cle>
"race[alignment] (starting guild)/other guilds/<optional guilds>"
So this example means a Neutral Dwarf character started as a Warrior and
later on joined the Thieves' Guild, and may optionally join the Clerics'
Guild if you so wish. If there is a number after the guild, means to only
level in that guild up to that level - usually this is for weaker
characters that have low hp-bonus levelups, who join a strong hp class
early in the game (famously, Artisan 30), or for builds that just want a
certain level of that guild for using some specific item (not recommended
by me, I have no experience here and cannot advise on this).

 NCR = Non-Class Restricted (applies to items, usually regarding equipping
                             restrictions while in different guilds)

Lastly, most of my views are from a stat-wise point of view (veterans may
disagree, let me know if you spot a blatantly bad choice). I'm not
discouraging weird guild combos, if you absolutely want to play an Evil
Elf Explorer, go ahead by all means. This guide is mostly for those people
wanting to start a balanced singleplayer 4-person party team, and I'm
pointing out where the numbers lean to.

   I don't believe that Demise is ever "easy" - in the intervening years
I've played a whole bunch of games, PC and console (my personal library
stands at over 500 titles combined for almost all consoles and handhelds),
I feel I have enough experience to judge whether something is "easy" or
not for the average casual gamer...
   ...and there's nothing casual about Demise. It's pure distilled dungeon
crawling, there aren't any NPCs down there to help you and hold your hand.
If you get in over your head you can't miss the signs, the monsters will
be quick to oblige by handing you your ass. And that's a great thing - the
game will never be easy. None of that "ok, I've got the complete King's
set / reached level X, I am now invincible" crap you see in so many other

   Of course, veterans from Mordor (the original game) would probably scoff
but this guide isn't intended for them. Knowing everything about the depths
will undoubtedly make things less intimidating. But for the newly initiated
Demise can be unforgiving, and despite my great liking for the game it's
really very hard to stay with. Obviously it's good enough to keep me coming
back for more though.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

===== [INSTALLATION AND PATCHING ] ===== . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [INS]

   As of 2006, Demise is already at least half a decade old and has gone
 through a couple of important patches. Get them! The original version
 suffered data-file bloating which would eventually crash upon trying to
 load the dungeon. This meant the loss of ALL your characters, since if you
 merely reinstalled and copied over the data, you'd still run into the
   There are patches for both the executable and dll files. Here are the
 steps you need to install the latest version of Demise:

 1) Install Demise, but DON'T start it
 2) reboot
 3) Start game, create a character, enter the dungeon
 4) Exit game (leaving character in the dungeon)
 5) Install DEMISEPatch1.00r3.1.EXE
 6) reboot
 7) Start game, load the character, enter the dungeon
 8) Exit game (once again leaving character in the dungeon)
 9) Install DemisePatch353.exe
10) reboot
11) Install the DemisePatch353DLL.exe
12) reboot

   That's it, the next time you run the game you should be up to speed. The
 version which I have, after following those instructions, is 1.00r3 Build
 353, System DEMISE Version 1.35b. Apparently this is an old code base
 though, and it still bears the Artifact Entertainment stamp. Later ones
 have Pharoah Productions on it, and I don't know if the even more recent
 owner, Decklin, has changed it either.

   As a precaution whenever you exit the dungeon and resurface in town,
 exit the game after you're done shopping. Used to crash here a lot,
 probably due to memory leak issues in the unpatched versions.
   Anyway, it only takes a short while to exit and restart the game - and
 if possible do the backup save option instead of just quitting (the game
 will prompt you to quit anyway after making a backup).

   Better safe than sorry. I don't want to waste another high level party
 I'd sunk weeks and months of effort in.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

===== [ SOME USEFUL TABLES ] ===== . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [TAB]

   Stats summary from Demise guide, text formatting fixed by yours truly,
and re-sorted based on Racial Experience Factor, the determinant which
affects how fast a given race will progress to the next level - the higher
this modifier is, the more experience a character of the given race will
require to level up.

[ Racial resistances ] - (humans, unlisted, have none)
Race   Fire Cold Elec Mind Dise Pois Magi Ston Para Drai Acid  summary
Yeti   35%  35%  35%  50%   -    -   40%   -   95%  65%  50%   elem, mind, drain
Dwarf  45%  80%   -    -   50%  50%   -   40%  50%  90%   -    elem, dis, drain
Troll   -    -    -    -   45%  45%   -    -   45%  65%  25%   disease, drain
Ogre   75%  75%   -    -   50%   -    -   50%  75%  75%  15%   elem, ston, drain
Gnome   -    -    -   40%   -    -    -   25%  25%  25%   -    mind, drain
Elf     -    -    -   50%   -    -   80%   -    -    -    -    mind, magi
Giant  50%  50%  50%   -   50%  50%   -   25%  50%  50%   -    elem, dis, drain
Saris   -    -   90%  90%   -    -    -   90%   -    -   90%   mind, ston, acid

[ Race stats ]
Race   Age  ExFt  Str   Int   Wis   Con   Cha   Dex   G N E Bre Eye Note
Human  100   3    4/17  4/18  4/18  6/17  5/18  6/18  X X X  1   3   .
Yeti   175   4    7/19  4/18  4/19  3/15  2/14  4/20  X . X  8   3   =
Dwarf  275   5    4/19  3/18  6/19  4/19  2/16  4/18  . X .  1   7   o
Troll  285   6    8/20  4/18  2/18  5/18  2/16  7/20  X X X  6   9   =o
Ogre   250   6    8/21  2/16  2/16 10/20  4/18  5/16  X X X  5   5   =o
Gnome  315   7    3/17  6/19  6/19  3/18  8/23  6/18  X X X  3   2   .
Elf    450   7    2/14  7/21  7/20  2/15  4/18  4/19  X X X  1   6   o
Giant  225   7   10/24  3/17  3/17  8/18  2/15  4/18  . X .  3   1   .
Saris  325   8    4/17  4/18  3/18  6/17  4/17 10/23  . X .  2   8   o
ExpFt = Exp Factor, higher = more needed to lvl;
Note: . n/a, = good breathing, o good sight
Natural stats can't be raised more than max+5, e.g. Ogre Con = 20+5 = 25

Sorted by race:
Str 14-24 Elf, Gnome, Human, Saris, Dwarf, Yeti, Troll, Ogre, [Giant]*
Int 16-21 Ogre, Giant, Dwarf, Human, Troll, Saris, Yeti, Gnome, [Elf]
Wis 16-20 Ogre, Giant, Human, Troll, Saris, Yeti, Dwarf, Gnome, [Elf]
Con 15-20 Elf, Yeti, Human, Saris, Gnome, Troll, Giant, Dwarf, [Ogre]
Cha 14-23 Yeti, Giant, Troll, Dwarf, Saris, Ogre, Elf, Human, [Gnome]*
Dex 16-23 Ogre, Dwarf, Human, Giant, Gnome, Elf, Yeti, Troll, [Saris]*
 [Bracketed]*Starred = overwhelmingly the choice
 [Bracketed] (no star) = highest but not by too much
Int & Wis weighted together if tied (i.e. if same int, then compare wis,
  and vice versa)
Cha -> Int & Wis weighted together if tied (only Mag or Pal need Cha,
  so compare with both Int & Wis)
Dex -> Str & Con weighted together if tied (Dex important for fighters)

[ Race & Guild allowed combos ]
            GNE GNE G.. G.E ..E GNE .N. .NE GNE G.E GNE .N.
            Art War Pal Nnj Vil Epl Thf Bar Mag Sor Wlk Cle
Yeti  Norm   X   X   .   .   X   X   .   X   X   X   .   .
Dwarf Smal   X   X   .   .   .   X   X   X   .   .   X   X
Troll Norm   X   .   .   X   X   .   X   X   .   .   .   .
Ogre  Big    X   X   .   .   .   .   .   X   .   .   .   .
Gnome Norm   X   .   X   .   X   X   X   X   X   X   .   X
Elf   Smal   X   .   X   .   .   X   X   .   X   X   X   X
Giant Vbig   X   X   .   .   .   X   .   X   .   .   .   .
Saris Norm   X   .   .   .   .   X   X   .   X   .   X   X
(Humans unlisted... they have no guild restrictions)

[ Guild stats ]
 Guild       HtRg MxLv ExpFt Quest Max-A/D Str Int Wis Con Cha Dex G N E
GNE Artisan    5   30    8    10    200     1   1   1   1   1   1  X X X
.N. Thief      3   21   15     5    400     9  12   8   5   5  16  . X .
GNE Warrior    6   26   16    10    450    14   6   6  10   4   8  X X X
.NE Barbarian  4   29   18    10    525    12   8   8  10   4  15  . X X
GNE Explorer   4   27   18    10    430    12  13  13  10   4  12  X X X
G.. Paladin    5   29   19    15    430    14   9   9   8  16  12  X . .
G.E Ninja      4   25   21    20    465    14  10   8   8   6  16  X . X
..E Villain    4   26   21    15    440    14  13   8  12   4  16  . . X
G.E Sorcerer   2   29   27     5    475     7  14  13  12   5  10  X . X
GNE Magi       3   27   27     5    475     6  12  13   8  12  13  X X X
GNE Warlock    2   38   30     5    625    10  18  18  12   8  14  X X X
.N. Cleric     2   28   32     5    475     8  14  14  10   8  14  . X .
HtRg = avg +maxHP per lvlup until charlvl=MxLv;
   after charlvl=MxLv, +1 or +2 per lvlup depending on guild
ExpFt = Exp Factor, higher = more needed to lvl
Quest = %chance to be given a quest after lvling, to be completed before
   allowed next lvlup (you apparently can forfeit random quests, at the
   expense of -2 clvls demoted).
   [ update: you stop getting guild quests apparently at clv100, indicating
     that you've risen to the highest they can test you; however from what
     I've picked up it seems you may still be random quested. ]
Max-A/D = clvl where you attain max Atk/Def for that guild
Note: A character will only receive HtRg HP when making a level in
   a guild if that guild is the 'highest' guild the character is a
   member of (e.g. a lv25 Cleric will not gain any HP making lv26 if
   the character is also a level 30 Thief. The Cleric would need to
   make level 31 (because they were also a level 30 Thief) before they
   received a max HP increase -- and by that point, MxLv would have
   been passed, so the character would only receive 2HP per lvlup).
   Artisan however only gains 1HP per lvlup after MxLv.

[ Other skills ]
Guild       A  B  C  D  E  F  G     Key
Artisan     5  .  .  .  7  3  1     A = Thieving ability
Barbarian  7.5 5  .  1  8  3  2     B = Backstab
Cleric      2  .  .  .  5  2  6     C = Critical hit
Explorer   3.5 .  3  .  9  9  6     D = Multiple swing
Magi        2  .  .  .  5  3  7     E = Fighting ability
Ninja       7  2  5  8 10  6  2     F = Perception
Paladin     2  .  5  2 10  3  4     G = Language ability
Sorcerer    2  .  .  .  5  2  7
Thief       9  9  .  .  6  5  3
Villain     6  4  1  3  8  4  5
Warlock     2  .  .  .  5  2  8
Warrior     2  .  9  5 12  2  3

Perception is also aided by guild lvl, int, wis

Multiple swing grants additional swings of a weapon in combat
Extra Swings (1st = 1st extra swing, etc)
  Guild   1st  2nd  3rd  4th  5th
 Ninja     28   60  131  387  629 
 Warrior   46  162  578    -    - 
 Paladin   50  192   ??    -    - 
 Villain   53  243  800(?) -    - 
 Barbarian 59  268    -    -    - 
   3rd Swing for villain is uncertain, but '-' indicates I'm fairly certain
that guild does not get this number of extra swings. Therefore, if you want
extra swings, then the ninja's guild is really your only option. Three
extra swings before warrior (who is next best) even gets their second
completely blitzes all competition. I doubt that any other guild will get
a 4th extra swing, and most guilds will get their 3rd extra swing at very
high levels. Note that Sortiri's tables indicate no 3rd swings for Paladin
or Villain. Dunno if untested or confirmed non.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

===== [ GUILD OVERVIEW ] ===== . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [GUI]

   Following is a list of the guilds as well as the spells each of them
have available. Note that these only represent the known spells that are
left with the guilds; there are certainly many more powerful spells which
have been lost in the depths, and it is up to you to recover them and bring
them back.

-[ Artisan ]- - -

   They give the highest initial HP except for warrior, and provide the
 best A/D until level 235. They don't give any other particular advantages,
 and since they give quite a high experience penalty on other guilds due to
 high A/D, many characters do not go beyond lv30 in artisan. However, few
 chars do not go at least this far (lv30) for the HP it provides.
   Artisan is so easy to level that taking it to clv200 is not a big deal.
 The main drag is random quests which slow you down, although even if you
 forfeit, you can take this guild very fast to 200.
   One thing many people forget is that artisan gives you so much A/D so
 fast in the early game that it can make a huge difference in your early
 game survival. Being able to use a dagger of stealth or a cloak of night
 early on can rapidly increase the rate at which you gain experience in
 other guilds.
   However, don't forget that artisan is the only guild in the game which
 gains only 1 hp per level beyond the max - all other guilds gain 2hp per
 level, so if you want maximum hp your highest guild level should be
 something other than artisan (for levels beyond 38, the max for warlock).
   The other big thing about artisan is you get to use NCR items sooner
 with artisan. If you are leveling many guilds together at roughly the same
 level, you will be able to use rings, necklaces, cloaks, daggers and other
 NCR items much sooner.
   Artisans spells:          Spell level:
 Establish Mystic Portal . . . .  1
 Identify Trap . . . . . . . . .  9
 Magical Entry . . . . . . . . . 12

-[ Warrior ]- - -

   Gives the highest HP per lvlup until MxLV, and second best A/D. They
 critical hit far more often than anyone else, and their fighting ability
 allows them to deal out stacks of damage even without a critical hit. They
 are also second in line (equal with paladins) to be able to use items (in
 terms of level required). Doing large amounts of damage, and frequently
 critically hitting means that at least one of these guys is virtually in
 any party.
   This is one of the best guilds in the game, period. Nothing beats
 Warriors' late game A/D. Nothing comes close to its fighting skill and
 critical hits. Since swings do not cost mana, warriors can stay down
 longer than spellcasters by far.
   Warrior also gets 2nd best object usage, a fact forgotten by many, which
 can be really useful later. It seems that the best objects in the game are
 designed for warriors, not spellcasters too. It also seems to me that a
 backstab does less damage than a critical hit for my 231 barb, 193warrior.
   Warrior spells:           Spell level:
 Establish Mystic Portal . . . .  1

-[ Paladin ]- - -

   A warrior of less ability, in areas of fighting, critically hitting, and
 extra swings, these warriors are capable of minor healing to make up for
 their reduced prowess in combat. This skill makes them valuable in a
 party, as a fighter who can heal themselves does not require spell casters
 to keep him alive. Good aligned elves are often members of this guild, to
 give them some fighting ability. Not overly valuable, but can be useful
 depending on party makeup.
   Paladins have the same heal costs as Clerics. What this does is give you
 cheap healing (like Cleric) at a fraction of the xp cost of Cleric. You do
 NOT gain the highest healing magics of cleric like restore, resurrect etc,
 but your heal spell can be pretty effective.
( Besides Humans, only Elves and Gnomes can join - and interestingly enough
  neither of them can join Warrior. A point in favour of joining it if
  you're playing one of those races and are of good alignment. )
   Paladin spells:           Spell level:
 Establish Mystic Portal . . . .  1
 Minor Heal  . . . . . . . . . .  6
 Resist Draining . . . . . . . .  7
 Resist Disease  . . . . . . . .  8
 Cure Poison . . . . . . . . . .  9
 Dispel Undead . . . . . . . . .  9
 Heal  . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12
 Dispel Elemental  . . . . . . . 12
 Cure Paralysis  . . . . . . . . 12
 Cure Disease  . . . . . . . . . 15

-[ Ninja ]- - -

   The deadly ninja, able to both critical hit & backstab (though it has
 the worst backstab ability) is a valuable addition to any character.
 Often they chew up nearly all monsters in an encounter in a single round,
 and in a party it is often necessary to frequently shift these characters
 to the back of a party so other members can get experience. However, their
 ability does come at a cost, getting penalties to other guilds up to high
 levels very quickly.
   Ninja is one of the best guilds in the game, and one of the few guilds
 you should consider running as a single guild. Everyone knows about Ninja
 swings, and everyone complains about Ninja quest frequency, but few
 realise that Ninja has really fantastic A/D, and Ninja actually gets an
 affordable Magic Entry eventually (lvl 307, 9 mana, not too shabby for a
 single guild).
   Also Ninja gets perception better than anything but Explorer, but
 Explorer is LIGHT YEARS ahead of Ninja in the perception department.
 Te-wazas are a huge disappointment, as you can usually find something
 better. Ninja does not give you any real usable thieving level, the
 thieving it gets is mainly useful from backstabbing point of view.
   Ninja spells:             Spell level:
 Establish Mystic Portal . . . .  1
 Identify Trap . . . . . . . . .  5
 Magical Entry . . . . . . . . .  9

-[ Villain ]- - -

   Quite a powerful guild, having access to minor healing spells & decent
 attack spells (elemental & morkal alchemy). They have reasonable fighting
 ability and are fairly good. However, given the penalty they give to other
 guilds, often it isn't worth having in your character.
   It's a fantastic guild for single guild play though. You get healing,
 mass kill, some thieving, and great fighting all rolled up in one package.
 Your offensive spells will be meaningless deep in the dungeon, since you
 do not get full Element or Morkal group access, and eventually you reach
 a depth for which your spells are no longer effective.
   As you get higher in level, you will switch to a greater reliance upon
 fighting and saving your mana for healing. Few realise that villain is the
 3rd best fighter, after warrior and ninja, and it actually gets 3 swings.
( My take: useful in some racial combos, otherwise not recommended. )
   Villain spells:           Spell level:
 Establish Mystic Portal . . . .  1
 Minor Heal  . . . . . . . . . .  6
 Poison  . . . . . . . . . . . .  6
 Cure Poison . . . . . . . . . .  9
 Heal  . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12
 Cure Paralysis  . . . . . . . . 12
 Leprosy . . . . . . . . . . . . 12

-[ Explorer ]- - -

   A fighting guild which is very good at moving around and has very high
 perception. These guys are vital if you get lost. Being able to find their
 position quickly gives them a much better chance to survive if they happen
 to drop down a chute or accidentally teleport. They can also cast some of
 the less powerful resistances, though it is better to have a sorceror cast
 these spells for you. Quite useful.
   You will appreciate Explorers a whole lot more as you become a veteran
 of the game. Right now you will still get lost on spinners deep with an
 Explorer, but what Explorer does is speed up the time it takes for you to
 find yourself after being lost.
   The really HUGE benefits of Explorer which most people miss are you can
 really increase the spell level of movement spells and resistance spells
 with Explorer at a fraction of the experience cost you would pay for a
 spellcaster. Also Explorer has a defense value that competes well with
 even guilds like Warrior.
   Explorer offers some fighting skill to neutral Elves and Saris. Spells
 like Open Mystic Portal and Teleport cost much mana, and Explorer because
 of its lower experience requirements gives you me fastest way of driving
 those casting costs down to affordable levels.
   Explorer spells:          Spell level:
 Establish Mystic Portal . . . .  1
 Detect Rock . . . . . . . . . .  1
 Detect Depth  . . . . . . . . .  3
 Levitation  . . . . . . . . . .  3
 Ethereal Portal . . . . . . . .  5
 Soul Search . . . . . . . . . .  6
 Find Direction  . . . . . . . .  6
 Charm of Concealment  . . . . .  6
 See Invisible . . . . . . . . .  6
 Displacement  . . . . . . . . .  8
 Resist Fire . . . . . . . . . .  9
 Resist Draining . . . . . . . .  9
 Resist Cold . . . . . . . . . .  9
 Magical Flight  . . . . . . . .  9
 Flash of Sight  . . . . . . . .  9
 Resist Poison . . . . . . . . . 12
 Resist Disease  . . . . . . . . 12
 Resist Paralysis  . . . . . . . 12
 Resist Stoning  . . . . . . . . 12
 Brightness  . . . . . . . . . . 12
 Amphibious Breathing  . . . . . 12
 Shining Lights  . . . . . . . . 18

-[ Thief ]- - -

   Undoubtably the best at opening chests, be they magically locked or
 armed with a nasty trap, every party should have at least one Thief.
 Having Magical Entry at a minimum cost of 3 mana, and the only ones to be
 able to cast Dispel Magical Lock (min 6) and Destroy Container (min 12)
 makes these guys the natural choice for disarming those horrid traps -
 especially those big corrosion traps that threaten to destroy your
 Fighter's prize sword, or any other traps for that matter.
   Thief is really the only guild which stands a chance of disarming traps
 on chests down deep in the dungeon. You still need to be VERY high-level
 Thief to disarm the traps on the deepest levels, but at least you have a
   Thief is also the only guild which gets the thieving treatises, which
 allow you to open chests at a lower spell level. Destroy container is not
 too useful since there are few chests even on the deepest levels which are
   Thief works very well in a multi-guild package, since you do not need to
 run it as far ahead of the other guilds as you have to run something like
 Barbarian to benefit. 
   Thief spells:             Spell levels:
 Establish Mystic Portal . . . .  1
 Identify Trap . . . . . . . . .  1
 Magical Entry . . . . . . . . .  3

-[ Barbarian ]- - -

   A cross between the Thieves & Warrior's guild, results in a less
 effective Thief - they have worse A/D, and are only one up on Thieves with
 respect to fighting ability. So, they are really just Thieves, with a
 slightly improved fighting ability, but worse thieving & backstabbing
   While they could be useful in some situations, often it is not be worth
 the extra time & effort joining this guild.
   The main difference between Thief and Barbarian is that Barbarian gets
 better object usage, but much poorer disarm and no thieving treatises.
   Taking Barbarian to 195 gets you 6 mana Magic Entry, which although not
 as cheap as 3 mana for Thieves, is still usable for a spellcaster. You
 will always set off traps on the deepest levels with a Barbarian. Taking
 Barb to high levels (beyond 195) will reduce the odds of you being cleaned
 out by thieving monsters and up your backstab.
( Not my choice, for same reason as Villain. )
   Barbarian spells:         Spell levels:
 Establish Mystic Portal . . . .  1
 Identify Trap . . . . . . . . .  3
 Magical Entry . . . . . . . . .  6

-[ Magi ]- - -

   The sole guild to be able to charm monsters, this is another guild which
 no party should be without. When your characters get quested to return a
 monster, the magi can search and return with the beast - often avoiding a
 pinning situation. Having also an ability to cast some healing, movement
 and location spells also increases the abilities of characters in this
 guild. They can often provide an extra healer to a party.
   Everyone likes Magi for charming. Magi gives you Life Domination and
 Soul Domination off of mana in the dungeon. There are a couple things many
 do not realise, such as Magi gives really great vision group and location
 group, or that Magi has the best object usage for spellcasters. Magi also
 gets partial movement and healing group access which is a big plus later
   You will always suck at blasting with Magi, but on floors 3 and 4 your
 life shatter will actually be very useful against ants, slaves, and even
 slimes. The high-end kill group spell is only usable by mage, but it is
 VERY slow to reduce in cost. However the numbers on it make it attractive
 to a yeti who lacks any really strong attack form vs. magic resistance.
 You do get Morkal Death, probably the most useful late game spell from the
 Morkal categories.
( Good to combo with Paladin due to sharing of the Cha requirement. )
   Magi spells:              Spell level:
 Establish Magic Portal  . . . .  1
 Paralysis . . . . . . . . . . .  1
 Charm Insect  . . . . . . . . .  1
 Detect Rock . . . . . . . . . .  1
 Charm Animal  . . . . . . . . .  2
 Detect Depth  . . . . . . . . .  3
 Levitation  . . . . . . . . . .  3
 Life Shatter  . . . . . . . . .  3
 Charm Elemental . . . . . . . .  3
 Control . . . . . . . . . . . .  3
 Minor Heal  . . . . . . . . . .  4
 Charm of Concealment  . . . . .  4
 See Invisible . . . . . . . . .  4
 Charm Humanoid  . . . . . . . .  4
 Flash of Sight  . . . . . . . .  4
 Charm Undead  . . . . . . . . .  5
 Charm Giant . . . . . . . . . .  5
 Shimmering Death  . . . . . . .  5
 Ethereal Portal . . . . . . . .  5
 Control Animal  . . . . . . . .  5
 Soul Search . . . . . . . . . .  6
 Find Direction  . . . . . . . .  6
 Cure Poison . . . . . . . . . .  6
 Charm Monster . . . . . . . . .  6
 Control Elemental . . . . . . .  6
 Restrain  . . . . . . . . . . .  6
 Brightness  . . . . . . . . . .  6
 Heal  . . . . . . . . . . . . .  8
 Cure Paralysis  . . . . . . . .  8
 Cure Disease  . . . . . . . . . 10
 Magical Flight  . . . . . . . . 10
 Shining Lights  . . . . . . . . 10

[ Sorceror ]
   The sole users of fire, cold, electrical and elements spells, members of
this guild can also cast morkal damage, death & alchemy spells - this wide
range of offensive spells provides them with the ability to kill creatures
that other spell casters have to just attack with their weapons. Their
ability to easily damage or destroy large numbers of creatures is unique
to their guild, and this offensive ability is the often the best way to
annhilate large groups of monsters. When encountering a large group of
thieving monsters, a sorceror can cast a powerful spell to kill most of
the monsters in one round - so the monsters are unable to steal items or
gold and then run away. They also cast resistance spells for the lowest
cost. Every party should have at least one, and seriously consider more.
   If you need to cast a lot of resistances, you want to be Sorcerer
because the minimum cast cost for any other guild is much much higher. The
main thing Sorcerer grants is the ability to blast for a living in just
about all situations, as you have the most attack forms from which to
choose when faced with multiple-resistant creatures. With Sorcerer you can
default some really offbeat attack form like Paralysing Death for which few
creatures have resistance.
   Your main high-end spell is Electric Field, which tends to blow just
about anything away in the basement. Midgame you can get decent damage per
mana cost from spells like Blue Flame. Other spells like the fire group
which appear interesting at first glance, are not very useful since fire
resistance is so common. The cold group is a nice group, but it is slow to
become cheap.
   You do get the best morkals in the game with a Sorcerer. The morkal
damage group and the morkal alchemy groups are not that useful from a kill
standpoint since the per level factor on the spells is so low it takes
multiple casts to finish anything off with them, and odds are you do not
want to drag combat out multiple rounds down deep. Like Magi they do get
morkal death, which is very useful.
   Sorceror spells:          Spell level:
 Establish Mystic Portal . . . .  1
 Shock . . . . . . . . . . . . .  1
 Firebolt  . . . . . . . . . . .  1
 Poison  . . . . . . . . . . . .  2
 Charm of Concealment  . . . . .  2
 See Invisible . . . . . . . . .  2
 Cold Blast  . . . . . . . . . .  2
 Protection  . . . . . . . . . .  3
 Resist Fire . . . . . . . . . .  3
 Resist Draining . . . . . . . .  3
 Resist Cold . . . . . . . . . .  3
 Blue Flame  . . . . . . . . . .  3
 Lightning Bolt  . . . . . . . .  3
 Resist Poison . . . . . . . . .  4
 Resist Disease  . . . . . . . .  4
 Resist Paralysis  . . . . . . .  4
 Resist Stoning  . . . . . . . .  4
 Leprosy . . . . . . . . . . . .  4
 Ice Spray . . . . . . . . . . .  5
 Flamesheet  . . . . . . . . . .  5
 Thunder Bolt  . . . . . . . . .  6

[ Warlock ]
   Being a general all round spell caster, warlocks do not focus
specifically on any type of spells, but try to master as many as possible,
which results in them often learning spells at a later level than other
guilds. However, they provide characters with the ability to maximise their
HP early on, and are just as effective as Explorers at moving around the
dungeon. They can cast all resistance spells, but drain more mana than
Sorcerors. They also have the best language ability - which is useful for
finding out information off monsters. Providing characters with a wide
range of spells, the most valuable probably being the movement spells, the
Warlock's guild is a good addition for most characters.
   The most difficult guild for which to qualify, Warlock is more of a
jack-of-all-trades guild and fits best into a package where you are trying
to minimise the number of guilds joined. This is perhaps the best candidate
to consider for single guild characters who wish a magic emphasis. Many
forget it is Warlock who with Sorcerer gets Mind Resist, an important spell
deep in, and Warlock can be any alignment. The movement spells of Warlocks
are very nice too. Your main groups as a Warlock are limited to the magic
and mind resistance areas, and something that is resistant to both is going
to pound you. However both the mind and damage groups are excellent, and
between Impending Doom and Word of Death you can mop up in the basement.
The Draining Touch spell is also very useful. Warlocks get decent morkals
too. You probably always be frustrated by how much mana your resist cost
and how slowly decrease with a Warlock, and may want to pick some race with
high intrinsic resistance for Warlock.
   Warlock spells:           Spell level:
 Establish Mystic Portal . . . .  1
 Sleep . . . . . . . . . . . . .  1
 Paralysis . . . . . . . . . . .  1
 Detect Rock . . . . . . . . . .  1
 Cause Wounds  . . . . . . . . .  1
 Detect Depth  . . . . . . . . .  3
 Levitation  . . . . . . . . . .  3
 Life Shatter  . . . . . . . . .  3
 Blinding Darkness . . . . . . .  4
 Cause Heavy Wounds  . . . . . .  4
 Shimmering Death  . . . . . . .  5
 Ethereal Portal . . . . . . . .  5
 Soul Search . . . . . . . . . .  6
 Find Direction  . . . . . . . .  6
 Dispel Undead . . . . . . . . .  6
 Killing Power . . . . . . . . .  6
 Summon Shade  . . . . . . . . .  6
 Flash of Sight  . . . . . . . .  6
 Charm of Concealment  . . . . .  8
 See Invisible . . . . . . . . .  8
 Dispel Elemental  . . . . . . .  8
 Deadly Harm . . . . . . . . . .  8
 Draining Touch  . . . . . . . .  8
 Displacement  . . . . . . . . .  8
 Protection  . . . . . . . . . .  9
 Resist Fire . . . . . . . . . .  9
 Resist Draining . . . . . . . .  9
 Resist Cold . . . . . . . . . .  9
 Brightness  . . . . . . . . . .  9
 Banish Devil  . . . . . . . . . 10
 Resist Poison . . . . . . . . . 12
 Resist Disease  . . . . . . . . 12
 Resist Paralysis  . . . . . . . 12
 Resist Stoning  . . . . . . . . 12
 Banish Demon  . . . . . . . . . 12
 Magical Flight  . . . . . . . . 12
 Shining Lights  . . . . . . . . 14

[ Cleric ]
   The best at healing both themselves and others, clerics are all but
essential for survival - especially when you start to go deep into the
dungeon. The ability to heal massive amounts of hit points with minimal
effort via restoration (min 7) and mass heal (min 8) is something you
shouldn't go without. The ability to resurrect (min 12) - which brings a
character back to life and to full health is reason enough to join this
guild. At least one member of a party should be a cleric, because of the
far superior healing ability.
   Clerics are the only characters which can raise a rocked character.
Restore is a superb heal spell. Clerics get partial Element group access
which helps in the early game, and they in general have resistances and
attack spells which are cheaper than Warlock or Explorer. Clerics are the
2nd best blasters in the game behind Sorcerer. Dwarven Warrior-Clerics are
a blast, healing several hundreds of hp per cast of Restore, and being able
to use high end mind/magic for sticky mass kill situations.
   Clerics take the longest to level, and have the most restrictive item
usage of any character in the game, but high level Cleric is a huge boon to
any neutral character.
   Cleric spells:            Spell level:
 Establish Mystic Portal . . . .  1
 Sleep . . . . . . . . . . . . .  1
 Cause Wounds  . . . . . . . . .  1
 Minor Heal  . . . . . . . . . .  2
 Poison  . . . . . . . . . . . .  2
 Cure Poison . . . . . . . . . .  3
 Dispel Undead . . . . . . . . .  3
 Cause Heavy Wounds  . . . . . .  3
 Blinding Darkness . . . . . . .  4
 Heal  . . . . . . . . . . . . .  4
 Dispel Elemental  . . . . . . .  4
 Cure Paralysis  . . . . . . . .  4
 Leprosy . . . . . . . . . . . .  4
 Cure Disease  . . . . . . . . .  5
 Killing Power . . . . . . . . .  5
 Banish Devil  . . . . . . . . .  5
 Resist Fire . . . . . . . . . .  6
 Resist Draining . . . . . . . .  6
 Resist Cold . . . . . . . . . .  6
 Deadly Harm . . . . . . . . . .  6
 Banish Demon  . . . . . . . . .  6
 Summon Shade  . . . . . . . . .  6
 Draining Touch  . . . . . . . .  6
 Amphibious Breathing  . . . . .  6
 Resist Poison . . . . . . . . .  8
 Resist Disease  . . . . . . . .  8
 Resist Paralysis  . . . . . . .  8
 Resist Stoning  . . . . . . . .  8

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

===== [ SPELLS ] ===== . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [SPL]

   Each guild teaches certain spells to its members. As a character learns
new spells from joined guilds, they will be added to the character's
Spellbook, making them available for usage. A character can also cast a
spell by using an item with magical properties (e.g. Potion of Sight).
   When a character casts a spell from their Spellbook, some spell points
will be used. The number of spell points that a spell will take depends on
the level of the spell and the power of the character. A more powerful
spell will require more spell points to cast.
   As you advance in the guild, lower level spells will cost fewer spell
points, allowing you to cast them more often. Upon returning to the city,
your spell points will be restored to their maximum capacity when you rest
in the Guild Hall or level up. The maximum amount of spell points a
character can have is based on the character's Intelligence and Wisdom,
although certain items can increase a character's spell points beyond this
maximum. A character cannot cast a spell if they do not have enough spell

   The effectiveness of a spell is based on the "Spell Level" at which
it's cast. A character will cast a spell at their Spell Level in the guild
that taught them the spell (equal to half their level in that guild). If a
character is a member of several guilds that offer the same spell, then the
best guild will be always be used: for example, a level 50 Magi who is also
a level 20 Warlock will cast a shared spell (e.g. Life Shatter) using their
Magi spell level (since it is higher than their Warlock spell level).
However, if the Warlock's guild can cast the spell for less points than the
Magi's guild, the lowest points will be used instead.

   When using the special abilities of an item to cast a spell, the highest
spell level from all of the guilds the character is a member of is used,
unless the item casts a spell at a specific level (which can be found out
by getting complete information on an item).
   NOTE: You can teach your guild new and more powerful spells by finding
certain items (Treatises) in the dungeon and turning them in to the guild.

Example of Casting a Spell:
   You can cast a spell while in the dungeon by pressing 'c' and typing in
the full name (or the first few letters) of the spell you wish to cast. You
may also load a spell in one of the 10 spell buffers, allowing you to cast
a spell by pressing shift + a number key or by double-clicking the buffer
   To cast a spell on another character, such as Heal or Resist Poison,
the character must be in the current area.

   Some monsters have partial or total immunity to certain spells, while
some have complete immunity to all spells. For example, fire spells won't
work on most dragons. The higher the level of the character, the better
the chance of affecting a monster with partial immunity to magic (total
immunity can never be negated).

Spell Power & Damage:
   Spells that inflict damage or heal hits have two numbers associated with
them - a power & damage (or heal) rating (e.g. 15/2). This rating includes
a Base number and a Level Modifier number for the spell. The Base number
represents the base (average starting) amount of healing / damage points
the spell will do. Level Modifier is the rate at which <base> raises based
on the caster's spell level.
   So, a damage spell of 15/2 means that it starts with an average of 15
damage and raises at a rate of 2, which is not much at all. This means that
a caster with a spell level of 25 probably wouldn't do much more than 20
damage with this spell. However, if we had a spell of 15/15, a spell level
of 25 would probably do damage in the 100's because the Level Modifier
value is like a focus value for the caster's spell level (i.e. the higher
the focus number, the higher the additional Base Damage from the caster's
spell level).

   There really isn't an equation to tell exactly how much damage a certain
spell (say 30/15) will do when cast at a given spell level since there can
be many other variables involved (i.e. target's resistance, size, etc). The
player generally must learn by experience and get a feel for the Base/Level
Modifier system works.

Base Level, Required Stats and Description:
   Each spell has Base Level at which the spell is generally learned. When
only one guild has access to a spell, the Base Level is the spell level at
which the spell is learned. However, many spells can be cast by more than
one guild, but each guild can get access to the spell at different spell
levels - if this is the case, the level at which the spell is learned by a
particular guild is listed after the guild name. For example:

Base Level=3;   Guilds: Explorer(9), Sorcerer(3), Warlock(9), Cleric(6)

   This information would mean the the Explorer's and Warlock's guilds
learn the spell at Spell Level 9, the Cleric's guild learns it at 6 and the
Sorcerer's guild learns it at the Base Level of 3. In general, Guilds that
specialise in certain spell types (e.g. Clerics and Heal spells) will learn
those spells before any other guild that has access to them.

Required Stats:
   If a spell has Required Stats, the caster must have the given stats to
cast the spell. As with items, Required Stats for spells are based on your
overall stats (natural and modified).

Spell Information & Description:
   Each spell has an one or more lines of information after the Required
Stats information that state the effect of the spell, including if it
affects the entire party, or how many groups of monsters and how many
monsters in each group, and the range. Most spells are either combat or
non-combat spells. Combat spells can only be cast in combat while non-
combat spells can only be cast when there are no monsters, or there are
peaced monsters in the area. Below is an example of the Firebolt Fire
Spell information:

Special: Damages or Kills Target(s)
Spell affects 2 groups, 4 mons max per group (range of 1).

   This means that if the spell was cast on group #1 of 12 monsters, it
could potentially kill up to 4 monsters from that group before moving on
to group #2 (which is the next monster group if it exists).
   If you click on the Info button when viewing the spell information, you
will see a brief description for the spell so the caster has a better idea
of exactly what it does.

- - - [ Spell Classes ] - - -

   Spells are broken down into "spell classes" that specify the nature of
the spell. Keep in mind that you will have to experiment with the spells to
figure out exactly what they do. Some spells will not be very effective
when you are first able to cast them, but will improve as your character
becomes more powerful (gains levels).
   Below are the various spell classes and the spells they contain. Spells
prefaced with a plus '+' sign are taken from the Demise Help file which
comes installed with the game, dated '99 and which may be incorrect(!).
The others (prefixed with a minus '-' sign) are taken from Sortiri's
"Server Scene" pages. Where there is conflicting info on spells, I will
use Sortiri's figures.
   I'm pretty sure Sortiri's figures are more accurate - on her "Server
Scene" pages it is mentioned that they did testing, and considering that
the game has been patched yet help not updated I'm inclined to rely on
her version when it comes to contradictions.

Spell format guide:
 < spell name >
 Guilds: <guild name> (base level; initial MP cost / class level needed
                                                     for min mana cost)
   If a hypen and another figure is appended to the class level needed for
 minimum mana cost, that figure indicates at what level 95% resistance is
 granted. This mainly applies to the Resistance spells.
   I don't know why spells have A/D ratings; perhaps to determine how hard
 it "hits" the target, kinda like for melee attacks. This allows your
 spells to become more effective as you level up, not bad.

-[ Banish ]- - -

   Taken from the art of demonology, spells of this kind are of ancient
magic, of which little is known. Used to banish demons and devils back to
the planes of Hell whence they came, the damage inflicted by these spells
can be extensive. The effectiveness of these spells depends on the caster's
experience and the Magic Resistance of the monster.
+ Banish Devil   
 Resist: magic
 Base Level=5;   Guilds: Warlock(10;125mp/clv227), Cleric(5;62mp/clv105)
 Range=2;   A15/D16
 Required Stats: 14 Int, 10 Wis, 12 Con, 12 Dex
 COMBAT Spell, will cause up to 8 Monsters in 4 Groups to be Banished.
   An ancient spell that invokes the fury of Hell to yank the target(s)
 back to the plane whence they came.

+ Banish Demon  
 Resist: magic
 Base Level=6;   Guilds: Warlock(12;132mp/clv245), Cleric(6;66mp/clv113)
 Range=3;   A20/D21
 Required Stats: 16 Int, 16 Wis, 14 Con, 12 Dex
 COMBAT Spell, will cause up to 8 Monsters in 4 Groups to be Banished.
   A dark spell of old. Much like Banish Devil, this spell calls upon Hades
 to take back those who have escaped.

-[ Bind ]- - -

   Once the Charm spells were mastered, the Magi's guild then realised that
once a creature had been befriended or dominated, a way to keep the
creature under control was required. It was for this reason that the Bind
class of spells was introduced - to reinforce a companion's 'bond' to make
it harder for them to break away from their master. Bind spells will not
work on companions that have joined an adventurer of their own free will.

+ Control
 Base Level=3;   Guilds: Magi(3;47mp/clv71)
 Required Stats: 12 Int, 12 Wis, 10 Cha
 NON-COMBAT Spell, will increase the Bind Level of a companion.
   This spell can be used to reinforce the Bind that is already imposed on
 a companion. Note: This spell will not function on companions that have
 joined you of their own free will.

+ Restrain
 Base Level=6;   Guilds: Magi(6;94mp/clv163)
 Required Stats: 14 Int, 14 Wis, 16 Cha
 NON-COMBAT Spell, will increase the Bind Level of a companion.
   This spell is a more powerful version of Control that will renew the
 Bind on a companion when it begins to fade. Like the Control spell, it has
 no effect on monsters which have joined you of their own free will.

- Domination
 Guilds: Magi(12;218mp/clv403)
 Required Stats: 18 Int, 18 Wis, 18 Con, 18 Cha
 Spell book needed - Grimoire of Domination
   This is the most powerful of the Binding spells, and in the hands of a
 master Mage, almost no creature can resist it.

- Life Domination
 Guilds: Magi(16;332mp) 
 Required Stats: 20 Int, 20 Wis, 20 Con, 20 Cha
 Spell book needed - Grimoire of Imprisonment
   A powerful blend of Domination and Binding, this spell permits the
 caster to take control of almost any creature, living or dead, an make
 them a very loyal companion.

-[ Charm ]- - -

   The pride of the Magi's guild, these types of spells have the ability of
controlling certain types of creatures ranging from Humanoids to Dragons
and causing them to befriend the spellcaster, becoming their companion. It
is said that none can resist a Magi who has mastered this class of magical
spells. The effectiveness of these spells depends on the caster's
experience and the Magic and Charm Resistance of the monster.

+ Charm Insect
 Resist: magic
 Base Level=1;   Guilds: Magi(1;18mp/clv19)
 Range=1;   A10/D4
 Required Stats: 12 Int, 12 Wis
 COMBAT Spell, will cause up to 4 Monsters in 1 Group to be Charmed.
   This spell will Bind one or more Insects to the caster, causing them to
 become companions.

+ Charm Animal
 Resist: magic
 Base Level=2;   Guilds: Magi(2;26mp/clv35)
 Range=1;   A15/D6
 Required Stats: 12 Int, 12 Wis, 14 Cha
 COMBAT Spell, will cause up to 4 Monsters in 1 Group to be Charmed.
   An excellent spell for Charming vicious Animals, causing them to
 befriend the caster.

+ Charm Elemental
 Resist: magic
 Base Level=3;   Guilds: Magi(3;41mp/clv63)
 Range=2;   A15/D6
 Required Stats: 13 Int, 13 Wis, 15 Cha
 COMBAT Spell, will cause up to 4 Monsters in 1 Group to be Charmed.
   Much like Charm Animal spell, this spell will cause a group of
 Elementals to join the caster.

+ Charm Humanoid
 Resist: magic
 Base Level=4;   Guilds: Magi(4;51mp/clv83)
 Range=2;   A15/D9
 Required Stats: 14 Int, 14 Wis, 14 Cha
 COMBAT Spell, will cause up to 4 Monsters in 1 Group to be Charmed.
   One of the most useful Binding Spells. Depending on the power of the
 caster and the Resistance of the target, one can befriend almost any
 Humanoid with this magic.

+ Charm Undead
 Resist: magic
 Base Level=5;   Guilds: Magi(5;64mp/clv107)
 Range=2;   A15/D9
 Required Stats: 15 Int, 15 Wis, 10 Cha
 COMBAT Spell, will cause up to 4 Monsters in 1 Group to be Charmed.
   Unlike the other Charm Spells that affect the living, this spell affects
 the Undead and attempts to magically Bind them to the caster.

+ Charm Giant
 Resist: magic
 Base Level=5;   Guilds: Magi(5;68mp/clv113)
 Range=2;   A15/D9
 Required Stats: 15 Int, 15 Wis, 16 Cha
 COMBAT Spell, will cause up to 4 Monsters in 1 Group to be Charmed.
   A more advanced version of Charm Humanoid, this spell will affect only
 Giants and attempt to Bind them to the caster.

+ Control Animal
 Resist: magic
 Base Level=5;   Guilds: Magi(5;66mp/clv111)
 Range=2;   A15/D9
 Required Stats: 13 Int, 13 Wis, 14 Cha
 COMBAT Spell, will cause up to 4 Monsters in 1 Group to be Charmed.
   A more advanced version of Charm Animal. Depending on the power of the
 caster and the Resistance of the target, one can befriend most Animals
 with this magic.

+ Charm Monster
 Resist: magic
 Base Level=6;   Guilds: Magi(6;79mp/clv137)
 Range=3;   A15/D13
 Required Stats: 12 Int, 17 Wis, 10 Cha
 COMBAT Spell, will cause up to 4 Monsters in 1 Group to be Charmed.
   This spell attempts to Charm creatures that no other Charm-specific
 spell will work on.

+ Control Elemental
 Resist: magic
 Base Level=6;   Guilds: Magi(6;83mp/clv143)
 Range=3;   A30/D13
 Required Stats: 15 Int, 15 Wis, 12 Cha
 COMBAT Spell, will cause up to 4 Monsters in 1 Group to be Charmed.
   This spell is a more advanced version of Charm Elemental, Binding the
 more powerful of these creatures to the caster.

- Charm Dragon
 Resist: magic
 Base Level=;   Guilds: Magi(7;94mp/clv167)
 Range=4;   A15/D16
 Required Stats: 18 Int, 18 Wis, 18 Cha
 Spell book needed - Codex of Dragonkind
 COMBAT Spell, 4 targets in 1 group
   Requiring strict concentration, this spell will attempt to bind one or
 more Dragons to the caster. Be warned that if the spell fails, the targets
 tend to respond adversely.

- Dominate Demon
 Resist: magic
 Base Level=;   Guilds: Magi(8;113mp/clv203)
 Range=4;   A16/D16
 Required Stats: 15 Int, 17 Wis, 12 Con, 17 Cha
 Spell book needed - Codex of Demons
 COMBAT Spell, 4 targets in 1 group
   Old magic derived from Demonology, this spell uses the powers of the
 earth to bind a Demon to the caster for an unknown period of time.

- Dominate Devil
 Resist: magic
 Base Level=;   Guilds: Magi(8;117mp/clv209)
 Range=4;   A15/D16
 Required Stats: 15 Int, 18 Wis, 12 Con, 18 Cha
 Spell book needed - Codex of Devils
 COMBAT Spell, 4 targets in 1 group
   A more advanced form of Magic Control, this spell attempts to Bind one
 or more Devils and keep them with the caster by using the powers from the
 dark elements.

- Dominate Giant
 Resist: magic
 Base Level=;   Guilds: Magi(10;161mp/clv293)
 Range=5;   A15/D21
 Required Stats: 18 Int, 18 Wis, 18 Cha
 Spell book needed - Codex of Kings
 COMBAT Spell, 4 targets in 1 group
   This spell will affect Giants with the same potency of advanced Charm
 that constitutes the Dominate Class of Spells.

- Dominate Humanoid
 Resist: magic
 Base Level=;   Guilds: Magi(8;117mp/clv209)
 Range=4;   A15/D21
 Required Stats: 16 Int, 16 Wis, 16 Cha
 Spell book needed - Codex of Bipeds
 COMBAT Spell, 4 targets in 1 group
   This will put Humanoids under the control of the caster. Like other
 Dominate Spells, it is among the most difficult to break.

- Dominate Undead
 Resist: magic
 Base Level=;   Guilds: Magi(9;144mp/clv259)
 Range=4;   A15/D21
 Required Stats: 16 Int, 17 Wis, 12 Cha
 Spell book needed - Codex of the Dead
 COMBAT Spell, 4 targets in 1 group
   Much stronger than the lesser Charm Undead, Dominate Undead permits the
 caster to force many of the most powerful undead to obey.

- Soul Domination
 Resist: magic
 Base Level=;   Guilds: Magi(12;180mp/clv333)
 Range=6;   A25/D51
 Required Stats: 18 Int, 21 Wis, 18 Con, 22 Cha
 Spell book needed - Grimoire of Souls
 COMBAT Spell, 4 targets in 1 group
   The most advanced of all Charm Spells. Only a Master Mage has the
 ability to cast this magic and Charm any creature, living or not.

-[ Cold ]- - -

   After mastering Fire, the Sorcerers guild sought to prevent rivals from
having an equaling force and quickly moved to master the element of
coldness so that both Fire and Cold were controlled by one group. The
effectiveness of these spells depends on the experience of the caster and
the Cold Resistance of the target.

+ Cold Blast
 Resist: cold
 Base Level=2;   Guilds: Sorcerer(2;28mp/clv37)
 Range=1;   A15/D2
 Required Stats: 12 Int, 9 Wis, 9 Dex
 COMBAT Spell, will cause up to 4 Monsters in 2 Groups to be Frozen.
   This simple spell creates a blast of air that is cold enough to kill
 most small creatures.

+ Ice Spray
 Resist: cold
 Base Level=5;   Guilds: Sorcerer(5;58mp/clv99)
 Range=2;   A15/D6
 Required Stats: 16 Int, 8 Wis, 9 Dex
 COMBAT Spell, will cause up to 6 Monsters in 3 Groups to be Frozen.
   This spell creates a wall of ice and blasts it towards the opponents.
 The wave of liquid ice will almost certainly freeze the victim instantly.

- Artic Storm
 Resist: cold
 Base Level=;   Guilds: Sorcerer(12;189mp/clv351)
 Range=6;   A40/D26
 Required Stats: 21 Int, 20 Wis, 18 Dex
 Spell book needed - Grimoire of Deathly Chills
 COMBAT Spell, 12 targets in 4 groups
   The spell most feared by Fire creatures. The storm that is invoked is
 a collection of all other cold spells, and is so intense that very few
 can survive.

- Hail Storm
 Resist: cold
 Base Level=;   Guilds: Sorcerer(8;125mp/clv227)
 Range=4;   A20/D11
 Required Stats: 19 Int, 18 Wis, 12 Dex
 Spell book needed - Codex of Freezing
 COMBAT Spell, 8 targets in 4 groups
   A more advanced Cold Spell, casting this will create a storm of magical
 hail that crushes and smothers its victims, attempting to freeze and
 shatter them.

-[ Damage ]- - -

   The creation of these spells came about by accident as one Cleric
realised that their healing magic could be turned to inflict harm. Spells
of this type are excellent combative / defensive spells that can instantly
kill victims just as easily as the originals can be used to heal. The
effectiveness of these spells depends on the experience level of the caster
and the Magic Resistance of the target.

+ Cause Wounds
 Resist: magic
 Base Level=1;   Guilds: Warlock(1;22mp/clv23), Cleric(1;22mp/clv23)
 Range=1;   A10/D2
 Required Stats: 10 Int, 12 Wis, 8 Con, 10 Dex
 COMBAT Spell, will cause up to 4 Monsters in 2 Groups damage or death.
   When cast, this spell attempts to rupture the internal and external
 tissues of the target(s) and kill them.

+ Cause Heavy Wounds
 Resist: magic
 Base Level=3;   Guilds: Warlock(4;56mp/clv91), Cleric(3;45mp/clv69)
 Required Stats: 12 Int, 13 Wis, 10 Con, 12 Dex
 COMBAT Spell, will cause up to 6 Monsters in 4 Groups damage or death.
   An advanced form of Cause Wounds, this spell not only attempts to
 rupture the tissues of the designated targets with more force, it also
 attempts to implode the victim as well by bursting the organs.

+ Killing Power
 Resist: magic
 Base Level=5;   Guilds: Warlock(6;83mp/clv143), Cleric(5;66mp/clv111)
 Range=2;   A15/D6
 Required Stats: 15 Int, 14 Wis, 12 Con, 14 Dex
 COMBAT Spell, will cause up to 6 Monsters in 4 Groups damage or death.
   Not much is known about how this spell functions, but it causes the life
 force of the targets to be yanked from their bodies.

+ Deadly Harm
 Resist: magic
 Base Level=6;   Guilds: Warlock(8;94mp/clv169), Cleric(6;75mp/clv131)
 Range=3;   A20/D7
 Required Stats: 17 Int, 16 Wis, 13 Con, 16 Dex
 COMBAT Spell, will cause up to 7 Monsters in 4 Groups damage or death.
   A more devastating form of Killing Power that functions slightly
 differently; this spell drains the life force of its victims and feeds it
 to the earth.

+ Draining Touch
 Resist: magic
 Base Level=6;   Guilds: Warlock(8;93mp/clv165), Cleric(6;74mp/clv127)
 Range=3;   A40/D26
 Required Stats: 17 Int, 17 Wis, 12 Con, 14 Dex
 COMBAT Spell, will cause up to 1 Monsters in 1 Groups damage or death.
   A deadly spell, when invoked and the caster touches the designated
 target, their life force is usually drained into the ground, leaving a
 lifeless shell.

- Cause Fatal Wounds
 Resist: magic
 Base Level=;   Guilds: Warlock(9;108mp/clv195), Cleric(7;87mp/clv153)
 Range=4;   A20/D9
 Required Stats: 17 Int, 17 Wis, 14 Con, 16 Dex
 Spell book needed - Codex of Fatality
 COMBAT Spell, 9 targets in 4 groups
   This hideous spell causes the bones of the designated target(s) to
 Explode, causing instant death.

- Word of Death
 Resist: magic
 Base Level=;   Guilds: Warlock(15;262mp/clv491)
 Range=6;   A30/D51
 Required Stats: 15 Str, 21 Int, 21 Wis, 18 Con, 20 Dex
 Spell book needed - Grimoire of Death
 COMBAT Spell, 14 targets in 4 groups
   One of the most feared Magic Spells in the world since there are few
 known Resistances to it, Word of Death, which is known only by the most
 advanced spell-casters, calls upon the wrath of Nardun, the God of Pain,
 and asks him to dispose of the caster's target(s). When summoned in full
 it is said that Nardun can never be overcome.

-[ Dispel ]- - -

   Created by the Cleric's guild, spells of this type cause the rarer
monsters that are usually immune to most magic to virtually disappear.

+ Dispel Undead
 Resist: magic
 Base Level=3;   Guilds: Cleric(3;37mp/clv57), Warlock(6;75mp/clv131),
 Range=2;   A15/D16
 Required Stats: 12 Int, 12 Wis, 10 Con, 10 Dex - Only affect undead.
 COMBAT Spell, Will cause up to 8 monsters in 4 groups damage or death.
   A useful spell when attacked by Undead. Any targets affected by this
 spell will instantly break down and become dust.

+ Dispel Elemental
 Resist: magic
 Base Level=4;   Guilds: Cleric(4;47mp/clv75), Warlock(8;94mp/clv169),
 Range=2;   A15/D16
 Required Stats: 15 Int, 15 Wis, 14 Con, 16 Dex  -  Only affects elementals
 COMBAT Spell, Will cause up to 8 monsters in 4 groups damage or death.
   Even though the true nature of most Elemental creatures is unknown, this
 spell is said to act much like Dispel Undead, as it breaks apart the
 Elemental targets and turns them back into the elements from which they

- Abolish Undead
 Resist: magic
 Base Level=;   Guilds: Cleric(8;142mp/clv253)
 Range=4;   A80/D13
 Required Stats: 16 Int, 16 Wis, 18 Con, 12 Dex
 Spell book needed - Codex of Abolishment
 COMBAT Spell, 4 targets in 2 groups
   The most advanced Dispell Spell ever devised, the magic induced when it
 is invoked is so great that it usually annihilates all targets. The only
 drawback is that the magic is usually too focused to affect a large number
 of targets.

-[ Electrical ]- - -

   After discovering the destructive force of this element, the Sorcerer
Masters went to work on controlling this strange element that they didn't
understand. For decades, they worked to make spells of this class
controllable, and in the end succeeded. The effectiveness of these spells
depends on the experience of the caster and the Electrical Resistance of
the target.

+ Shock
 Resist: electric
 Base Level=1;   Guilds: Sorcerer(1;18mp/clv19)
 Range=1;   A10/D1
 Required Stats: 12 Int, 10 Wis, 8 Dex
 COMBAT Spell, will cause up to 2 Monsters in 2 Groups to be Shocked.
   This basic spell creates an electrical arc from the caster's hands to
 the designated targets, attempting to electrify and kill them.

+ Lightning Bolt
 Resist: electric
 Base Level=3;   Guilds: Sorcerer(3;36mp/clv55)
 Range=2;   A15/D4
 Required Stats: 14 Int, 9 Wis, 9 Dex
 COMBAT Spell, will cause up to 4 Monsters in 2 Groups to be Electrocuted.
   Summoning the power of the storm, this spell pulls Electricity from the
 ground and blasts it into the midst of one's targets.

+ ThunderBolt
 Resist: electric
 Base Level=6;   Guilds: Sorcerer(6;87mp/clv149)
 Range=3;   A20/D7
 Required Stats: 16 Int, 10 Wis, 12 Dex
 COMBAT Spell, will cause up to 6 Monsters in 3 Groups to be Electrocuted.
   A more advanced form of Lightning Bolt, this spell doubles the damage
 and affects more targets.

- Electric Field
 Resist: electric
 Base Level=;   Guilds: Sorcerer(11;170mp/clv313)
 Range=6;   A10/D51
 Required Stats: 17 Int, 12 Wis, 12 Dex
 Spell book neeed - Grimoire of Striking
 COMBAT Spell, 12 targets in 4 groups
   The most devastating of Electrical Spells, very few creatures can
 withstand the shock delivered from this white-hot field of

- Electrical Discharge
 Resist: electric
 Base Level=;   Guilds: Sorcerer(7;85mp/clv149)
 Range=4;   A25/D9
 Required Stats: 18 Int, 10 Wis, 12 Dex
 Spell book needed - Codex of Discharging
 COMBAT Spell, 7 targets in 4 groups
   Very little is understood about this spell, which creates an electrical
 mesh in the middle of one's targets and explodes into an electrocuting

- Striking
 Resist: electric
 Base Level=;   Guilds: Sorcerer(11;129mp/clv237)
 Range=6;   A25/D26
 Required Stats: 19 Int, 13 Wis, 13 Dex
 Spell book needed - Grimoire of Manipulation
 COMBAT Spell, 1 target in 1 group
   Directed at a single creature, this spell releases a monstrous bolt of
 Lightning that will crisp most victims instantly.

-[ Elemental ]- - -

   The Sorcerer's continued study of destruction, which included the study
of Acid, Disease and Poisons, birthed spells of the Elemental type. Deadly in
nature, these spells affect many monsters that other magics cannot affect.
The type of damage associated with these spell can also vary depending on
the caster's Spell Level and the target's resistance.

+ Poison
 Resist: poison
 Base Level=2;   Guilds: Villain(6;68mp/clv117), Sorcerer(2;24mp/clv33),
 Range=1;   A15/D6
 Required Stats: 12 Int, 12 Wis, 10 Con, 13 Dex
 COMBAT Spell, will cause up to 4 Monsters in 2 Groups to be Choked.
   This useful spell introduces a deadly poison into the system of the
 caster's targets. This fast-acting toxin causes paralysis of the
 respiratory system, asphyxiating even the strongest creatures.

+ Leprosy
 Resist: disease
 Base Level=4;   Guilds: Villain(12;42mp/clv263), Sorcerer(4;47mp/clv75),
 Range=2;   A20/D9
 Required Stats: 12 Int, 12 Wis, 12 Con, 12 Dex
 COMBAT Spell, will cause up to 4 Monsters in 3 Groups to be Rotted.
   When invoked, this spell causes the target to become infected with such
 an advanced case of Leprosy that, quite often, the victim falls apart and
 dies horribly.

- Acidic Spray
 Resist: acid
 Base Level=;   Guilds: Sorcerer(6;75mp/clv131)
 Range=3;   A30/D11
 Required Stats: 10 Str, 10 Int, 12 Wis, 10 Con, 15 Dex
 Spell book needed - Libram of Acid
 COMBAT Spell, 6 targets in 3 groups
   Causes an acidic wall to fly at one's attackers, corroding them upon

- Flesh to Stone
 Resist: stoning
 Base Level=;   Guilds: Sorcerer(8;227mp/clv405)
 Range=4;   A50/D51
 Required Stats: 15 Str, 16 Int, 18 Wis, 16 Con, 14 Dex
 Spell Book needed - Codex of Stoning
 COMBAT Spell, 1 target in 1 group
   A chilling, deadly spell derived from creatures capable of turning flesh
 to stone. The caster simply needs to touch his target to turn them into a
 bird perch for eternity.

- Paralysing Death
 Resist: paralysis
 Base Level=;   Guilds: Sorcerer(10;170mp/clv311)
 Range=5;   A50/D31
 Required Stats: 18 Str, 20 Int, 18 Wis, 16 Con, 14 Dex
 Spell book needed - Grimoire of Paralysation
 COMBAT Spell, 8 targets in 4 groups
   This spell gives the ability to the caster to nullify the target's nerve
 impulses, stopping them in their tracks and ceasing all life functions.

-[ Fire ]- - -

   Fire was the first of the elements sought to be controlled by the
Sorcerers guild. Spells of this class inflict damage with heat, which can
range from a burning candle to a fiery inferno. The effectiveness of these
spells depends on the experience of the caster and the Fire Resistance of
the victim.

+ Firebolt
 Resist: fire
 Base Level=1;   Guilds: Sorcerer(1;26mp/clv27)
 Range=1;   A10/D1
 Required Stats: 12 Int, 10 Wis
 COMBAT Spell, will cause 4 Monsters in 2 Groups to be Fried.
   This simplest of Fire Spells creates a small fireball and hurls it into
 a group of monsters, burning anything that gets in its way.

+ Blue Flame
 Resist: fire
 Base Level=3;   Guilds: Sorcerer(3;22mp/clv35)
 Range=2;   A15/D11
 Required Stats: 14 Int, 10 Wis
 COMBAT Spell, will cause 2 Monsters in 1 Groups to be Immolated.
   A more advanced spell of Fire, when invoked, the caster is able to hurl
 a blue colored magical flame at a group of monsters, inflicting extensive

+ Flamesheet
 Resist: fire
 Base Level=5;   Guilds: Sorcerer(5;39mp/clv67)
 Range=2;   A15/D16
 Required Stats: 15 Int, 13 Wis, 12 Dex
 COMBAT Spell, will cause 6 Monsters in 3 Groups to be Fried.
   Derived from the Firebolt spell, this spell will summon a wall of fire
 and hurl it towards one's opponents, usually causing the targets to be
 burnt to cinders.

- Burning Air
 Resist: fire
 Base Level=;   Guilds: Sorcerer(10;142mp/clv259)
 Range=6;   A39/D21
 Required Stats: 21 Int, 21 Wis, 18 Dex
 Spell book needed - Grimoire of Incineration
 COMBAT Spell, 14 targets in 4 groups
   The deadliest Fire Spell of all, this hideous magic will cause the air
 to instantly turn white hot around one's opponents, killing almost
 anything that moves.

- Sphere of Flames
 Resist: fire
 Base Level=;   Guilds: Sorcerer(10;142mp/clv259)
 Range=5;   A25/D13
 Required Stats: 20 Int, 21 Wis, 18 Dex
 Spell book needed - Codex of Flames
 COMBAT Spell, 10 targets in 4 groups
   This spell creates a gigantic sphere of fire and hurls it into the midst
 of one's opponents. Once the sphere contacts living matter, it explodes in
 an immolating blast of fury.

- Striking Flame
 Resist: fire
 Base Level=;   Guilds: Sorcerer(7;85mp/clv149)
 Range=4;   A20/D9
 Required Stats: 18 Int, 18 Wis, 16 Dex
 Spell book needed - Codex of Fury
 COMBAT Spell, 7 targets in 4 groups
   When invoked, this spell creates a devastating Striking Flame that forms
 directly in the middle of one's opponents and arcs outwards, enveloping
 all who are caught in its path.

-[ Heal ]- - -

   The first of all spell classes to exist, the Cleric's guild built the
foundation for spells that had the ability to heal, take away disease,
poisons and other ailments. Shared with the Magi's guild in good faith, a
spell caster with these types of spells is a definite asset to any party or
characters. Spells of this class either Heal or Raise the dead.
   Heal spells have neither Resist nor Range.

+ Minor Heal
 Base Level=2;   Guilds: Paladin(6;68mp/clv117), Villain(6;74mp/clv127),
                         Magi(4;49mp/clv79), Cleric(2;24mp/clv33)
 Required Stats: 13 Int, 13 Wis   A5/D3
 NON-COMBAT Spell, will heal hits.
   This general Heal Spell is useful for removing small wounds only, so it
 will not help any other type of injury.

+ Cure Poison
 Base Level=3;   Guilds: Paladin(9;79mp/clv143), Villain(9;79mp/clv143),
                         Magi(6;53mp/clv91), Cleric(3;26mp/clv39)
 Required Stats: 13 Int, 13 Wis
 NON-COMBAT Spell, will remove Poison.
   Very useful to any adventurer, this spell will remove any form of Poison
 that has been inflicted on a victim.

+ Heal
 Base Level=4;   Guilds: Paladin(12;148mp/clv273), Villain(12;148mp/clv273),
                         Magi(8;98mp/clv175), Cleric(4;49mp/clv79)
 Required Stats: 15 Int, 15 Wis, 8 Con
 NON-COMBAT Spell, will heal hits.
   A more powerful Heal Spell, this magic is used to repair both small and
 large wounds. However, just as Minor Heal other ailments are not affected.

+ Cure Paralysis
 Base Level=4;   Guilds: Paladin(12;136mp/clv253), Villain(12;136mp/clv253),
                 Magi(8;91mp/clv163), Cleric(4;45mp/clv73)
 Required Stats: 6 Str, 11 Int, 11 Wis, 10 Con, 6 Dex
 COMBAT Spell, will remove Paralysis.
   This spell will remove any type of Paralysis that has been inflicted
 upon the receiving character.

+ Cure Disease
 Base Level=5;   Guilds: Paladin(15;131mp/clv245), Magi(10;87mp/clv159),
 Required Stats: 15 Int, 15 Wis
 NON-COMBAT Spell, will remove Disease.
   Another useful spell, invoking this magic will remove any type of
 Disease that the receiving character may be suffering from.

- Cure
 Base Level=;   Guilds: Cleric(8;96mp/clv173)
 Required Stats: 12 Str, 18 Int, 18 Wis, 12 Con   A20/D15
 Spell book needed - Codex of Curing
 NON-COMBAT Spell, will remove Poison
   Very useful to any adventurer, this spell will remove any form of Poison
 that has been inflicted on the victim.

- Mass Heal
 Base Level=;   Guilds: Cleric(8;104mp/clv185)
 Required Stats: 16 Int, 16 Wis   A15/D6
 Spell book neeed - Codex of Healing
 NON-COMBAT Spell, will heal hits
   An advanced heal spell that affects the entire party.

- Raise Dead
 Base Level=;   Guilds: Cleric(7;87mp/clv153)
 Required Stats: 14 Str, 16 Int, 16 Wis, 12 Con, 8 Dex
 Spell book needed - Codex of Life
 NON-COMBAT Spell, will restore life
   This spell recalls the spirit of the receiving character's body and
 attempts to reunite the two. Be aware that this spell will only bring
 the recepient to life, not heal them.

- Restoration
 Base Level=;   Guilds: Cleric(7;91mp/clv159)
 Required Stats: 17 Int, 17 Wis, 12 Con   A40/D13
 Spell book needed - Codex of Restoration
 NON-COMBAT Spell, will heal hits
   Restoration is the most advanced Heal Spell. It usually renews a
 character to full health after only one casting.

- Resurrect
 Base Level=;   Guilds: Cleric(12;275mp/clv501)
 Required Stats: 21 Int, 21 Wis, 14 Con
 Spell book needed - Grimoire of Light
 NON-COMBAT Spell, will restore life
   A more powerful version of Raise Dead, this magic also brings the
 receiving character back to full health.

- Stone to Flesh
 Base Level=;   Guilds: Cleric(8;104mp/clv185)
 Required Stats: 18 Int, 18 Wis, 16 Con
 Spell book needed - Codex of Revival
 NON-COMBAT Spell, will remove stoning
   Specifically used to return a Stoned character to flesh, this spell is
 the only Resurrection Spell which will restore those who have suffered
 such a fate.

-[ Kill ]- - -

   Created in a parallel study by the Magi's and Warlock's guilds as they
crafted the Mind spells; the Kill Spells, which revolved around direct
mental and spiritual forms of attack, would either kill the victim outright
or have absolutely no affect. The effectiveness of these spells depends on
the experience of the caster and the Magic Resistance of the target.

+ Paralysis
 Resist: magic
 Base Level=1;   Guilds: Magi(1;18mp/clv19), Warlock(1;18mp/clv19)
 Range=1;   A?/D?
 Required Stats: 11 Int, 8 Wis, 6 Dex
 COMBAT Spell, will cause up to 2 Monsters in 2 Groups to be Killed.
   This spell causes all nerves in the designated targets to stop
 functioning, causing Death. Similar to the Paralyzing Death spell, but
 requires less ability to master.

+ Life Shatter
 Resist: magic
 Base Level=3;   Guilds: Magi(3;30mp/clv45), Warlock(3;30mp/clv45)
 Range=2;   A15/D3
 Required Stats: 13 Int, 8 Wis, 8 Dex
 COMBAT Spell, will cause up to 6 Monsters in 4 Groups to be Life Shattered.
   A more advanced form of Paralysis, this spell also affects the spirit as
 well, attempting to extinguish it.

+ Shimmering Death
 Resist: magic
 Base Level=5;   Guilds: Magi(5;72mp/clv121), Warlock(5;72mp/clv121)
 Range=2;   A15/D6
 Required Stats: 13 Int, 12 Wis, 16 Dex
 COMBAT Spell, will cause up to 7 Monsters in 4 Groups to be Killed.
   When invoked, this spell paralyzes the victims with a blinding light,
 then sucks their life force from their helpless bodies.

- Cause Death
 Resist: magic
 Base Level=;   Guilds: Magi(8;100mp/clv179), Warlock(8;100mp/clv179)
 Range=4;   A20/D9
 Required Stats: 18 Int, 16 Wis, 14 Con, 12 Dex
 Spell book needed - Codex of Desertion
 COMBAT Spell, 8 targets in 4 groups
   A simple spell which drives the spirit from the flesh and attempts to
 shut down the mind and body.

- Field of Death
 Resist: magic
 Base Level=;   Guilds: Magi(10;121mp/clv221), Warlock(10;121mp/clv221)
 Range=7;   A25/D41
 Required Stats: 22 Int, 22 Wis, 18 Con, 21 Dex
 Spell book needed - Grimoire of Mortality
 COMBAT Spell, 20 targets in 4 groups
   A more powerful and flexible form of Cause Death, this spell attacks the
 spirit with such power that the body is enveloped in flames and turned to

- Piercing Darkness
 Resist: magic
 Base Level=;   Guilds: Magi(10;121mp/clv221), Warlock(10;121mp/clv221)
 Range=5;   A20/D13
 Required Stats: 19 Int, 18 Wis, 10 Con, 12 Dex
 Spell book needed - Codex of Darkness
 COMBAT Spell, 10 targets in 4 groups
   It is said that this spell invokes a dark form from the spiritual world
 which penetrates its victims and consumes their life force.

-[ Location ]- - -

   Created by the Magi's guild from failed attempts at movement, spells of
this nature are able to locate other specified characters or objects, and
aid the caster in orientation when lost.

+ Establish Mystic Portal
 Base Level=1;   Guilds: All(1;1mp/clv1)
 Required Stats: 12 Int, 12 Wis
 NON-COMBAT Spell, will set the "Mystic Portal" return location.
   Casting this spell will set the caster's "Mystic Portal" target
 location. This means that when the caster casts Open Mystic Portal, he or
 she will then be returned to the exact location where Establish Mystic
 Portal was last cast.

+ Detect Depth
 Base Level=3;   Guilds: Explorer(3;43mp/clv65), Magi(3;43mp/clv65),
 Required Stats: 14 Int, 13 Wis, 12 Con
 NON-COMBAT Spell, informs the caster of what level they are on.
   Useful in helping lost explorers 'find themselves'.

+ Soul Search
 Base Level=6;   Guilds: Explorer(6;66mp/clv131), Magi(6;66mp/clv131),
 Required Stats: 8 Str, 15 Int, 14 Wis, 8 Con, 12 Dex
 NON-COMBAT Spell, will reveal the location of another character.
   This spell allows the caster to search for another character. The caster
 will receive the offset coordinates, relative to their position and
 orientation, of where the searched-for soul is, provided they are on the
 same level. If the character being searched for is not on the same level
 as the caster, an up or down value will be returned.

+ Find Direction
 Base Level=6;   Guilds: Explorer(6;85mp/clv147), Magi(6;85mp/clv147),
 Required Stats: 14 Int, 12 Wis, 14 Dex
 NON-COMBAT Spell, informs the caster of what direction they are facing.
   Also useful in helping lost explorers 'find themselves'.

- Beast Search
 Base Level=;   Guilds: Explorer(10;191mp/clv349), Magi(8;163mp/clv291)
 Required Stats: ?
 Spell book needed - Codex of Enemies
 NON-COMBAT Spell, will reveal the location of target monster
   Created in the time before the destruction of the Guilds by the
 grandfather of the current Seer, this spell will permit the caster to look
 for a particular creature, or, at least, the area that it frequents. It
 isn't nearly as accurate as paying the Seer himself to find the monster.

- Item Search
 Base Level=;   Guilds: Explorer(13;292mp/clv ?), Magi(11;246mp/clv453)
 Required Stats: ?
 Spell book needed - Grimoire of Artifacts
 NON-COMBAT Spell, will reveal the location of target item
   Created in the time before the destruction of the Guilds by the
 grandfather of the current Seer, this spell will permit the caster to look
 for a creature that carries a particular item. It isn't nearly as accurate
 as paying the Seer himself to find the item, but can be much less

- Retrieve Soul
 Base Level=;   Guilds: Explorer(14;256mp/clv479), Magi(14;256mp/clv479)
 Required Stats: 16 Str, 18 Int, 18 Wis, 16 Con, 18 Dex
 Spell book needed - Grimoire of Retrieval
 NON-COMBAT Spell, will retrieve the body of a nearby rocked character
   When an unlucky character teleports or walks into solid rock, the only
 way to retrieve them is with this spell. The caster of the spell must be
 on the same level that the rocked character is, or as close as they can
 get. If the spell is successful, the retrieved character's body will
 appear at the feet of the caster ready to be carried or resurrected.

-[ Magical ]- - -

   Spells of this nature vary depending on type. Being purely magical and
created by various guilds, spells of this type usually revolve around some
effect that is not supported by any of the other classes.

+ Identify Trap
 Base Level=1;   Guilds: ?Artisan(9), ?Ninja(5), ?Barbarian(3),
                         Thief(1;18mp/clv ?), Explorer(6;85mp/clv147),
                         Warlock(6;85mp/clv147), Magi(6;85mp/clv147)
 Required Stats: 8 Str, 14 Int, 12 Wis, 14 Dex
   This spell will ensure a trap is correctly identified.

+ Magical Entry
 Base Level=3;   Guilds: Artisan(12;227mp/clv421), Ninja(9;170mp/clv307),
                         Barbarian(6;113mp/clv195), Thief(3;56mp/clv85)
 Required Stats: 12 Str, 14 Int, 14 Wis, 10 Con, 14 Dex
   Casting this spell will unlock many Magically Sealed chests.

+ Amphibious Breathing
 Base Level=6;   Guilds: Explorer(12;303mp/clv?), Cleric(6;159mp/clv273)
 Required Stats: 12 Str, 16 Int, 12 Con, 14 Dex
   This spell enables the skin of the recipient to absorb oxygen from the
 water, thus allowing longer breathing periods while under water.

- Destroy Container
 Base Level=;   Guilds: Thief(12;279mp/clv ?)
 Required Stats: 14 Str, 17 Int, 12 Wis, 15 Con, 16 Dex
 Spell book needed - Grimoire of Looting
 NON-COMBAT Spell, destroys chests without harming contents
   Occasionally, a Thief will encounter a chest that is considered simply
 too dangerous to open normally. This spell will destroy the chest without
 harming the contents. The spell will not affect Magically Locked chests.

- Dispel Magic Lock
 Base Level=;   Guilds: Thief(6;127mp/clv219)
 Required Stats: 16 Int, 16 Wis, 15 Dex
 Spell book needed - Codex of Magical Locks
 NON-COMBAT Spell, will unlock Magically Sealed chests
   Some chests are protected by very strong enchantment that foil the spell
 Magical Entry. This spell is capable of dispelling most such enchantments.

-[ Mind ]- - -

   As the Sorcerers were working on destructive elemental forces, two other
guilds, the Cleric and Warlock's guilds, joined together in the study of
the mind, and in the process, came up with many powerful defensive and
aggressive spells. The effectiveness of these spells depends on the
experience of the caster and the Mind Resistance of the monster.

+ Sleep
 Resist: mental
 Base Level=1;   Guilds: Cleric(1;22mp/clv23), Warlock(1;22mp/clv23)
 Range=1;   A10/D1
 Required Stats: 12 Int, 11 Wis, 8 Dex
 COMBAT Spell, will cause up to 2 Monsters in 2 Groups to be Slept.
   When cast, this spell attempts to take over the mind and put the
 designated targets to sleep so that they may be killed without a

+ Blinding Darkness
 Resist: mental
 Base Level=4;   Guilds: Cleric(4;47mp/clv75), Warlock(4;47mp/clv75)
 Range=2;   A15/D6
 Required Stats: 15 Int, 9 Wis, 9 Dex
 COMBAT Spell, will cause up to 6 Monsters in 4 Groups to be Life Shattered.
   When invoked, this spell creates a mentally projected and amplified
 light so bright that many are instantly killed.

+ Summon Shade
 Resist: mental
 Base Level=6;   Guilds: Cleric(6;72mp/clv123), Warlock(6;72mp/clv123)
 Range=3;   A20/D9
 Required Stats: 14 Int, 12 Wis, 10 Con, 8 Dex
 COMBAT Spell, will cause up to 7 Monsters in 4 Groups to be Scared.
   A ghastly spell that creates a mental demon so terrifying that it scares
 most creatures to death.

- Impending Doom
 Resist: mental
 Base Level=;   Guilds: Cleric(12;208mp/clv385), Warlock(12;208mp/clv385)
 Range=6;   A25/D41
 Required Stats: 18 Int, 15 Wis, 10 Con, 14 Dex
 Spell book needed - Grimoire of Doom
 COMBAT Spell, 14 targets in 4 groups
   The most powerful of all Mind Spells, this dark form of magic convinces
 the target(s) that they have died, causing their bodily functions to stop
 - effectively killing them from inside.

-[ Movement ]- - -

   In an effort to control one's surroundings, the Warlock's guild focused
their study towards the ability of traveling and moving by the use of
magic. Ranging from the ability to walk through walls to teleporting a long
distance away, these spells are very handy in moving around in the dungeon.

+ Detect Rock
 Base Level=1;   Guilds: Explorer(1;20mp/clv21), Magi(1;20mp/clv21),
 Required Stats: 12 Int, 12 Wis, 12 Con
   This spell allows the caster to detect whether rock exists behind the
 wall in front of them or not. Very useful for mapping and finding secret

+ Levitation
 Base Level=3;   Guilds: Explorer(3;28mp/clv43), Magi(3;28mp/clv43),
 Required Stats: 14 Int, 14 Wis, 10 Con, 10 Dex
   This will cause its recipient to hover in the air, avoiding pits and
 other dangerous areas. However, this magic only works when there is stable
 floor under the person, since the magic is based on the distance from them
 to the floor. While Levitation will protect the beneficiary from taking
 damage while falling down a chute or off a ledge, they will still fall.
 Magical Flight is necessary for overcoming more serious obstacles. There
 is always the slight chance that Levitation over a space will fail.

+ Ethereal Portal
 Base Level=5;   Guilds: Explorer(5;74mp/clv123), Magi(5;74mp/clv123),
 Required Stats: 12 Str, 18 Int, 16 Wis, 10 Con, 16 Dex
   When cast, the character, and all members of their party, will move
 through the solid wall in front of the caster and appear on the other
 side. If the square behind the wall is rock, all members of the party
 will die.

+ Displacement
 Base Level=8;   Guilds: Explorer(8;123mp/clv219), Warlock(8;123mp/clv219)
 Required Stats: 12 Str, 15 Int, 14 Wis, 14 Dex
   A useful spell for Teleporting around in the dungeon on the current
 level. Be warned that if the caster displaces themselves outside the
 bounds of the dungeon or into rock, the caster (and entire party) will

+ Magical Flight
 Base Level=9;   Guilds: Explorer(9;148mp/clv267), Magi(10;155mp/clv283),
 Required Stats: 13 Str, 17 Int, 16 Wis, 12 Con, 15 Dex
   Unlike the Levitate spell, the magic from this conjuration actually
 allows the target to fly into the air a specific distance based on the
 spell's power. It will allow the caster to not only levitate above the
 floor, but fly up and down (thus allowing the caster to avoid dangerous
 ledges and chutes).

- Detect Distant Rock
 Base Level=;   Guilds: Explorer(3;47mp/clv71), Magi(3;47mp/clv71),
 Required Stats: ?
 Spell book needed - Libram of Hidden Places
 NON-COMBAT Spell, reveals rocks up to 2 squares ahead
   A more powerful version of the Detect Rock Spell, this enchantment will
 check to see if a space 2 squares ahead is stone or not, permitting
 checking through thick stone walls.

- Map Area
 Base Level=;   Guilds: Explorer(6;79mp/clv137), Warlock(6;79mp/clv137)
 Required Stats: ?
 Spell book needed - Codex of Foreknowledge
 NON-COMBAT Spell, reveals what is in the surrounding area
   A much improved version of Detect Rock, Map Area will fully determine
 what is in the surrounding area. This spell will detect water, pits,
 teleporters, etc, as well as areas of solid rock.

- Mass Levitate
 Base Level=;   Guilds: Explorer(8;113mp/clv203), Warlock(8;113mp/clv203)
 Required Stats: 12 Str, 16 Int, 16 Wis, 14 Con, 12 Dex
 Spell book needed - Codex of Levitation
 NON-COMBAT Spell, levitates the entire party
   This spell accomplishes the same thing as Levitation, except it affects
 an entire party.

- Open Mystic Portal
 Base Level=;   Guild: Explorer(12;227/421), Warlock(12;227/421)
 Required Stats: 16 Str, 18 Int, 18 Wis, 14 Con, 16 Dex
 Spell book needed - Grimoire of Portals
 NON-COMBAT Spell, opens a portal
   When invoked, this spell will instantly transport the caster and any
 party members to the location that "Establish Mystic Portal" was cast
 last. If "Establish Mystic Portal" has not been cast, nothing will
 happen. Be warned that using this spell takes a great deal of energy and
 ages the caster approximately one month.

- Teleport
 Base Level=;   Guilds: Explorer(12;199mp/clv369), Warlock(12;199mp/clv369)
 Required Stats: 18 Int, 18 Wis, 14 Con, 18 Dex
 Spell book needed - Grimoire of Transportation
 NON-COMBAT + COMBAT Spell, teleports the party or target
   One of the Explorers' and Warlocks' most useful spells that can move the
 caster and any party up or down, as well as around the dungeon. This spell
 can also be used in Combat to transport attacking enemies so far away they
 will end up in solid rock! When used in combat, the effectiveness of this
 spell is based on the creature's Magic Resistance.

-[ Protection ]- - -

   Created by the Sorcerer's guild, spells of this type cause the caster,
or character receiving the spell, to be protected by an invisible field.
The power of these fields depends on the skill level of the caster.

+ Protection
 Base Level=3;   Guilds: Sorcerer(3;26mp/clv39), Warlock(9;132mp/clv239)
 Required Stats: 8 Str, 12 Int, 14 Wis, 10 Cha, 10 Dex
 NON-COMBAT Spell, creates a protective field around the receiving char.
   This spell will create a protective field around the receiving
 character, making it harder for attacking creatures to do damage.

- Mass Protection
 Base Level=;   Guilds: Sorcerer(8;94mp/clv169)
 Required Stats: 14 Str, 18 Int, 18 Wis, 12 Con, 12 Cha, 14 Dex
 Spell book needed - Codex of Protection
 NON-COMBAT Spell, creates a protective field around the party
   This spell does exactly what Protection does, except that it affects
 the entire party.

-[ Resistance ]- - -

   Initially created by the Sorcerers guild to protect themselves from
their own destructive forces, these spells are very useful in increasing
the resistance of a character from many forms of attack. The Clerics guild
also helped in this study and created spells to increase one's resistance
to Poison and Disease.

+ Resist Fire
 Base Level=3;   Guilds: Explorer(9;85mp/clv153), Sorcerer(3;28mp/clv43),
                         Warlock(9;85mp/clv153), Cleric(6;56mp/clv97-433)
 Required Stats: 13 Int, 13 Wis
 NON-COMBAT Spell, will raise the recipient's Fire Resistance based on the
 caster's Spell Level.

+ Resist Draining
 Base Level=3;   Guilds: Paladin(7;?/?), Explorer(9;91mp/clv165),
                         Sorcerer(3;30mp/clv45), Warlock(9;91mp/clv165),
 Required Stats: 13 Int, 13 Wis, 10 Con
 NON-COMBAT Spell, will raise the recipient's Drain Resistance based on the
 caster's Spell Level.

+ Resist Cold
 Base Level=3;   Guilds: Explorer(9;91mp/clv165), Sorcerer(3;30mp/clv45),
                         Warlock(9;91mp/clv165), Cleric(6;60mp/clv105-433)
 Required Stats: 14 Int, 14 Wis
 NON-COMBAT Spell, will raise the recipient's Cold Resistance based on the
 caster's Spell Level.

+ Resist Poison
 Base Level=4;   Guilds: Explorer(12;110mp/clv203), Sorcerer(4;36mp/clv57),
                         Warlock(12;110mp/clv203), Cleric(8;72mp/clv129-333)
 Required Stats: 10 Int, 12 Wis, 10 Con
 NON-COMBAT Spell, will raise the recipient's Poison Resistance based on
 the caster's Spell Level.

+ Resist Disease
 Base Level=4;   Guilds: ?Paladin(8;?/?), Explorer(12;110mp/clv203),
                         Sorcerer(4;36mp/clv57), Warlock(12;110mp/clv203),
 Required Stats: 12 Int, 12 Wis, 10 Con
 NON-COMBAT Spell, will raise the recipient's Disease Resistance based on
 the caster's Spell Level.

+ Resist Paralysis
 Base Level=4;   Guilds: Explorer(12;110mp/clv209), Sorcerer(4;36mp/clv57),
                         Warlock(12;110mp/clv209), Cleric(8;72mp/clv129-333)
 Required Stats: 14 Int, 16 Wis, 8 Con, 12 Dex
 NON-COMBAT Spell, will raise the recipient's Paralysis Resistance based on
 the caster's Spell Level.

+ Resist Stoning
 Base Level=4;   Guilds: Explorer(12;110mp/clv203), Sorcerer(4;37mp/clv61),
                         Warlock(12;110mp/clv203), Cleric(8;75mp/clv135-333)
 Required Stats: 12 Int, 13 Wis, 12 Con
 NON-COMBAT Spell, will raise the recipient's Stone Resistance based on the
 caster's Spell Level.

- Electrical Resistance
 Base Level=;   Guilds: Sorcerer(6;49mp/clv85-213), Warlock(18;142mp/clv269)
 Required Stats: 12 Str, 12 Int, 16 Wis, 10 Con
 Spell book needed - Codex of Electricity
 NON-COMBAT Spell, raises electrical resistance
   This spell will increase the caster's Resistance to Electrical attacks.

- Mental Resistance
 Base Level=;   Guilds: Sorcerer(6;47mp/clv81-213), Warlock(18;142mp/clv269)
 Required Stats: 18 Int, 14 Wis, 12 Con, 10 Cha
 Spell book needed - Codex of the Mind
 NON-COMBAT Spell, raises mental resistance
   This spell will increase the caster's Resistance to Mind attacks.

- Resist Acidity
 Base Level=5;   Guilds: Sorcerer(6;53mp/clv91-213), Warlock(18;159mp/clv303)
 Required Stats: 10 Int, 13 Wis, 10 Con, 10 Cha
 Spell book needed - Codex of the Elements
 NON-COMBAT Spell, raises acidity resistance
   This spell will increase the caster's Resistance to Acid attacks.

- Resist Magic
 Base Level=5;   Guilds: Sorcerer(5;43mp/clv73), Warlock(15;131mp/clv245),
                         Explorer(15;131mp/clv245), Cleric(10;87mp/clv159-253)
 Required Stats: 14 Int, 12 Wis, 12 Con
 Spell book needed - Libram of Magic
 NON-COMBAT Spell, raises magic resistance
   This spell will increase the caster's Resistance to Magic spells.

-[ Visual ]- - -

   In a collected effort, the Sorcerer's and Warlock's guilds managed to
create spells that allowed one to turn invisible to the naked eye, or
allowed one to see those who were invisible, as well as spells that lit up
the surrounding area.

+ Charm of Concealment
 Base Level=2;   Guilds: Explorer(6), Magi(4), Sorcerer, Warlock(8)
 Required Stats: 12 Int, 14 Wis, 12 Dex
   This spell is very useful defensive spell. When cast, the recipient
 becomes invisible to the naked eye. Only those with special abilities will
 be able to see the character.

+ See Invisible
 Base Level=2;   Guilds: Explorer(6;85mp/clv147), Magi(4;56mp/clv91),
                         Sorcerer(2;28mp/clv37), Warlock(8;113mp/clv203)
 Required Stats: 14 Int, 12 Wis, 12 Dex
   This spell will enable a character to see those who are invisible to the
 naked eye.

+ Flash of Sight
 Base Level=4;   Guilds: Explorer(9;119mp/clv215), Magi(4;49mp/clv79),
 Required Stats: 11 Int, 11 Wis, 11 Con, 12 Dex
   This spell enables the caster to see, for an instant, through the eyes
 of infravision.

+ Brightness
 Base Level=6;   Guilds: Explorer(12;193mp/clv357), Magi(6;77mp/clv133),
 Required Stats: 12 Str, 12 Int, 14 Dex
   The most basic of Visual Spells, using this magic will cause a glowing
 aura to appear around the caster for the duration of a trip in the dungeon.

+ Shining Lights
 Base Level=10;   Guilds: Explorer(18;269mp/clv ?), Magi(10;142mp/clv259),
 Required Stats: 16 Str, 17 Int, 12 Con, 15 Dex
   The brightest of the Visual Spells, Shining Lights creates one dozen
 glowing orbs that constantly surround the caster, thus giving off
 extremely bright illumination.

- Mass Sight Veil
 Base Level=;   Guilds: Sorcerer(8;85mp/clv151)
 Required Stats: 10 Str, 12 Int, 16 Wis, 12 Con, 10 Cha, 10 Dex
 Spell book needed - Codex of Illusion
 NON-COMBAT Spell, renders entire party invisible
   This spell is the same as Charm of Concealment except that it affects
 the entire party.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

===== [ RACE BASED GUILD SUGGESTIONS ] ===== . . . . . . . . . . . . [RAC]
   Note that these are just suggestions based on how valuable they are to a
character succeeding. While I may suggest that a character does not join a
particular guild or play a particular alignment, it does not in any way
mean that it would not be fun to do so - I think the game is fun pretty
much however it is played :) Also note that most characters are assumed to
start off in the artisan's guild (to offset weak HP gain of most classes at
low levels).

=[ Human ]=

   Multiclass, multiclass, multiclass! Often found as good or evil,
allowing them to join the ninja and sorceror guilds - which is probably the
most powerful combination of two guilds in the game. All human characters
should be given maximum HP by using warrior, artisan, warlock maximum HP
route, and focus more on fighting, or evenly on fighting and spellcasting.

Guilds not to join:
- Explorer - gives heavy penalty due to fighting ability, and spells could
  be obtained with less penalty from Warlock.
- Paladin - fairly poor fighting ability, and healing ability is outweighed
  by either the Magi's guild (with charm) or Cleric's guild.
- Villain - Heavy penalty, and a ninja/sorceror combination is far more
- Barbarian - Stupid if neutral as thief is far better, and a waste of time
  if evil as it will give a moderate penalty for only decreasing the cost
  of magical entry.

Suggestions: (include low warrior and warlock for max HP where not noted)
- Good/Evil Ninja, Sorceror, Magi - well rounded abilities. 
- Good/Evil Ninja, Warrior, Warlock - does lots of damage in combat due to
  multiple swings and fighting ability. Warlock's spells are also a great
  complement, but warlock will suffer heavy penalty.
- Good/Evil Ninja, Warrior, Sorceror - similiar to above combination, but
  the damage and resistance spells could be considered more favourable
  than the movement and other spells of the warlock.
- Neutral Warrior, Thief, Cleric, Warlock. While the best neutral chars
  are probably dwarves or saris, this is still quite a good character.

=[ Elf ]=

Elves undoubtably make excellent spellcasters so pump that INT and WIS.
They are often good so they can join the Paladin's guild to give them
some fighting ability in case their spell points run out. Elves are also
usually good or evil, allowing them to join the sorceror's guild, but
neutral elves are still quite powerful.

- Good Sorceror, Magi, Warlock, Paladin - can fall behind on exp, but is
  very valuable in moving around the dungeon and casting offensive spells.
- Evil Sorceror, Magi, Explorer - Explorer will still give reasonable
  fighting ability and only a small amount of offensive capability will be
  lost with the removal of Warlock.
- Neutral Cleric, Thief, Warlock - keeping cleric with the highest level
  will reduce its penalty as well as increasing the potency of the healing
  and damage spells. Valuable for opening chests and moving around also.
  Backstabbing ability of thief will result in some usefulness in combat.

=[ Giant ]=

They can only join Warrior, Explorer and Barbarian - and are usually found
as characters in all these guilds. Barbarian gives a low magical entry cost
and backstabbing ability, Explorer gives movement spell ability, and
Warrior allows them to flaunt their natural strength. Usual order of
importance is Warrior, Explorer and Barbarian. Barbarian helps other
characters with thieving, and also prevents the character from being robbed
blind by stealing monsters. Give them high constitution to begin with to
maximise their HP (as they are usually frontline fighters), then start
building up their strength.
=[ Gnome ]=

Masters of charming monsters, gnomes are practically always in the Magi's
guild, and their high charisma means many monsters will simply join them
without having to be charmed. Having a higher CON and STR than elves, they
tend to suffer less from lagging behind in exp.

Guild not to join:
- Barbarian - thief is better if neutral, and villain is more rounded for
  an evil gnome.

- Good Magi, Paladin, Sorceror - good at charming + decent fighting skill.
  Offensive sorceror spells are also valuable.
- Neutral Cleric, Magi, Thief - similiar to the Elven Cleric, Thief,
  Warlock, but with companions could be considerably more powerful.
- Evil Magi, Sorceror, Villain - Villain will give a penalty to Magi and
  Sorceror, so they should be considerably higher in level.
- Evil Magi, Villain, Explorer - Explorer could be removed entirely, or
  just gained up to obtain minimum cost movement spells.

=[ Dwarf ]=

Dwarves can only be neutral, allowing them to join up with any character or
party. They are quite versatile, and the combination of their good stats as
well as being able to join four good guilds results in dwarves being quite
popular characters.

Guild not to join: 
- Barbarian - A combo of Warrior and Thief is far better, both for fighting
  ability and for chest opening/trap disarming spells.

- Warrior, Thief, Cleric, Warlock - with all these guilds this char might
  level slowly but has virtually all the skills required to survive the
  dungeon solo.
- Warrior, Thief, Cleric, Explorer - will lack some spells (morkal death &
  high resistances) but will have far better perception.
- Warrior, Cleric, Thief - eliminating warlock/explorer means loss of
  movement spells, but the increased leveling in cleric (and hence healing
  and damage spell capability) could offset this.
- Warrior, Thief, Warlock - the loss of healing spells will hurt this
  char's solo ability, but they will have strong fighting ability, backed
  up with movement spells to quickly return to town when injured.

=[ Ogre ]=

Due to the severe guild limitations of ogres, they are only useful if
played as neutral or evil, allowing them access to the barbarian guild,
otherwise their spell points go to waste through the high cost of magical
entry in the artisan's guild. Ogres are generally neutral, as this means
they can join with good or evil characters. Make sure that their CON is as
high as possible, as having the highest con giving them high HP is one of
the few things ogres have going for them. So make them neutral, high con,
and go kill something... :)
   Ogres are great as a first character to collect tomes and potions for
your other characters, as they don't have a lot of potential to travel to
the lowest levels of the dungeon.

=[ Yeti ]=

Dextrous but ugly, Yeti are valuable because of their great underwater
breathing capability. They can join the magi's guild, but given their low
charisma they may not be able to cast some of the more powerful charm and
bind spells (unless aided by charisma increasing items). They are quite
effective warriors though, having a good STR and DEX, backed up with
sorceror capability.

- Good/Evil Warrior, Sorceror, Explorer - powerful fighter with offensive
  capability and movement spells.
- Evil Sorceror, Villain, Explorer - same as above, but villain may provide
  a more rounded fighting ability.
- Or drop Explorer from either of the above combinations so leveling can be
  faster in the other two guilds at the expense of movement spells.

=[ Saris ]=

They can only be neutral and only join six guilds, and are often found in
the same guilds as dwarves (except they can't be warriors). However, Saris
have the huge advantage over dwarves of having a brilliantly high dexterity
(max natural 28 Dex). Though they have less STR and CON, their tremendous
DEX is very popular since they usually get first strike in a battle.

- Explorer, Thief, Cleric, Warlock - go the whole hog and use all four
  guilds. Very slow to level, but pretty good.
- Explorer, Thief, Cleric - drop warlock and lose a few spells in order
  to gain levels faster.
- Thief, Cleric, Warlock - will lack fighting ability comparatively to
  those in the explorer's guild, but should level a little faster and will
  have morkal death spells.

=[ Troll ]=
Trolls can have three alignments, but are almost always evil, due to their
allowed guilds. As mentioned trolls are only really useful as Evil Ninja/
Villain/Barbarians. Neutral thief is a waste, as is a Good Ninja. The
ninja's great fighting ability combined with the better thieving and
backstabbing ability of the barbarian, and villain for some spellcasting
capability make these trolls a powerful character.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

===== [ YOUR FIRST CHARACTER ] ===== . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [1ST]

   Attaining the maximum HP possible for a character vastly improves their
chances of survival, as they can take more damage than other characters. A
high Con is vital early on in a character's development if they want to
have a high HP.
   Con is only effective in increasing HP before MxLv is reached. After
MxLv, Con only affects how quickly a character recovers from poison and
disease and their resurrection chances.
   All chars should be a member of the artisan's guild from the very start.
   The artisan's guild should have the highest guild lvl until lv30 unless
the character is a member of the warrior's guild. The warrior's guild gives
and average of 6 HP per level, the only guild better than the artisan's 5.
   The warrior's guild stops gaining Con-influenced HP after lv26, so
Artisan should gain lv27-30 before any other guild.
   If a character is part of the warlock's guild, then they should gain
level 31-38 first in the warlock's guild - due to it's MxLv of 38.
   The artisan guild should never gain any level above 30 before any other
guild, as they will only receive 1 HP per level as opposed to 2 from any
other guild.
   The artisan's guild should be one of the high level guilds of a char as
it provides the best A/D of any guild for a long time.  A character stops
gaining A/D from the artisan's guild after level 197.

The easiest (and arguably the best) way to start off is by creating a ogre
or a giant able to join the Warrior's guild with maximum Constitution.
The stats should be:  STR 14, INT & WIS 10, CON 16, CHA 4, DEX 12 (add Con
if any points are left over). This character will gain HP quickly and be
likely to survive.

As the helplesson says, running away is a characters best defense early on
in the game. Generally, gaining a level as soon as you have enough
experience to do so is wise until you at least have 80 or so HP. The most
dangerous enemies early on are floor slimes, which can spit acid for large
amounts of damage.

As you adventure you will find potions or tomes that increase your stats.
Since you wisely started with 10 INT & WIS, you can use tomes, and this
character should use any tomes of the correct alignment (re-aligning items
is expensive and generally not worth it unless you have a bit of money to
play with - I suggest you save them for legacy characters).

On deeper levels, large groups of monsters (slaves are a perfect example)
will block your escape, so be careful that you do not start venturing down
deep in the dungeon too early, because it is very likely that you will die.
While dying does not mean the end of your character, it can hinder a
character's early progress, chewing up vital gold, and there is always the
possibility that there will be complications - reducing statistics, aging,
often making you want to discard the character. Unless the situation is
extremely bad, it is probably best to continue with the same character,
as you will have already gained a few levels and bought items from the
store that a newly created character has not.

As you collect more tomes & potions, you will find many that are not of
your char's alignment. You may want to start a second character to give
these tomes to. This newly created character (who you will probably want
to be a spellcaster) is called a legacy character. Legacy characters are
characters that feed off the success of your previous characters, being
given items and gold to increase their initial abilities. There is nothing
wrong with this, and indeed many players create legacy characters when
playing Demise. If you are playing multiplayer, you should be able to get
someone to hold your tomes for you while you switch characters (make sure
you have created your legacy character before you dump your tomes on
someone!) If you are playing single-player, you can easily transfer the
tomes between your multiple characters.

You will probably want your second character to be a spellcaster. Elves
generally make the best spellcasters as they have the highest Int&Wis,
which gives them more spell points than any other race. A sorceror is
arguably the best spellcaster, as they have a wide range of offensive
spells at their disposal, and can cast resistance spells earlier and thus
for a cheaper cost than any other guild (however, other spellcasting guilds
are good too - pick the one that you like the sound of). If you wish to
join the spellcasting guild straight away (and it is not possible with
some), you will have a substantially weaker initial character than a
fighting character (the ogre, for example). When starting off this new
character, you must remember that they are not as strong as your first
character (which is the character you are used to playing with), and
will need to use starting off tactics again. This means you must again be
prepared to turn tail and run from those monsters on level 1, unlike you
have been doing with your first character. If you're playing single player,
you can set your first character to defend, and then travel around as a
group, getting your spellcaster to attack, while having them protected by
your more powerful character.

Also, remember to get this character as many HP as possible by following
the points below:
A character gains extra HP when they make a level in the guild in which
their level is highest. Until reaching MxLv in a guild, a character gains
HtRg of the guild + bonus hit points based on constitution. However, when a
character gains the level to take them to MxLv (i.e. a warrior gaining
level 26) they do not gain a constitution bonus. To maximise hit points,
give/buy your character enough constitution raising tomes/potions to give
them maximum constitution before gaining a level. The best HP route is
Warrior to 25, then Artisan to 29, then Warlock to 38. If the character is
unable to join Warrior, then level them to 29 in Artisan before switching
to Warlock. If the character is unable to join Warlock, then gain level 30
in Artisan. After reaching MxLv, NEVER lead levelling with artisan (if you
are going to continue with them), as they are the only guild that gives 1
HP/level after MxLv; all other guilds give 2 HP/level.

- [ misc character creation tips ] -

[ Tip 1 ] : Good and Evil characters don't mix, so you can't have a Good
 Warrior and an Evil Ninja grouped in one party. However, most guilds are
 flexible enough to accomodate more than one alignment, so you can still
 pair a Warrior with a Ninja, e.g. a Neutral Warrior could team up with
 either a Good Ninja or an Evil one.
    The only exception are the Paladin and Villain guilds, these two are
 fixed opposite to each other in alignment, so you may never have both in
 a party at the same time. No recommendations against any guild, all of
 them have uses depending on what sort of characters will be in your

[ Tip 2 ] : Int & Wis min 10! else can't read tomes = screwed.
 No excuse for not doing this, unless you have enough stat potions (which
 have no requirements unlike tomes) to make up the shortfall. If you can
 spare the points, boost them both to 12; in your late 20s you will be
 able to wear the Night Cloak (store buyable) that turns you invisible as
 well as boosting your Dex by 2!

[ Tip 3 ] : Start with Str 12, Dex 12
 Three words: Dagger of Stealth. This store-only weapon grants 2 swings.
 It's not as good as a steel weapon so it's useless starting on the 5th
 floor, but it's almost the best weapon for quickly clearing the first
 4 floors.

[ Tip 4] : If not Mag or Pal, disregard Cha.
 Mostly true, Cha is kinda useless if not required for a guild. Having a
 Magi character around may be useful for charming and bringing back those
 bounties, but rather than spend your precious initial points in it, stock
 up on stat boosters instead.

[ Tip 5 ] : Pal/Mag
 The Paladin's guild is the only other one that uses the Cha stat, so you
 may want to plan a character on joining both guilds.

[ Tip 6 ] : Always wear plate armor if able.
 Huh. From the 'advice to newbies':
   " 24. Upgrade your weapons, armor and items as soon as possible.
   The common practice is to use the leather armors rather than the
   plate or chain. The negative Dex cost of the chain and plate
   usually outweighs the A/D benefits. "
 ...ok, avoid those -dex armors. I think the heavy use of stats (i.e. Dex
 included) in a lot of game rolls makes it important not to handicap them.

[ Tip 7 ] : All chars need atk bonus more, e.g. between an atk++ item and
an atk+/def+ item, choose the former.
 True, characters generally have higher defence. Also, in most fights you
 DO get to go first, it may mean the difference between killing something
 in one round, or allowing it to get that one, potentially fatal, attack
 in. And in Demise, it's often all about that one fatal attack :P

[ Tip 8 ] : Early weapon progression: Steel Dagger, Warhammer, Steel Mace;
            Thief Sword, Wicked Blade; Silver Cross, Staff of Alton.
 Not strictly in that order, but these are the early good weapons you will
 be able to find and wield.

[ Tip 9 ] : Resistances aren't cumulative! Only highest used.
 Apparently if a character has, say, 50% resistance to Stoning, wearing an
 item that grants 22% protection vs Stoning won't increase it. Keep those
 low-percentage items though, all races have their own weaknesses. Humans
 have no resistances.

[ Tip 10 ] : Have a Thief with good eyesight and dexterity, and not more
 than 2 guilds if possible. E.g. Saris Art/Thf, Dwarf War/Thf, Troll, Elf
 Saris are made to be Thieves, as they have the highest natural Dex
 rating, good eyesight, and are always Neutral. However, they also have
 the highest ExFt (Experience Factor), a value that influences how much
 experience you need to next lvl, and so will progress slow. You need to
 be high in lvls to safely pull off those thieving skills, i.e. disarming
 lootboxes most of the time. Early traps aren't so bad, but imagine failing
 a Stoning or Teleportation trap... so don't let your thief lag in kills,
 his skills are crucial for the party's loot intake.

[ Tip 11 ] : Collect stat modifiers, especially for Con, for later chars
   You may read elsewhere that says not to bother maxing Con for legacy
 characters (those you create after having previous chars collect potions
 and tomes to max their stats) - they reason that an extra 50HP on average
 only means that in terms of advanced levels where gains are 2HP/lvl, 50HP
 works out to a mere 25 levels - but 50HP is like 50% difference while
 you're running around floors 1-4, nothing to sneeze at because 50HP is
 like HALF of your max life at those low levels.
   For example, my regular 10+ Con initial brawler party (brawler party's
 job is to collect stat mods for my REAL characters later) had around 200HP
 at level 40+, while my maxed Con guys had 200+HP at level 20. 20! And
 STILL reaping the Con bonus from level ups. The first few levels are the
 hardest, it pays to get a solid grounding.
   Therefore I recommend collecting those Con mods. Con also helps reduce
 the time you spend poisoned or diseased, and I've been burned by these too
 often. They act as a constant drain on your life, and this really hurts
 since you don't really have many healing options early on.

[ Tip 12 ] : Fast Floor 4 Dungeon Run (for low-level characters)
 To summarise (because I have a habit of being long winded :P ) --
 - From entrance, take a few steps forward down to floor 3.
 - Through the hidden doors to the left, make your way left all the way to
   the lower-left corner of floor 3. From here, pick either of the exits
   to floor 4 below:
 - (1) floor 4, Slaver chambers: head north, detouring right-north-left as
   necessary through floor 3, to the no-magic zone. Stairs down to 4 are
   in the middle of this section.
 - (2) floor 4, floor run: head north, stairs down are midway through.

   A trip to the Slavers' will usually pin people below clv10. You'll also
 probably run into some nice large slave encounters enroute.
   A trip to the middle-left "floor run" section will usually take care of
 most if not all experience needs until clv30 in most jobs, though it will
 usually require more than 1 trip starting around clv20. This run centers
 around the middle-left corridors, which divides the floor into several
 - upper left, upper middle (corridor branch up)
 - middle left (corridor branch down)
 - middle right, lower right (corridor right end)
 - lower middle, lower left (corridor branch down)
   The upper right section is underwater, while the middle section is a
 spinner maze which isn't really that tough but a waste of time so
 generally you'll just skip it after mapping through once. Note the two
 fountains room in the middle of the spinner maze as well as the stairs
 down to 5 nearby. This is a good spot to get through to 5 later, since the
 stairs in the lower left of floor 4 leads to a room with a pit blocking
 the exit.

   Generally resistances can be ignored here; there's an extinguish square
 which is located east immediately past a door on the east-west corridor
 which runs through the middle-left section of the floor. In the small
 Slaver section there's also an extinguish square towards the middle.
 You'll only be getting poisoned and the occasional disease, anyway.

   I strongly recommend doing this only after being able to buy and wield
 the store-bought stealth dagger, because it implies you've leveled enough
 to use it and have probably upgraded most of your armor past the basics,
 as well as snagged Amulets of Infravision (these are all over the place
 around floors 2 and 3 I think), basic progression assumptions.
   For best effect run a 4-person party. You will NOT be able to kill
 everything with your measly 2 hits, so the others will catch monsters that
 slip through your offense. It's not like they'll hog the kills - from
 experience I can assure you that the guy in slot #1 will be doing most of
 the killing, and therefore getting most of the exp. The others are there
 for backup. You know, like when you run into those bunches of nasty
 poisoning ants.
    Even if you're not planning to use the others later they can serve as
 extra bank storage, plus if you screw up (mistakes at low levels tend to
 be fatal) the others can ferry your body back up and pay for a raise. You
 can ditch them once you've leveled to 30 or whatever low level peak it is
 you're aiming for.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

===== [ PENALTY INFO ] ===== . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [PEN]

   When you are part of more than one guild, each guild applies an
experience penalty to the other guild(s) you are a member of based on the
abilities you get from the guilds.
   The penalties largely come from A/D (attack/defence), but also from the
other guild abilities: Thieving, Backstabbing, Critical Hit, Multi Swing,
Fighting, Perception & Language. The penalty is based on how powerful the
abilities provided by a guild are relative to your total abilities.
   Guilds like Ninja & Villain contribute skills in a wide variety of
areas, so tend to suffer less from penalties, but inflict worse penalties
on other guilds.
   Spell power is not included as an ability that induces penalties, so
spellcasting guilds tend to give very small penalties to other guilds, but
suffer from high penalties from other guilds.

   Penalties maximise at 1.5, which requires a character to get 150% extra
experience than normal to level.

   Since penalties come largely from A/D, taking artisan beyond lvl 30 is
not recommended, because it provides very little in the way of character
skills, and gives any other guilds a high penalty. Also, artisan is the
only guild that gives 1 HP/level after MxLv; all other guilds give
2 HP/level.

More detail:

   When a character gains levels in one guild, it increases the penalty on
other guilds. The increase in penalty is applied retroactively to the
experience the character needed to gain its currently level as well as to
the experience required to gain subsequent levels. e.g. (using made up
figures) 30 sorceror/28 ninja requires 7,000XP to get to level 31 in
sorceror. The character now levels ninja up to 60 increasing the penalty on
sorceror from 0.15 to 0.41. This penalty increase is applied to the XP
required for the previous 30 levels the sorceror has gained, and now the XP
required is 90,000.
   This means that there is no avoiding penalties, as they will get you in
the end - but if you plan to level a guild just to get minimum spell costs,
then do that early on, then level other non-spellcasting guilds later on so
that you will not suffer from penalties.

   There's also an idle penalty, which applies to guilds you join but
 neglect while raising other guilds, then return to the guild you left
 "idling" at lower levels - they get applied a quite large negative
 modifier. There's a cap somewhere (x2.5?), but I've read about people
 getting idles in the tens of millions. Huh. I suppose this is tied in to
 the penalty discussed above; the more a guild contributes in terms of
 skills and A/D and stuff, the larger the idle penalty grows for the
 character's other guilds.
   If I'm not mistaken the trick was to idle at low levels, so even with
 a x2.5 mod, at level 1 that's going to be all but unnoticeable. Oh well,
 this IS a dungeon crawler, repetition is a large feature of the genre
 after all. Let's see how it goes with my own party.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

- [ Race stat max building ] -

   As noted above, each race starts with a fixed point total. By comparing
this total with the actual race maximums, we can see how many points each
race needs to reach the max for each stat. Also as noted, natural stats
can't be raised more than max+5, e.g. Ogre Con = 20+5 = 25. The figures in
the list are taken from the natural max list, so we will display the
modified maximums as well as the required points 'til max.

Race    Str   Int   Wis   Con   Cha   Dex   Total ..Mod -Init =Req
Human   4/17  4/18  4/18  6/17  5/18  6/18  29/106  136   64   72
Yeti    7/19  4/18  4/19  3/15  2/14  4/20  24/105  135   62   73
Dwarf   4/19  3/18  6/19  4/19  2/16  4/18  23/109  139   63   76
Troll   8/20  4/18  2/18  5/18  2/16  7/20  28/110  140   64   76
Ogre    8/21  2/16  2/16 10/20  4/18  5/16  31/107  137   66   71
Gnome   3/17  6/19  6/19  3/18  8/23  6/18  32/114  144   64   80
Elf     2/14  7/21  7/20  2/15  4/18  4/19  26/107  137   63   74
Giant  10/24  3/17  3/17  8/18  2/15  4/18  30/109  139   66   73
Saris   4/17  4/18  3/18  6/17  4/17 10/23  31/110  140   66   74

   Ouch. 70+ average number of stat boosters for any one character needed
to reach the limit (natural max + 5). We can't break it down for each stat
(e.g. how many +Cha does an Elf need to max?) because the Init figure is
distributed among all stats during creation, and this will differ from
character to character, depending on starting guild requirements as well
as individual player preferences.
   However, for an average of 72 points required divided among 6 states,
we get an average of 12 points per stat. Therefore, on average, to max out
a newly created character you'll need around 12 stat mods (tomes and
potions) per stat, from Str to Dex.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

===== [ BRAWLING PARTY ] ===== . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [BRW]

   It's recommended to start a party with "throwaway" characters to get you
used to the dungeon. Trust me, if you're used to have saves to reload from
in games to save your hide, it doesn't work that way in Demise. This party
should consist of brawlers plus a thief (vital for loot collecting) to get
you those stat increasing potions and tomes in preparation for your actual
party. As a bonus, you can see how the upper floor monsters hurt you and
plan accordingly.
   Avoid human characters, since you're only concerned with "testing the
waters" therefore you want characters from races with good resistances,
particularly against poison and disease.
   The other reasons to use a 4-person starter party is simply that they
can cover each other's backs as well as simply carry more loot.

- - - The brawlers - - -

- Ogre[N] (War) (16,10,10,13,4,13)
 Int & Wis evened out to 10, rest spread between Str, Con, Dex. Of course,
 you could just pump Str, but Con and Dex helps too. This is the Hulk guy.
 Warrior all the way.
- Giant[N] (Exp) (14,13,13,10,4,12)
 An Explorer comes in handy when trying to figure out where you land after
 a messy teleport, or step on one of those annoying rotators.
- Troll[N] (Thf) (11,12,10,10,5,16)
 I know, I just said Saris make natural thieves, but Trolls are a close
 second, plus they level slightly faster, and are resistant to both poison
 and disease, best eyesight, and better breathing. Remember, these are the
 short term temp guys; you want the best immediate benefits.
- Yeti[G] (War) (12,10,10,11,7,12)
 Lowest of the big-guy brawl club, and lacking poison or disease
 resistances (although the other resistances are fair), nevertheless has
 best breathing, and levels faster than the Giant and Ogre.

   The Ogre and Yeti may give you poisoning headaches, but poison doesn't
last too long and the high HP from being in the Warrior guild should
hopefully be sufficient. Breathing may not BE that important, but beware
the random teleporters that may send you underwater on floor 4, or that
fatal misstep over the edge of the shore on floor 3 -- download the maps,
they REALLY help.

   Now, with this group, the first few dungeon floors should be a piece of
cake. Rotate your party leader as you see fit, but it'll most likely be the
Explorer since this is where she can do the most good in terms of
recovering from rotators etc. Rotate the rest as you see fit, but I noticed
the tendency for me to put the Thief up front as well; leveling faster =
better skill at opening chests, and that's always good. She was always a
couple levels ahead of the others. Stock up all the stat modding potions
and tomes you find, don't bother to change their alignment yet - combine
them into piles, since you pay the same price to realign a pile[x] compared
to a single unit.

   Also, keep to floors 2-4! All the stat mods can be found on the first
few floors, there's no reason to venture further; plus you need steel
weapons to deal with some of the beasties on floor 5, and you might run
into Nastrums - monsters which can turn you to stone (damn).

   I don't die anywhere as much as I used to remember, that's a good sign
btw - looks like I was a bit impatient last time. Slow and steady pays off
in Demise, build yourself up and reserve your strength for quantity in
kills not quality.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

===== [ SUGGESTED PARTIES ] =====  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [SUG]

   In all the parties below, I have given a description of how the party
will perform, but I am sure that there are many other parties that are
good and successful.
   All chars assumed to be a member of artisan's guild, and it is assumed
that all characters will progress using MaxHP rules (found in Your First
Character section above). The guilds that are character is in are listed
in decreasing importance, and hence comparable levels. It is also wise that
all characters become guild master in all the guilds that they are a member
of to acquire a guild crest. Guild crests are extremely powerful, and if
each character has a guild crest for every guild they are in, the strength
of the party will be increased considerably.

Some thoughts from Tiburon 
   First: In my experience, it is painfully slow to level a party. Yes, a
party of 4 can venture deeper and get XPs a little faster due to depth, but
not *that* much deeper. You're still bound by such factors as weapons
resistance and specific spell resistances (such as stoning obviously for 5,
then mental/electrical for 14-15). So, IMO, you do NOT want 3 guilds for
any character, with one possible exception (thief).
   Also: 2 pure thieves is one too many. The second thief will rarely use
those skills. Granted, you can plan on splitting the mana costs on locked
chests among 2, but this can be managed in other ways that cost a lot less.

- My current party -
1) Good Elf      - Paladin, Sorcerer
2) Good Human    - Ninja, Magi
3) Neutral Dwarf - Warrior, Cleric
4) Neutral Saris - Thief, Explorer

The party has balance; all 4 characters are good in combat (even the Saris
is ok, because it has both backstabs and crits). All 4 have a use for their
mana. All 4 can actually be the lead, to balance out earning xp's; note
that for most things, it doesn't matter where the explorer perception is.
Does matter for spinners and teleports, though; recovering a bit faster
from being lost.

The combos are also designed to maximize effectiveness. Magi is a *poor*
combat spellcaster overall; thus, it's put with the best melee class, as I
want to use those swings. Paladin is not a bad fighting class, but
considerably weaker than warrior or ninja, so it gets my #1 blasting spell
guild, sorcerer. I'm also using an elf for the blaster mage because the
elf has more mana to use. A yeti could be a warrior/sorcerer, more
effective in melee, but losing quite a bit of mana, and if Lok's evidence
that Int/Wis does affect spell damage IS correct, effectiveness. [True]

Arguably, you could drop magi and go ninja/warlock. If you go this route,
then if you really want magi to handle those annoying Return With quests...
plan on taking magi to guildmaster level, then only running it when you get
one of em. Who gets magi? I'd put it on the first character you send out
into the dungeon, to be fetching tomes/potions for the others. Probably the
best choice is the ninja; he can most afford to lose a few HP's early on
because he'll have those warlock levels later.

- - -

   The slot 1 spellcaster bug suggests that you might want to try a very
melee-heavy party too, with spellcasting oriented to the non-combat spells.
You need healing, movement, and resistance spells; charms are nice but not
absolutely necessary, so perhaps toss in magi as above...

Warrior, Cleric for healing 
Thief, Explorer for movement and thieving 
Ninja, Warlock for resistances 

That covers everything but blasting, with a slot left over. This slot could
be filled in a couple ways... first, a troll as a pure ninja (fast, fast,
fast leveling cuz no penalties), or as a Ninja/Villain... some spare
healing, and some good combat spells when in the lead. A giant warrior/
explorer or warrior/barbarian would be a great cleaver character.

Yes, there are fights such as the bloodsuckers where this party would have
problems, but note that if the sorcerer isn't in the #1 position when you
run across those fights, he isn't gonna be that useful anyway.
- - -

- Kevin's Party -

1) Evil Troll Artisan/Ninja/Villain
   Level Artisan to 30 for HP only. Then take Ninja to 131 for your 3rd
swing. Switch to Villain until 101. At Villain 101 you will get healing
costs down and decent costs on the Morkuls. Morkul Healing is AWESOME at
101 (5 SP). You also get the guild quests out of the way and a better
Backstab ability. Switch back to Ninja until you get the 4th swing, then
drop. Villain from here out will continue to lower spell costs and allow
you to use Chain Mail and Axes... some of which are very nice.

2) Neutral Dwarf Warrior/Cleric
   Artisan and Warlock can be added for max HP, but if you start out with
max Con, it isn't really necessary. Take Warrior to 46 for A/D, fighting
and an extra swing. Switch to Cleric and level it until you can use the
Dagger of Wizardry (179). This will give you great healing and very good
blasting. Then go back to Warrior for good. As Warrior, you will
continually raise A/D and have use of great weapons and armor. Since most
of your mana will go towards healing, super high Int/Wis isn't as necessary
as if you were blasting.

3) Evil Yeti Warrior/Sorcerer/Magi
   Level Warrior to 46 for the swing and A/D and HP. Then take Magi to 101.
Since Yetis learn fast, Magi will be at 101 before you know it. This will
help your party with quests/bounties and offer healing and movement. At
101, switch to Sorcerer and take it to the Dagger of Wizardry (167).
Switch over to Warrior again, but keep armor and weapons Int/Wis intensive
since you will do lots of blasting. Take Warrior to the second swing (162)
and drop it... stay with Sorcerer from there on to lower spell costs, raise
resistance levels, and language skill.

4) Neutral Saris Artisan/Explorer/Thief
   Artisan to 30 for HP only. Warlock could be added, but isn't necessary.
Take Thief to 35 (Cutthroat quest) and leave it there. This will give you
good enough thieving to switch to Explorer. Run Explorer to 101 for
perception, movement, resistances, and fighting and A/D. At 101, Explorer
can be dropped until you find your A/D is not good enough. Stay with Thief
as much as possible and get it to a high level fast. Since this is a party
character, you will be hitting chests at levels lower than you can handle
alone... and your thieving will be less than what you want. Wear EVERYTHING
you can to increase Dex. Explorer/Thief is extremely powerful since those
TP traps are easily fixed with a quick displacement spell. However, you
will never get a natural extra swing.

The Troll will require lots of XP to level Ninja after getting the big
penalty from Villain... so put it up front. The Saris will need lots of XP
too, but will get lots from traps... keep it in the back. The Yeti and
Dwarf are interchangeable, but I like the Dwarf 2nd. Resistances will come
from the Yeti Sorcerer while movement will come from the Saris. If you are
running low on mana for the Saris, use the Troll to cast Magical Entry. I
keep the Saris highlighted since it has good eyesight and opens the chests.

- - -

- Kevin's 2nd Party -

1) Good Human Warrior 26/Ninja/Sorcerer
   Warrior is taken only for HP and could be swapped for Artisan if you so
wish. Ninja is fairly self sufficient for a long time, so I take it to 131
for the 3 swings before starting Sorcerer. You will then have a 1.5 penalty
on Sorcerer, but the idle will be very low at level 1. Take Sorcerer to
resistance minimums (313 I believe). At this point you have a choice. You
can return to Ninja or switch to Warrior if you are happy with your swings.
Warrior will offer better fighting, but Ninja will give you 1-2 more swings
and thieving.

2) Neutral Dwarf Warrior/Cleric
This is the same as in my E/N party. Take Warrior to 46 for HP, A/D and an
extra swing, then take Cleric to 179 for spell levels and the Dagger of
Wizardry. At this point you will have great healing and very good
blasting... so take Warrior the distance.

3) Good Gnome Paladin/Magi
Start with Paladin since it is on par with Artisan for HP and go to 49 for
an extra swing. You will also get some healing and some Abolish spells.
Take Magi to at least 101 for guild quests... after that it is optional to
lower spell costs and levels. I have been happy with Magi at 101 so far
down to level 24. Switch back to Paladin and take it the distance.

4) Neutral Saris Artisan 30/Explorer/Thief
   Artisan for HP again. Take Explorer and Thief to 35 fairly equally. At
this point switch to Explorer and go until you hit 101. At 101 you will
have good spell levels for movement and average resistance levels. Fighting
and A/D will come from Explorer, so only switch back to increase them as
needed. Thief is the focus though. Traps will offer you most of your XP,
and they get dangerous down deep, so get thief leveled high, fast.

This party offers the 4 best fighting guilds on each character (Warrior,
Ninja, Paladin, Explorer). You also get good blasting from Sorc and Cleric,
movement from Explorer and Magi, healing from Cleric and Paladin/Magi,
resistances from Sorc and Explorer, and thieving from Thief and Ninja. No
character is dependant on spells, but each are accomplished fighters. The
Gnome will be initially a blaster/charmer, but will later revert to a
default setting of fight to help conserve mana. Don't be afraid to use
companions, but never take more than 2 when grouped with the other 3
characters. This will allow you to accept joiners (which you'll get
several) and keep accidents to a minimum.

- - -

- Varzil's Party -

1) Evil Human Ninja, Warlock (My note: could also consider Sorceror?)
   Has good fighting ability with many swings, and varied magical attack
forms. I would suggest adding sorceror, as this gives another character the
ability to cast cheap resistances. (Not to mention the good sorc spells &
morkal alchemy)

2) Neutral Saris Thief, Explorer
   This character doesn't suffer as much in the fighting department, but if
you need movement spells to get home, make sure you don't use up all of the
saris' mana on opening magically locked chests. You will be able to level
thief fast and have fewer problems with chests.

3) Neutral Dwarf Warrior, Cleric 
   A fighter healer, this character has mana to heal, and can blast also
with damage & mind spells. Deep in the dungeon, powerful mind spells will
help you kill off many monsters.

4) Evil Yeti Warrior, Sorceror
   This character will fight well, and has the best blasting ability, but
will probably need to spend mana on resistances. Returning to town after
casting resistances on other party members then going back to the dungeon
will maximise available mana for deep level blasting.

All characters have good fighting ability, with the front two having
thieving ability, and chances to sever. Could have a slight problem with
only one healer, but crystals/dusts of healing could help this. Has a wide
range of spells, but monsters requiring sorc spells to kill might be a
problem, though scrolls of spells could stop this problem.

- - -

- My Mush/Semi-Mush Parties -

1) Neutral Dwarf - Warrior, Cleric, Thief, Warlock/Explorer
   Leading with warrior, this char can deal out loads of damage, and will
probably be the primary healer. Movement spells are very useful, and this
char will probably have the spare mana to cast them if you are careful not
to get too beat up. You will want to take warrior for the long haul, but
you might want to dump thief when thieving monsters are not a problem, so
concentrate leveling on cleric.

2) Good Human - Ninja, Sorceror, Magi
   Heaps of strikes, & ability to heal through morkals, this character will
eat through the XP, and will probably have to be moved to the back of the
party frequently. Magi gives good movement, and it would probably be better
letting the Human take this guild higher than the elf. Magi does not need
the same amount of attention as ninja & sorceror, as long as you can charm
creatures, it is at an okay level.

3) Neutral Saris - Thief, Explorer, Cleric
   The prime thief, the saris has a problem with extra swings (it gets none
from its guilds), however it does get a reasonable amount of XP from
thieving. It is possible to run it in the second position permanently, and
this will prevent the human from chewing up the enemies before the saris
gets to attack. After getting cleric up to a considerable level, you might
want to dump it forever, as a Saris needs a lot of XP anyway, and you will
want to concentrate on leveling thief.

4) Good Elf - Sorceror, Paladin, Magi
   Level sorc like crazy, get paladin for decent fighting, and magi for
movement & charming.  It will be able to blast enemies away, and can
potentially hold its own in battle, but it will probably need some help in
the strength department to do so. Magi isn't as important, and could be
dropped completely if desired.

This party is good in that all characters are well rounded, and have some
fighting and spell casting ability. Two thieves, as well as the thieving
ability of the ninja results in little problem with chests, and two clerics
results in good healing ability. It is possible to adventure in pairs
(always taking at least 1 neutral) to stay on higher dungeon levels to
level quicker.

- - -

1) Good/Evil Human - Warrior, Ninja, Sorceror (if evil: Warrior, Barbarian,
                     Sorceror is possibly better)
   There are two options if good. The ideal would be to level ninja to lv60
or 131 for 2 or 3 extra swings respectively (I would choose 131), then run
warrior & sorceror up. The other is to level warrior to get a high fighting
ability, then drop it forever, which probably is not as good. If evil,
running barbarian up to get minimum entry cost then dropping it could be
good, but further leveling would prevent item theft from the character.

2) Good/Evil Human - Ninja, Sorceror, Warlock
   This character will level fast in ninja, with sorceror probably a
distant second, with warlock taken mainly for getting cheap movement
spells. This character will probably have to cast movement spells.

3) Good/Evil Human - Sorceror, Magi, Ninja
   Leading with sorceror, this character can blast the enemies, charm them,
or when low on mana carve them up. You need a blaster in every party, and
the advantage of this blaster is that they are also great in combat.

4) Neutral Saris - Thief, Cleric, Explorer
   Level thief like mad, you will need good thieving, and magical entry as
cheap as you can get as early as you can get. Cleric is desired for healing
/resurrection in the dungeon, but if the humans are fine with health
because of good use of morkals, then it might be wise to level explorer
more to enhance fighting ability.

This party is VERY powerful, containing three powerful warriors with many
strikes & spell casting ability. Its main problem stems from the fact that
only one character is neutral, and that the humans have no resistances.
This means that the Saris is the only specialist healer and thief, but the
healing spells of the magi, and moderate thieving ability of the ninja
should offset this. Having 3 sorcerors able to cast morkal spells to regain
HP, all with good A/D and fighting ability results in this party being very
powerful. The saris will have difficulty gaining XP, so running it at the
front occasionally is a good idea (possibly run it at second permanently?)

- - -

1) Neutral Dwarf - Warrior, Thief, Cleric
   This dwarf can sever often, but don't level warrior & thief too much at
the expense of cleric. It could be wise to level warrior & thief up to
give cleric a 1.5x penalty so you don't have to worry about idle penalties
anymore. But, remember when you do this, you will have to get a LOT of XP
to get that next cleric level.

2) Good Human - Ninja, Sorceror, Magi
   This character will probably be the resistance caster, so leveling sorc
up early to get cheap resistances is a good idea, but make sure you keep
leveling it so that the resistance percentages keep going up. Magi is not
needed for movement, but for return monster quests.

3) Neutral Giant - Warrior, Barbarian, Explorer
   This character will be able to use their mana for opening chests and
movement, keeping to dwarf free to heal, and the human free to charm/cast
resistances/heal through morkals. Putting this character in the lead will
help with rotaters.

4) Good Elf - Paladin, Sorceror  (possibly +Warlock for more flexibility)
   Should level reasonably fast, having only two guilds, and getting good
fighting ability will make it easier on this character to get XP. Since the
fighting ability is strong all-round, sorceror can afford to drag behind a

Every character has good fighting ability, with only the elf not having the
ability to sever, and everyone getting extra swings. Healing can come from
cleric, magi & paladin, chests can be opened by the giant to leave spell
points for healing for the dwarf, and movement can also come from the
giant. Thieving monsters should not be a problem, with only the elf lacking
in thieving ability.

- - -

1) Neutral Giant - Warrior, Barbarian, Explorer
   The high strength of a giant and the ability to critical hit & backstab
will let this character dish out damage left, right & centre. Explorer will
be needed for movement spells, but after these are minimised, it can be
dumped. Having this character in the lead will also result in less problems
with rotators.

2) Good/Evil Human - Ninja, Sorceror, Magi
   Like the human in the previous party, this character will want to cast
the resistances, even though the yeti has fighting ability to get XP, they
do have a little less mana than an elf.

3) Neutral Dwarf - Thief, Warrior, Cleric
   You can probably afford to leave cleric dragging a little behind due to
the massive fighting ability of this party. The ninja & human can get
health back through morkals, so only his character should only have to
worry about healing the giant & himself.

4) Good/Evil Yeti - Warrior, Sorc
   This character is more powerful in the fighting deparment than the elf
in the previous party, having a higher Str & Con, and being a warrior will
allow this character to deal out more damage and resist it more because of
its higher fighting ability. Magi could be added if desired, but is
probably not needed.

The warrior party - everyone has great fighting ability. The same as above,
except the elf is replaced with yeti for superior fighting ability. This
party will be able to chew up enemies with multiple strikes for lots of
damage. Only the giant does not have a decent range of offensive spells.
Characters can survive on their own, though thieves deep in the dungeon
would have a field day stealing from the yeti.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

===== [ MY TARGET PARTY ] =====  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [TGT]

   From the suggested party options above, I picked the following
 combination of characters. It seems to reflect what I was aiming for
 anyway, with my earlier and not so good understanding of the game. Turns
 out that the characters were pretty solid choices.

(1) [G] Human Warrior 26/(Ninja)/Sorcerer/<Warlock>
(2) [N] Dwarf (Warrior)/Cleric/<Warlock>
(3) [G] Gnome Artisan 1/(Paladin)/Magi/<Sorcerer>
(4) [N] Saris Artisan 30/(Thief)/Explorer/<Warlock>

(1) Good Human (Warrior 26)/Ninja/Sorcerer/<Warlock>
   Warrior is taken only for HP and could be swapped for Artisan if you so
wish. Ninja is fairly self sufficient for a long time, so I take it to 131
for the 3 swings before starting Sorcerer. You will then have a 1.5 penalty
on Sorcerer, but the idle will be very low at level 1. Take Sorcerer to
resistance minimums (313 I believe). At this point you have a choice. You
can return to Ninja or switch to Warrior if you are happy with your swings.
Warrior will offer better fighting, but Ninja will give you 1-2 more swings
and thieving.
[ Tacking on Warlock for movement spells may also be a viable idea. In that
 case, after Warrior 26 go Warlock 38 for HP, then increase later as
 necessary. It's not necessary to level Warrior, that's what Ninja is there
 for. ]

(2) Neutral Dwarf (Warrior)/Cleric/<Warlock>
   Push Warrior to 26 then Warlock 38 for HP, then Warrior again to 46 for
A/D and an extra swing, then take Cleric to 179 for spell levels and the
Dagger of Wizardry. At this point you will have great healing and very good
blasting... so take Warrior the distance.
[ Kind of a waste to leave Warlock at 38, increase it later. More blasting
 bang for your buck, although it does seem that Cleric itself has some
 pretty nice offense. ]

(3) Good Gnome Artisan 1/(Paladin)/Magi/<Sorcerer>
Start with Paladin since it is on par with Artisan for HP and go to 49
(50?) for an extra swing. You will also get some healing and some Abolish
spells. Take Magi to at least 101 for guild quests... after that it is
optional to lower spell costs and levels. I have been happy with Magi at
101 so far down to level 24. Switch back to Paladin.
[ You can't make Paladin during creation, even with a memhack (I think the
 start choices are simply hardcoded - bleh). You're forced to start at
 Artisan 1 (don't take the chance to start with Magi, it may affect your
 lv1 stats), then as soon as you're in the game get those stat boosters
 and change guilds to Paladin. I see no reason to stay in Artisan at all. ]

(4) Neutral Saris Artisan 30/(Thief)/Explorer/<Warlock 38>
   Artisan 30 and Warlock 38 for HP again. Take Explorer and Thief to 35
fairly equally. At this point switch to Explorer and go until you hit 101.
At 101 you will have good spell levels for movement and average resistance
levels. Fighting and A/D will come from Explorer, so only switch back to
increase them as needed. Thief is the focus though. Traps will offer you
most of your XP, and they get dangerous down deep, so get thief leveled
high, fast.
[ No avoiding the Artisan on this guy, my brawler party pure Thief had like
 1/2 max hp compared to the warriors. By the way, after Artisan 30 I'd do
 Thief 30 first before Warlock 38; the lack of early Thief in this party
 means the low level runs are very loot-dry unless you really want to risk
 setting off chest traps. Also, I noticed that Warlock is going up pretty
 damn slow on the others. Coincidentally changing classes near the same
 time, leveling 3 slow Warlocks is NOT fun. After Thief 30 go for Explorer
 30 before Warlock 38. This guy will be slow, admittedly, but Thieving
 skills should get you a lot of exp from chest trap disarms regardless of
 the fact that he may often be sitting in the back ranks of the party
 (unless you don't want to put your casters upfront to boost their exp). ]

   This party offers the 4 best fighting guilds on each character (Warrior,
Ninja, Paladin, Explorer). You also get good blasting from Sorc and Cleric,
movement from Explorer and Magi, healing from Cleric and Paladin/Magi,
resistances from Sorc and Explorer, and thieving from Thief and Ninja.
   No character is dependant on spells, but each are accomplished fighters.
The Gnome will be initially a blaster/charmer, but will later revert to a
default setting of fight to help conserve mana. Don't be afraid to use
companions, but never take more than 2 when grouped with the other 3
characters. This will allow you to accept joiners (which you'll get
several) and keep accidents to a minimum.
[ Thief may be weakest of the lot but the exp from disarm chest traps
 really adds up. He can often let another party member take the first slot,
 usually casters, who need exp from kills more. ]

 - - -

   Update: Gnomes aren't very well liked by people (...why? stats look ok)
 and the Paladin is weaker than the Warrior and doesn't really get unique
 spells, mostly heals. Sure having high Cha for Magi would be nice, but
 I'm beginning to wonder.
   Who else can take on Magi and have decent Cha? Numbers show the runner-
 ups at 18 max compared to the Gnomes' 23 - yeah, Gnomes have a freak huge
 +5 gain over the rest. Damn.

   Cross-checked other stat maxs, and the Elf isn't THAT far ahead in
 Int and Wis: 2 Int & 1 Wis, compared to 5 extra Cha the Gnome gets.
 Resistance-wise the elf has a huge 80% magic resistance whereas the Gnome
 has a smattering of the others (including 25% draining).
   I could ignore Magi but that's just not my style, even though I forsee
 that I won't be charming monsters a lot anyway (not my style either).
 Still, Gnomes have decent caster stats and at least Paladins fight better
 then Explorers. I don't think I'll need another Thief or Warlock (hell,
 all 3 of the others are eligible Warlock), plus an extra Sorc is always

   Update: Charming really seems useful. I don't have any pets now but the
 extra firepower may come in handy in critical fights. Thinking of pets
 with special attacks or casters, in case I run into large groups that need
 blasting or monsters that aren't affected by certain weapons.

- - -

 Leveling notes: I noticed once you hit lv30 in your first guilds and
 switch over, the going seems way slower (exp reqs look high). I think
 it's mostly because your next guild is usually Warlock (remember high HP
 route, Warlock 38), which at ExpFt 30 is nearly twice that of Warrior's
 (ExpFt 16).
   Just relax and concentrate on upping your Thief since he started with
 a handicap (Artisan 30) while the others could start right away with
 Warrior. The Paladin at ExpFt 19 is also slower but not too bad. He'll be
 the main fighter for a bit since he doesn't need to switch guilds (dual
 with Magi to take advantage of Gnome Charisma) until Paladin's first
 extra swing - lv56 (not lv50 as listed). Switching at 52 is a good idea
 since I came across some sort of stone (NCR) that gives a bit of defence
 plus grants Protection, and Pallys can wear 'em at 52.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

===== [ QUESTS ] ===== . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [QST]

   There are three types of quests; the first are storyline quests given
by Lord Gherrick. These are mostly FYI, you are free to complete them at
your leisure.
   The second type of quests are guild quests. These quests are normally
given when you attain a certain number of levels in the guild, and must be
completed to advance to the next level. These quests are mandatory and
cannot be forfeited - you cannot level up until they are fulfilled!
   The third type of quests are random quests. These are similar to guild
quests but with the difference that they are random and may be given for
advancement at any level. The chances of this happening at any level
(except for levels which already have mandatory guild quests) are listed
under the "Quest" column at the [ Guild Stats ] table of the [TAB]
subsection above. Also, these randomly given quests can be forfeited if
you wish to skip them, at the cost of -2 levels(!).

- - - [ Lord Gherrick Quests ] - - -
  (quest info)               (reward)      (tips)
 1. Kill a Slave Driver       $1,000       9,36,4 - enter via the no-magic
                                             area on floor 3
 2. Return a Blade of        Steel Plate   2,12,5 - kill the Norns (blade
      Sacrifice              Armor           should be in the chest)
 3. Return the Swamp Key        -          7,18,6
 4. Return the Goblin         $5,000       25,30,6
      Lord's head
 5. Kill a Shen'gal             -          search floor 7
 6. Return the Stone of         -          floor 10, Gruk lair - 23,26
 7. Return the Mengu Bone    Cube of       Graveyard on floor 13
 8. Return with Morkal          ?          search floors 13-15
 9. Talk to the Flame           ?          19,15,8 - may have to talk to
      Dragon                                 him several times
10. Return the Parchment        ?          15,25,17
      of Victims
11. Kill the Flaming Dragons    ?          search floors 17-18. You will
      & return the amulet                    actually get another special
                                             item instead of the amulet
12. Return with Lead            ?          floor 17
      Murderer's head
13. Talk to the Giant King      ?          35,36,20
14. Kill the Water Sneaks &     ?          take the water teleport on floor
      return the amulet                      10 (beware! this will take you
                                             down a long way!)
15. Kill Mother of Serpents  silver cloak  ?
16. Kill Ogre Lord & return                ?
      with the Blade Gerong
17. Return with Treatise        ?          ?
      of Darkness
18. Kill the Dragon King        ?          ?

- - - [ Guild Quests ] - - -

   I copied down the flavour text as well, since they're pretty hilarious.
There's no record of the reward text and I forgot to write the earlier ones
down myself, so take what you get.

Format: (level given) / (quest) / (reward)

   By the way, I fixed a couple of errors here and there. Notably, the
clv 51 quest for Paladin is actually to kill a Red Dragon, not return with
it. Much easier.

-[ ARTISAN: Guildmaster Arnok ]- - -

clv 8 / Kill one Orc / $200
Tip: search floor 2
   "Hello!" a well-built Artisan introduces himself, "my name is Arnok. I
 am the Questmaster of the guild. You and I will be doing business as your
 abilities progress." He shifts himself, "your first task will be to find
 and defeat an Orc. When you have finished your task, I will reward you
 with 200 gold pieces." He looks you over, "good luck, newcomer."

clv 20 / Return the Journeyman's Key / $750
Tip: 3,45,2 (barracks; 1st Secret door at 24,38,2)
   Artok walks up to you after your training is complete, his shiny armor
 catching your attention, "time for another quest... In the depths below,
 we have placed a key -- called the Journeyman's Key -- for our members who
 have reached your level to return. It can be found in the area known as
 the Barracks. Once you've found this item, return it here and I will give
 you more gold so that you can..." he laughs as he studies your wardrobe,

clv 31 / Kill one Twisted Dwarf / Tome of Endurance
Tip: 6,44,2
   Just as you try to get out of the training area, you mutter "damn" under
 your breath as Artok comes towards you, "hey there! Hold up!" He reaches
 you and puts his arm around you, walking you out, "you're doing a pretty
 good job -- but there's something special I want you to do next." You look
 at him, smelling the scent of fresh ale on his breath, "I want you to kill
 me a twisted dwarf..." He laughs, "god damn, do I hate those little
 bastards. Eeehehe yaa yaya! Man, it's a mission of mercy to put them out
 of their misery. Anyway, go down and kill one and I'll give you an item
 that you'll really appreciate... Think of it as a surprise..." He begins
 to walk away, and almost stumbles over his own feet, "good luck!"

clv 40 / Return Feather Leather Armor (cursed) / Scarab of Protection
Tip: Morlochs, Zombies
   You notice that Artok seems to be a little under the weather today as he
 walks up to you. "Late night," he rubs his head. "Anyway, our research
 department is in need of some Feather Leather Armor. Bring one back and
 I'll get you a Scarab of Protection from our item stash..." He walks away,
 then turns around, "also, don't forget to work more on your thieving

clv 51 / Kill one Scyllama / Red Dragon (pet)
Tip: search floors 6,7 (rare) - (hmm, try force-pop via Seer)
   Once again, before you can leave the training room, Artok comes up to
 you and holds up a bright new shiny sword, "check this puppy out... You
 know, one day you might actually end up being like me!" he then sheaths
 the sword, and grins, "I want you to kill a Scyllama. That's it --
 pretty plain and simple. When you return after taking care of business,
 then I'll give you a little pet that I got from the Mage's guild... You
 won't be disappointed."

clv 64 / Kill one Wyvern / Bladed Shield
Tip: with Goblin Lord, or search floors 7,8
   Artok seems a little more casual than usual, and it appears his wardrobe
 has changed from all leather to all chain, "this stuff sure is heavier
 than Leather, but man, does it protect. Just be sure to stay away from
 water!" he laughs out loud. "Okay, the next task is going to be a lot
 tougher than the others. I want you to track down and kill a Wyvern. When
 you do this, and return, I'll give you a shield as reward..." He walks
 off, "be careful!"

clv 75 / Return an Aard of Being / Goblin Shaman (pet)
Tip: try Goblin Shaman, Milsae
   "Now that you're approaching the final quest, I need you to prove your
 loyalty by bringing back a very valuable and needed item -- an Aard of
 Being. Return with one and I'll give you another friend I picked up from
 the Mage's guild." Artok walks away.

clv 88 / Kill one Purple Ooze / $10,000
Tip: search floors 9,10
   You're surprised as Artok walks up to you with blood all over his armor
 and legs, "damn thieves -- tried to steal from the guild last night.
 Needless to say, they didn't get away with it..." He looks you over, "not
 bad -- nice equipment! Looks like you're doing well for yourself." He
 pauses, "yout next required quest is to kill a Purple Ooze... These
 suckers are nasty, and can destroy almost any item you have on you, so be
 careful. You don't want to lose any of that nice stuff..." He grins,
 "when you return, I'll give you 10,000 gold."

clv 100 / Return with Air Elemental / Adamantite Chain Mail
Tip: search floors 10,11
   Artok approaches you and shakes your hand, "I can't believe you made it
 this far -- very few ever have. This will be your last required quest.
 Once you've done this job, you will be thought of as a mater member." He
 puts his hand on the hilt of his sword, "I need you to return with an Air
 Elemental." He studies your expression and grins, "hey, I never said it
 would be easy. You need to find a way to charm the thing, or if you think
 you're charming enough, get one to join you -- and return with it. When
 you've done that, I'm going to give you a set of the same Adamantite
 Chain Mail that I'm wearing right now." He puts his hand on your shoulder,
 "good luck!"

-[ BARBARIAN: Guildmaster Muldan ]- - -

clv 6 / Kill one Kobold / Iron Battle Axe
Tip: search floors 2,3
   As you are about to leave the training area, a huge man dressed in
 leather and furs approaches you. He has paint on his face, and a body full
 of battle scars. He carries a huge battle-axe and as a deep and forboding
 look in his dark blue eyes. You aren't sure which race he is. "I am
 Muldan," he says in a deep voice. "Since you are interested in becoming an
 advanced member of the Barbarian's guild, I have been assigned to teach
 and tutor you in our ways," he holds his Axe up, "however, if you fail me,
 I will personally cut you in two." He pauses, "your first mission is to
 kill a Kobold. Do this, return with proof, and I will give you this Iron
 Battle Axe." He turns, "now begone," and walks away.

clv 15 / Kill one Outcast / $1,000
Tip: search floors 3,4
   Muldan approaches you, large and forboding, "since you are still with us
 and attempting to raise your status, I have another quest for you. Track
 down and kill an Outcast." he draws the huge sword at his side and holds
 it to your throat, "you can do that now, can't you?" You nod. He lowers
 the sword and walks away.

clv 29 / Kill one Outcast Goblin / Tome of Might
Tip: search floors 3,4
   As you leave the training area, you are instantly tackled by Muldan. He
 promptly beats the living shit out of you, and in a few moments, you're
 laying in a pool of your own blood on the ground. "GET UP!" he yells. You
 stagger to your feet. "THAT is what waits for you below. You must be ready
 for assault at ALL times. Next time, I won't stop, and THIS," he holds up
 his fist, "will be the last thing you see." You nod, wiping the blood from
 your lip. "Kill me an Outcast Goblin. In doing this, I will give you a
 Tome of Might so that you can raise your strength so that next time I jump
 you, that you might actually get the chance to hit me hard enough so I can
 tell!" He then storms off.

clv 42 / Return the Giant Badger Skull / Steel Helmet
Tip: 39,30,6 - kill Azure Giant Badger
   Paranoid that Muldan is going to tackle you, as soon as you seem him
 approaching, you get into a defensive position. "Calm down," he says as he
 approaches. "The council has asked me to have you retrieve the Giant
 Badger skull..." He pauses and studies you, "think you can handle that?"
 You nod.

clv 55 / Kill one Norn / Ring of Opening
Tip: 2,12,5
   Muldan approaches you, "do you have ANY idea how much I LOATHE cowards?"
 You stand your ground as he gets in your face. "THAT is why I want you to
 go down and kill one or more Norns. Do this, and return, and I have an
 item for you that will help with your treasure collecting..." He then
 walks off.

clv 67 / Kill one Giant Raven / $7,500
Tip: search floors 7,8
   Muldan approaches you, as forboding as ever, "Alright, killer. Are you
 ready to taste more blood?" He gets in your face, "do you feel like
 ripping the heart from a live victim and holding it in your hand as they
 stare their last moments at you in amazement?" He grabs you by the throat
 and thrusts you against the wall, "well, that's not going to happen here
 since Birds don't really react that way!" he lets you down. "Go and kill
 me a Giant Raven. Something... Different." He walks away, "I don't want
 you in my sight until you've completed your task..."

clv 80 / Kill one Shape Shifter / Mercenary (pet)
Tip: search floors 9,10
   Muldan grabs you from around the corner, picks you up and throws you a
 good 20 feet into the wall across the way. You instantly get up and attack
 him with all of your might and fury. You actually get a few good hits in,
 knocking out one of his teeth, before he knocks you to the ground in a
 daze. "You little shit!" he says as he picks up his tooth, "look what you
 did!" He holds it in front of you, "now I'm going to have to get the
 healer to take care of this!" He kicks you in the stomach, "not bad though
 -- you're definitely getting tougher... Although I don't think you can
 kill a Champion with your bare hands like I can..." He pauses for a
 moment, basking in his Ego. he then looks down at your bloody form, "find
 and kill a Shape Shifter. For a reward, I will give you a companion." He
 then walks off, looking at his tooth, shaking his head...

clv 92 / Kill one Elemental Mage / Gauntlets of Might
Tip: search floor 9 (fairly rare)
   Muldan approaches you and stops inches from your face. "Element Mage. If
 you can handle that then perhaps one day you can handle me," he smiles.
 "Kill one of those bastards and I'll give you my very own Gauntlets of
 Might. Of course you'll need them in order to be as poweful and capable as
 I am..." He then walks off.

clv 100 / Kill one Bloodsucker / Axe of Infliction
Tip: floor 7, central area
   From out of nowhere, Muldan tackles you and wrestles you to the ground.
 You escape his grasp a number of times and get in quite a few good hits.
 He picks you up and throws you across the way again. However this time,
 you immediately get up and bury your foot in his stomach, doubling him
 over. A few minutes later, the two of you are standing side by side,
 hunched over, bleeding from your faces. Muldan looks at you and smiles,
 "good work... Now I want you to go and take out a Bloodsucker. Since they
 can be found in large groups, there's a good chance you'll never
 survive... If you do, perhaps we can have a rematch..." Instantly, he
 swings a hard punch and knocks you to the ground. A few moments later,
 he's looming over you, "and perhaps not!" He then walks away, laughing.

-[ CLERIC: Guildmaster Maya ]- - -

clv 8 / Kill one Floor Slime / Oak Staff
Tip: search floors 1,2
   As you leave the training area, you are approached by a young woman with
 beautiful blue eyes, "Hello -- I am Maya. I have been assigned to be your
 mentor to help you with your future as a Master Cleric." She studies you,
 "Our time spent together will be for you to achieve a better working
 knowledge of the guild, and what it means to be a member of the guild. It
 is my duty to make sure you understand exactly where you are heading, and
 whether or not you can handle it. Your first task will be to kill a Floor
 Slime. Use your magic to do so, and when you return, I will reward you."
 She walks away, "Good luck, Apprentice."

clv 20 / Return with one Slaver / Crystal of Mysticism
Tip: 10,39,4 - enter through no-magic area in NW area of floor 3
   Maya approaches you, "as you learn about the magic of life and death,
 you can learn to apply it in many different fashions. Others rely on us to
 keep them alive with our healing magic, and others rely on us to keep them
 alive by using our destructive magic to protect. Master both sides of this
 magic, and you will be greatly respected." She pauses, "standard training
 includes the usage of magic that is not inherit to the guild. To conclude
 this lesson, I wish you to go into the depths below and return with a
 Slaver. It is your decision as to how to bring the creature back, but
 nevertheless, I expect to see you with a bound Slaver the next time I see
 you. I will give you a very useful reward in return."

clv 34 / Return the Holy Cross of Enlightenment / Potion of Insight
Tip: Drek Villains' Room - 41,1,4
   Maya approaches you, "every once and awhile, the guild will seek the
 help of its members to accomplish a task that is important to the entire
 organization. This is such a task. We wish you to seek out and return the
 Holy Cross of Enlightenment. This object will help us better refine our
 healing skills, and is desperately needed by one of council members.
 Returning with this item will reward you with a potion to help your

clv 42 / Kill one Large Orc / $5,000
Tip: search floors 5,6
   Maya approaches you after your training is completed, "as you progress
 in your knowledge of magic, we expect you to push yourself to a higher
 level of power and understanding. In doing this, your next task will be to
 kill a dangerous creature -- a Large Orc. Seek one out, remove its life
 force, and return when you have done so." She then walks off.

clv 54 / Kill one Centaur / Champion (pet)
Tip: search floors 6,7
   Maya approaches you, "I have just received word that a group of young
 Clerics were attacked by a dozen Centaurs in the depths below. We lost
 many of the apprentices and the council is outraged. In retaliation, we
 are requiring all guild members to go into the depths and kill one or
 more Centaurs at this time." She looks into your eyes, "Remember those who
 died when you bring those filthy creatures life to an end."

clv 67 / Return with Red Dragon / Sphere of Dislocation
Tip: search floors 6,7
   After your training completes, you meet Maya in the main guild hall. She
 speaks to you, "Your next task will be much more difficult than the
 previous tasks. Since we are constantly striving to improve our healing
 abilities, the council often seeks out large and hard to heal creatures to
 test our magic on. This time, they have asked for you to return to them a
 Red Dragon, so that they may test some new magic on it for healing
 purposes." She folds her arms, "they do not care how you come about the
 Dragon, just return when you have found one. Also, be very careful -- Red
 Dragons have been known to eat members of our guild whole..."

clv 75 / Return a Dust of Life / $11,000
Tip: Try Mummy
   Maya approaches you, "many of the other guilds come to us when they are
 in need of supplies and healing. Of course we taught the morgue everything
 they know about restoring the dead, so we have quite the reputation to
 uphold." She looks over you, "I think you have been progressing very well.
 The council is pleased with your achievements and has condoned your
 actions with support. Now they want a favor -- they need you to return to
 them Dust of Life. The morgue is running low on supplies and needs the
 dust to continue their services. Of course many other members are
 returning dust as well, but we want to make sure we get enough of it. When
 you have returned with the dust, I will reward you properly." 

clv 88 / Return a Silver Cross / Red Dragon (pet)
Tip: Try Yakius, Veyasu
   Maya greets you once again, "your next mission is going to be a
 frusturating one since the item I wish you to seek out and return is very
 rare. It is the Silver Cross. A favorite weapon among apprentice Clerics,
 one of the council members needs an extra one to give to a newly joined
 member as a reward for a quest." She begins to walk away, "return when you
 have found the cross, and I will give you a surprise."

clv 100 / Return a Grey Cloak / Cross of Domination
Tip: ?
   Maya greets you with a bow, "you have done very well, and are almost
 complete in your training with me. As your last quest, I wish you to seek
 out and return a highly demanded, but rare, item. A Grey Cloak. As you
 know, the cloak has the ability to defend the wearer against the draining
 attacks of the undead. This item is very hard to find, and is usually only
 found after lethal combat with a very deadly creature. This final test
 will show your mastery of both the healing and destructive natures of our
 magic. I wish you luck in your quest and hope to see you soon. As reward,
 I will give you a personal item of mine that has saved my life many

-[ EXPLORER: Guildmaster Tarnon ]- - -

clv 8 / Return an Iron Dagger / $500
Tip: Try Rowdys, Warriors
   As you complete your training, a large dwarf walks up to you with a
 slight limp. Taller than most normal dwarves, he has quite the beard, and
 many scars across his face. He is dressed in gold chain mail, and has a
 very large battle-axe strapped across his bank. "Hello there," he says
 with a deep voice. "I am Tarnon. The council has assigned me to be your
 instructor as you increase your membership level within the guild. I am
 here to provide guidance and reward when necessary -- we will be seeing
 quite a bit of each other over the next few years as you progress as an
 explorer." He studies you, "The first task I wish you to complete is to
 return to me an Iron Dagger. It can be of any make or alignment. I want
 to see that you have the abilities to explore and find that which you
 seek. Return one to me and I shall give you a reward. Good luck!"

clv 17 / Return a Glowing Rock / Dust of Locating
Tip: Try Veyasu
   Tarnon approaches you, "hail and well met apprentice. It looks like you
 are gaining experience that will help you explore the depths below -- we
 are happy with your progress." He adjusts his armor and scratches his
 beard, "I want you find me a Glowing Rock. In return I will give you Dust
 of Locating." He smiles, "simple 'nuff'". He then turns and walks away.

clv 31 / Return with Pseudo Dragon / Potion of Fitness
Tip: search floors 3,4
   Tarnon walks up to you, "hail, fellow Explorer." He sits down on a bench
 and looks you over, "the council has a very different quest for you this
 time -- one more difficult that will require you to locate and use
 magic." He laughs to himself, "I told them that this was too much, but
 they claimed that you could do it without problem..." He stands up, "they
 want you to bring back a Pseudo-Dragon as a companion." He studies your
 look and smiles, "however since this quest is rather... tough, I convinced
 the council to take an item out of storage and offer it as reward. They
 agreed to do so." He pats you on the shoulder, "when you return with the
 dragon, I'll be happy to give you your reward."

clv 42 / Return a Potion of Youth / Steel Gauntlets
Tip: Try Norns, Morlochs, Vomitous Goos, Milsae, Sorcerors
   Tarnon beckons to you after you've completed your training, and you walk
 over to him. "You have been doing exceptionally well in your exploration
 -- we approve of the way you have applied your newly learned abilities."
 He shrugs, "there's no easy way to say this, since it's another tough
 quest -- I need you to bring me a Potion of Youth. The council agrees that
 if you accomplish this task that you will be ready for the next phase of
 teaching." Tarnon smiles, "good luck."

clv 56 / Kill one Horda Giant / Amulet of Flames
Tip: search floor 5
   Tarnon approaches you all sweaty, smelly, and bloody. The good news is
 that the blood all over his chain mail isn't his, "okay -- this one is
 personal. I just got back from the depths and ran into a huge group of
 Horda Giants..." He looks down at his chainmail, "They actually nicked my
 armor!" He looks up at you, "I want you to go down and kill me the first
 Horda Giant that you see. When you've done so", he pulls an amulet from
 under his armor, "return to me and I'll give you this Amulet of Flames."
 He picks a piece of flesh form his armor and flings it on the floor,
 "messy bastards..." He then walks away, "good luck!"

clv 64 / Return with Giant Badger / $7,000
Tip: search floor 7
   Tarnon approaches you, all cleaned up and neat this time, "you're going
 to love this. Another 'bring back the monsters to prove your worth' quest
 from the council." He scratches his beard, "I don't remember them doing
 this to me..." He shrugs, "owell. Anyway, they want you to bring back a
 Giant badger. I think that one of the council members is looking for one
 to exchange for some sort of animal companion and that's what the
 shopkeeper wants in return." Tarnon smiles, "We both know you've done this
 sort of thing before. I'll see you soon!"

clv 76 / Return the Ancient Scrolls of Discovery / Steel Plate Armor
Tip: floor 7, lower right below walled area south of swamp
   Tarnon approaches you, excited, "I actually have a mission for you
 that's interesting to me!" He sits down at a table and notes for you to do
 the same. "We have been looking for an item called the Ancient Scrolls of
 Discovery." He pauses, "it's rumored that these scrolls hold many secrets
 to exploring the depths below." He looks across the room at another
 adventurer who just completed training, "of course everyone knows that the
 Explorer's guild is responsible for the true mapping and reports from the
 depths," he turn turns back to you. "It's very important that we find this
 scroll. I looked just a few days ago and I came up blank. If you find it,
 I'll have to admit that your exploration abilities are rivaling mine!" he
 then stands up. "As reward, I'm going to give you my first set of Steel
 Plate Armor. It's only been worn once, and saved my life." He walks away,
 "I hope to see you soon!" 

clv 88 / Return Dalyn's Grin (cursed) / Sphere of Dislocation
Tip: Try Orange Gremlins, (?)
   After you finish your training, Tarnon approaches you, "Hail, fellow
 adventurer! After the last successful quest, I'm not afraid to ask you to
 bring me anything back. This time it's a weird one." He laughs, "the
 council has a bet. One of the lead members has bet that a specific item
 does not exist. The other member insists that it does. Funny part is that
 the member who doesn't believe it exists has a daughter that the son of
 the member who does say it exists wants to marry. The bet is that if the
 item is found, the daughter can marry the son. Needless to say there's
 some emotional turmoil here -- it's kind of fun to watch though..." He
 scratches his beard, "for reward, if you do find this item, I'll give you
 my Sphere of Dislocation. It will help you travel the depths." He begins
 to walk away, "oh -- the item is called... Dalyn's Grin!"

clv 100 / Return a Thief's Gloves / Ethereal Helm
Tip: Try Rashart (rare), Villains & Cutpurses, or floors 10-12
   Tarnon greets you with a handshake, "Hail and well met fellow
 adventurer!" He shakes his head, "I can't believe we've come this far. Few
 ever make it to this level. Once you've completed this quest, while the
 questmaster will bother you from time to time, you'll be your own man and
 won't require my help any further. Perhaps after the quest we can get an
 Ale together!" He pauses, "we need you to find and return a pair of
 Thief's Gloves. They are very hard to come by and are guarded only by
 specific monsters. You will need to find out which creatures these are,
 slay them, and take the gloves from them." He stands back, "and do I have
 a surprise fo you as a reward!" He walks away, "good luck!"

-[ MAGI: Guildmaster Merrik ]- - -

clv 7 / Return with Rowdy / Scroll of Control
Tip: search floors 2,3
   As you leave the training area, a young man dressed in apprentice robes
 approaches. He appears to be an elf, but has a very dark skin tone. He
 speaks softly, "I am Merrik, master Mage of the third circle. I have been
 assigned as your mentor, and guide. I will be here to request specific
 actions from you and will provide reward when necessary. My goal is to
 shape and mold you into that which we can be proud of so that you one day
 might become a master mage as well." He looks you over, "any questions?"
 You stand silent. "Very well. Your first quest is to use your newly found
 magic to tame a Margoyle. They are dangerous creatures so be careful. When
 you've bound one, bring it here and I will reward you with a magic
 scroll." He then turns and leaves.

clv 17 / Return the Sacred Scroll of The Magi / Padded Leather Cap
Tip: 36,14,3
   Merrik approaches you and bows, "it is our need to request the finding
 of an item known as the Sacred Scroll of the Magi. Please return with this
 item and I will reward you with armor." Merrik Studies you, "remember, the
 magic comes from within and allows the level of control that makes us what
 we are. The other guilds -- they do not possess the mental control that we
 do..." He pauses, as if he was going to say something else, then just
 walks off.

clv 30 / Return with Twisted Dwarf / Lodestone
Tip: 6,44,2
   Merrik approaches you and bows, "good day. I have been instructed by the
 council to request that you return a Twisted Dwarf to us. They wish to
 study the mental issues with the creature and learn about the disease that
 plagues it." Merrik pauses, "keep focus with your goal and you will always
 achieve it..." he then walks off.

clv 42 / Return with Dungeon Bear / $4,500
Tip: search floors 4,5
   Merrik approaches you, "since you are aspiring to become a Master mage,
 we will focus on your abilities as a binder. I wish you to bring me a
 Dungeon Bear. Taming such a wild creature will prove to me that you have
 mastered the animal control magic which we freely share with our members."
 He pauses, "don't ever think that your magic can control any creature you
 happen across -- those creatures that you cannot control will destroy
 you." He then walks off.

clv 50 / Return with Namana / Rod of Healing
Tip: search floor 3
   Merrik approaches you and bows, "good day. I now wish you to bring me
 back a Namana. These creatures are both rare and dangerous. Returning with
 one of these will prove to me how well you've mastered your abliities." He
 studies you, "many members of the guild make a very good living selling
 their bound companions to the confinement... You might want to consider
 that if you haven't alerady..." He then walks off.

clv 63 / Kill one Rashart / Staff of Electrocution
Tip: search floor 8
   As you leave the training area, Merrik greets you with a bow, "good
 day." He studies you, "it's now time for you to focus on more aggressive
 creatures. I wish you to track down and bind a Rashart. Return with this
 creature and I will reward you with a powerful weapon." He pauses, "be
 careful of the Rashart -- our kind are easy targets for such skilled
 warriors. Make sure you use the magic properly to drain his life force
 enough for binding." Merrik then walks away.

clv 78 / Return an Aard of Being / $9,000
Tip: Try Goblin Shaman, Milsae
   Merrik approaches you once again with a bow, "good day." He smiles, "we
 are in need of an Aard of Being. For this reason, we are going to take a
 break from your teaching of binding mastery and focus on your abilities to
 find a specific item that you seek." He continues, "dont' hesitate to use
 the seer to find out which creatures carry this item. When you have found
 it, return it to me and I will give you a reward." He then walks off.

clv 87 / Kill one Goblin Lord / Illusionist (pet)
Tip: 24,31,6
   Merrik walks up to you and bows, "good day, fellow Enchanter." He looks
 you in the eye, "This time we want you to terminate a monster. A
 particular creature that the guild has no fondness of -- as a matter of
 fact, a council member has specifically asked for the death of this
 creature." Merrik actually smiles, "the Goblin Lord. Use your magic to
 terminate its life force. Return here and I will reward you with a
 companion that will help you in your fight." Merrik then walks off.

clv 100 / Return with Black Eel / Cuirboulli Armor
Tip: Water area in NW of floors 9/10
   As you leave the training area, Merrik approaches you and bows, "hail
 and well met fellow Enchanter." He looks you over, "you are now ready for
 the final test. we wish you to return with a creature of the sea -- a dark
 creature that can be found in the caverns below known as a Black Eel. Be
 very careful since these creatures are found in groups and can be deadly
 in large numbers." Merrik pauses, "remember to always focus on your target
 -- the second you lose focus is the second you lose control." He then
 walks away.

-[ NINJA: Guildmaster Shade ]- - -

clv 7 / Kill one Footpad / Iron Dagger
Tip: search floors 2,3
   As you are about to leave the training area, a dark figure appears out
 of nowhere. Dressed in complete black with two wicked-looking blades
 strapped across his back, the man speaks very softly, "I am shade. I will
 be the one who assigns you quests deemed by the council." He walks up to
 you and studies you, "since you are just beginning, I will give you a
 simple quest. Kill one footpad. When you have done this, return and I will
 give you a weapon to practice with." You bow, and when you look up, he is

clv 19 / Kill one Outcast / $750
Tip: search floors 3,4
   Shade materializes out of nowhere, and speaks softly, "kill me an
 outcast. Return and I shall reward you with gold." He then disappears
 back into the shadows.

clv 29 / Return the Explorer's Guild Floor Plans / Aard of Being
Tip: 10,41,3 - Antimagic area, in room with pyramids
   Shade appears at your side, and speaks softly, "we have a trader among
 us. They have stolen our plans to infiltrate the Explorers Guild." He
 takes a breath, "Our spies have reported that the plans never made it to
 their destination, so they must be in the depths below. Find these plans
 before the Explorers guild does." He then disappears back into the
 shadows, "I will reward you in return."

clv 40 / Return with Disciple / $2,000
Tip: search floor 4, or in Norn room at 2,12,5
   You are startled as Shade speaks from behind you, "you know we have no
 love for the Mage's guild, or their members, since their incompotence is
 well-known. However, when they request a favor from us, we oblige. Your
 favor to us, and then passed to them, will be to return with a Disciple.
 Bring this creature back and you will be properly rewarded..."

clv 48 / Kill one Dark Giant / Steel Dagger
Tip: search floor 4
   Shade slides in from the shadows, but with your increased abilities, you
 were actually able to sense him. "It seems the lowly Journeyman's guild is
 in need of our services. Their members are having problems with some Slave
 Mashers and they are asking us to help them with the termination of these
 creatures." Shade looks you over, "with your increased skills, I am sure
 you will have no trouble completing this simple task."

clv 60 / Return Te-Waza of Self-Infliction (cursed) / Boots of Evading
Tip: Try Scavenger
   Shade approaches you, "the council has asked for me to return to them a
 dark version of our weapons. I pass this mission on to you. Return me one
 Te-waza of Self-Infliction so that our research team may study the magical
 curse that wraps itself around this weapon so we may better understand
 it." He pauses, "you will be rewarded."

clv 75 / Return with Daemon / $9,000
Tip: search floor 6
   You watch as Shade approaches out of the shadows, "though we have no
 love for them, the Paladin's guild has asked for our help in returning
 with a demon their other members are having problems returning with.
 Since we are more competent than their members, we have accepted the task.
 Bring me back one Daemon. Alive. You will in return recieve the reward
 which they offer."

clv 88 / Return an Aard of Being / Silver Dragon (pet)
Tip: Try Goblin Shaman, Milsae
   Shade approaches you, "due to the number of members apprenticing with
 the guild, our stock of Aards is getting low. I need you to return one
 Aard of Being for use as rewards to our guild members." He looks you over,
 "since I ask of you to return a very important and sought after item, in
 return, I will give you a companion of mine which has served me well."

clv 100 / Return a Ravager / Te-Waza of Demise
Tip: Try Geeshi, Frost Giant, Kaneeshi (floors 9-12 Giants)
   Shade greets you after your training is completed, "it is now time for
 your final task. Very few have finished this requirement, but I have
 complete faith that you will succeed." He pauses, "I wish you to find me
 the Warrior blade known as Ravager. We are in need of one for study and
 wish to discover what type of metal it is made from. When you have found
 this item, return here with it and I will give you a weapon for our type
 in return.".

-[ PALADIN: Guildmaster Johan ]- - -

clv 9 / Kill one Skeleton / Bronze Plate Armor
Tip: search floors 3,4
   As you are about ready to leave the training facility, a man dressed in
 radiant armor with a long beard and eyes of fire calls out, "halt there!"
 He approaches you, "I am to be your required quest master. My name is
 Johan. First, I want to welcome you to the glorious guild of the Paladins.
 From this day forward, we will work together to better you and your
 abilities. Nobility, Charisma, and Pride are the forces that will drive
 you to become the leader that you are to be." He studies you, "for your
 first task, I want you to hunt down and destroy a vile skeleton. Fight
 with honor and integrity, knowing this creature is spawn of the most
 disgusting sort... When you have killed the creature return and I will
 give you an item to help you continue your quest towards the journey of

clv 21 / Kill one Twisted Dwarf / $1,000
Tip: 6,44,2
   Johan approaches you, standing high, "another task for you, fellow holy
 warrior. Apparently some Twisted Dwarves from down below have defiled out
 sacred temple. I want you to hunt these creatures down immediately and
 kill them. When you have done so, return, and I will give you reward."
 Johan bows, "god speed."

clv 32 / Return a Tome of Detachment / Potion of Leadership
Tip: Try Skuldragl
   "Hail!" Johan grabs your attention, "We are in need of one of our holy
 warriors to retrieve a Tome of Detachment. Several guild members have been
 afflicted by loathsome cursed items and the council has asked that an
 honorable person such as yourself aid them in their deed." Johan reaches
 into his pocket and holds out a vial of liquid, "Upon the return of the
 item, you will be given this -- one Potion of Leadership."

clv 44 / Return Cross of Redemption (cursed) / Crystal Sword
Tip: Try Margoyle, Yakius
   Johan seems more serious that usual, "your next quest is very important
 to us since it is directly reflected to our belief in the holy god of
 honor. I want you to find me a Cross of Redemption. We must destroy this
 vile and cursed cross as it is an abolishment to all that is pure. For
 your righteous deed, I will give you one Crystal Sword in return. Now, go,
 and god speed."

clv 51 / Kill one Red Dragon / $8,000
Tip: search floors 6,7
   Johan pridefully approaches you, "your accomplishments and abilities
 have positively reflected on the sacred brotherhood of Paladins. I am
 proud to serve our god of honor with you." He pauses, "and now I send you
 on a more dangerous mission than before. I wish you to seek out and
 destroy a Red Dragon. Killing this creature will show us your true power,
 courage, and faith in the almighty. For completing this task, I will give
 you a large sum of gold so that you may spend it as your righteous eyes
 see fit."

clv 62 / Return the Holy Beads / Aard of Being
Tip: 12,43,8
   Johan bows before you, and smells of flowers, "we are in need of you to
 recover the Holy Beads. They are a great source of Power for our guild and
 we believe they have been stolen by some vile Villain or Barbarian. It is
 very important for us to have them back in our possession." As to mock
 you, Johan holds out another vial of liquid, "Upon their return we will
 grant you one Aard of Being." He bows, "god speed."

clv 77 / Kill one Kaelmeon / Cloak of Invisibility
Tip: search floors 9,10
   Johan approaches you after your training is complete, "as you know, we
 are superior to the other guilds. Our peace of mind, path of
 enlightenment, and clear mental focus of Honor sets us aside from the
 others. However, since they are not on our level, we must prove it to them
 another way. I want you to hunt down and kill a Demon known as a
 Kaelmeon." He pauses and smiles, "slay this demon for the impure creature
 that it is. Show no mercy since it is, in fact, inferior to us." He begins
 to walk away, then turns around, "I'll have something for you when you

clv 89 / Kill one Dungeon Pirate / Scyllama (pet)
Tip: search floors 5,6
   Johan sits you down at the table right outside the training room, "Many
 of our townsfolk have been talking about a band of Dungeon Pirates
 wreaking havoc at night around the city. Since we are the sworn protectors
 of all that is good, it is our task to find these creatures and slay
 them." He stands up, "kill the cursed pirates and return. When you do, I
 have a surprise for you. God speed, enlightened warrior."

clv 100 / Return with Wraith / Paladin's Helm
Tip: search floors 8-10
   Johan walks up to you and shakes your hand, "Congratulations on this
 outstanding feat. It is not often we have the honor of having a noble
 warrior such as yourself attain such status in our glorious guild." He
 looks you over and nods, "But of the ones that do reach this feat, we ask
 that they complete this final mission to prove themselves worthy of this
 distinction. Find and return to us one Wraith. Be warned the Wraith can be
 a very dangerous creature even for one as graciously powerful as yourself.
 Completion will earn you a Paladin's Helm -- a true symbol of our guild
 and goodness -- and most importantly -- superiority."

-[ SORCEROR: Guildmaster Mona ]- - -

clv 5 / Kill one I'ssus / Brown Cloak
Tip: search floor 3
   As you leave the training area, a woman dressed in tight leather with
 hair down to her ankles approaches you, "I believe you are the one I am
 looking for." She studies you for a moment, "I am Mona. I have been
 assigned to you as your mentor by the council." She walks around you,
 doing a full circle, "it will be my job to ensure that you properly
 progress with your abilities and knowledge." She looks at you, "as you
 might know, the Sorcerer's guild is the most powerful in the lands. Our
 magic is capable of inflicting more harm, death, and destruction, than any
 other magic out there." She begins to walk off and stops, "it is your job
 to master this magic." She turns around, "I want you to go and kill an
 I'ssus. A simple task. Return when you have and I'll give you a reward."
 She then disappears..

clv 16 / Return a Scroll of Mallart / Tome of Learning
Tip: Try Summoners, Diviners, Dimeons
   Mona approaches you, "you are doing well with you progress. Now, we want
 to you go on a quest of a different nature. We wish you to return with a
 specific Scroll. A Scroll of Mallart. In return, I will give you an item
 that will raise your intelligence..." She walks away, "use your magic

clv 29 / Kill one Razor Boar / $2,500
Tip: search floors 4,5
   As you finish your training, Mona approaches you, "excellent work. You
 are becoming more familiar with the elements and how to use them to your
 advantage..." She looks you over, "I want you to find and slay a Razor
 Boar. Since these creatures can be found in groups, you should be careful
 -- they can cut even an experienced Sorcerer to shreds with their teeth.
 The trick, as always, is to smite your enemies from an distance." She
 walks off, "good luck."

clv 43 / Return the Remains of Patrak / Amulet of Flames
Tip: 2,12,5 - Norn room
   Mona beckons to you to sit next to her at a table. You do so, and she
 faces you, "I would like to tell you of a rumor that has been circling
 around the city for quite some time now. A long time ago there was a
 powerful Sorcerer that was known throughout the lands. He was a part of
 our guild, but was very secretive and never bothered talking to anyone
 unless he absolutely had to." She pauses the continues, "He disappeared
 about 15 years ago and was never heard from again. About 3 years ago an
 unconfirmed rumor began circulating that he had been killed. I'd like
 you to find me his remains that he can be given a proper burial at our
 guild. Even though he was not an actively public member of our
 organization, I feel he was a valuale part of our guild and should be
 enshrined here for all to remember." She stands up, "His name was Patrak.
 Please try and find at least some of his remains and return them to us.
 We have no idea as to how he died so this could be a very long process in
 getting all of his remains back yo us." She walks off and speaks just
 before she disappears, "I will give you an Amulet of Flames for
 successfully completing your mission."

clv 56 / Return with Elf / Ring of Protection
Tip: search floor 6
   Mona approaches you with a grim look, "the council has assigned a rather
 odd quest this time." She pauses, thinking. "They want you to return an
 Elf to us. Or course since we do not have access to the magic required to
 bind a creature, you will be required to find some sort of magical item
 that can bind one of these creatures and return it to us." She begins to
 walk away, "remember, if you first use your magic to damage the creature,
 it will be easier to bind..."

clv 70 / Kill one Scyllama / Staff of Striking
Tip: search floor 7 (rare)
   As you finish your training, you find Mona waiting for you. "I watched
 as you trained -- very impressive -- you have come a long ways." She
 begins to walk with you, "I want you to find and destroy a Scyllama. Of
 course my favorite method of termination is with the electrical forces,
 but I'm sure you have your own personal favorite." She begins to walk
 away, "return when you have killed one or more of these creatures and I
 will reward you with a weapon."

clv 81 / Kill one Dwarven Guard / $8,500
Tip: 43,26,5 - Dwarven Mines
   Mona smiles, "each time I see you, I become more and more impressed
 with your ablitiies. Soon you will be finished with your training and will
 be experience enough to teach others yourself..." She begins to walk,
 hinting that you should walk with her. "I want you to find and kill one or
 more of the Dwarven Lord's guards. While the Lord himself is not an issue
 with us, we want to show him that we are capable of reaching him if need
 be. This will be a substantial task since the guards are very capable of
 killing most Sorcerers they come across. Make sure they rethink such a
 notion after you're done with them."

clv 92 / Kill one Giant Slug / Cyclops (pet)
Tip: NE side of floor 6, North of swamp
   Mona meets you after your training, "the council has given me permission
 to pick my own quest for this session, and I thought hard, and came up
 with something that you should find to be a challenge." She faces you, "I
 want you to find and kill a Giant Slug." She rolls her eyes, "I know, I
 know -- however, they are very good at resisting our magic and are
 perfectly capable of taking out our more inexperienced members. I want to
 find out how you do it and how long it takes." She walks off, "I will see
 you soon."

clv 100 / Return with Nakovant / Rod of Ultimate Power
Tip: Swamp on floor 7 (rare on West of floor 6)
   Mona approaches you, "I have been given permission to inform you that
 this will be your last assignment from a mentor. After you are done with
 this next quest, you will be on your own." She begins to walk, and you
 follow. "This is probably the hardest quest that you will undertake as a
 member of the guild." She looks at you, "I want you to find the extremely
 rare Nakovant, and return it here." She studies the look on your face and
 smiles. "I know, they are almost never seen -- and the only time they are
 ever seen by any members here in the town are when people like you reach
 the level of experience that you have. Returning a Nakovant was my last
 quest, and it took me weeks, but I achieved it. So can you." She walks
 away, "good luck."

-[ THIEF: Guildmaster Meek ]- - -

clv 7 / Kill one Orc / Padded Leather Armor
Tip: search floor 2
   As you complete your training, a small saris who has the facal features
 of a mouse appears in front of you. He is wearing black leather armor and
 has numerous daggers strapped to his belt, "h...h...hello... I ammm...
 Meek...." he studies you and smells you like an animal, "I am your help...
 I am advanced... thief..." You stand back, startled. He man then hands you
 one of your items, "this is yours." Surprised as hell how he took it, you
 quickly grab it out of his hand. He continues, "Orc... Kill orc... You
 return to me and I give you armor... Be sleeek and dark..." he wiggles his
 nose like a mouse, "you will be good thief!" A second later he's gone.

clv 20 / Return a Nugena Gloves / Salve of Health
Tip: Try Rowdy, Brave
   Meek startles you from behind, "goooood! We meet again!" He rubs his
 hands together as if he's going to eat you, "gloves! I want Nugena gloves!
 You will bring to me as a reward to me for teaching you! Yes!" He smells
 you, "Salve as reward... yess..." He then disappears.

clv 35 / Kill one Cutthroat / $3,000
Tip: search floors 4,5(hard!)
   Meek approaches you without surprise this time, his nose twitching like
 a mouse, and the fact that he's smelling the air makes you wonder what
 sort of strange mental disorder he has... "DIE! You will kill thief!!!
 When thief betrays... us!! they die! You will find and kill cutthroat!
 Bastard!" He seems upset. "I... Do not like cutthroat! Kill and I give
 gold!" He then darts away.

clv 49 / Kill one Skuldragl / Thief Sword
Tip: search floor 4
   As you're walking away from the training area, you feel the point of a
 dagger in your back. You quickly whirl around to find Meek snorting and
 laughing, "baaaackstab!!! haha! I kill you easy!! You need learn more!
 yesss!" He approaches you and hands you your weapon, which irritates you
 quite a bit. "I give to you so you can kill another... THIEF! Yesss!
 Skuldragl... Kill -- return and I give sword for thief!" He then hops off,
 and away into the darkness. "This is getting too much," you mutter to
 yourself as you walk away.

clv 55 / Kill one Scavenger / Aard of Being
Tip: search floors 4,5
   Meek scares the shit out of you by screaming, "THIEF!!!" You jump back,
 dagger in hand. He runs up to you, immediately disarming you with a
 method you've never seen, and hands your dagger back to you, "THIEF!
 Scavenger!! You kill and return! I give you Aaaaard!!!" He steps back,
 "yess! come back!" he then turns and runs off.

clv 66 / Return a Thief's Chest / $6,500
Tip: 41,33,7
   After training, you leave watching all of the shadows, waiting for Meek
 to jump out from SOMEWHERE. You hear a sound to your left and jump into
 the shadows, "Gotcha!" You grab the little object and pull it out -- it's
 a cloak. Right at that second, you feel a dagger in your back, "hahaha!
 Meeeeek much faster than you!" You whirl around and Meek hands you your
 weapon as well as a few other items. "Chest!!!" He jumps around, "gold!
 gold! gold! Chest! Thief's chest! Bring to me!" he then runs off into the

clv 79 / Return Gloves Of The Blackguard (cursed) / Cloak of Invisibility
Tip: Try Rowdy, Brave
   Knowing the mental mentor is going to show up anytime, you simply sit
 down and wait for him. Meeks casually enters the area from your right, not
 trying to disguise himself at all. "Yesss! I win!" he then does a little
 song and dance all around you, making high pitches noises. As he does so
 you keep a close tab on your items. He's instantly in your face,
 "Gloves!!!" He then jumps around again, "blaaaackguard! yes! Gloves of the
 Blackguard! bring to me!! yess!" He then hops off and out of the area. One
 word echos in your mind -- PROZAC.

clv 91 / Kill one Slayer / Burglar (pet)
Tip: search floors 9-11
   This time, you see Meek coming, and instaly greet him, watching your
 items. He scowls as you, irritated, "you no let me take!!!! you not much
 fun anymore!!" he then throws a fit and stomps his feet on the ground. He
 is once again in your face, "SLAYER!" He screams so loud you jump back,
 "slayer slayer slayer!" He laughs, "kill slayer!!! You get friend! You get
 friend!" He then hops and jumps off, "wheeeee!"

clv 100 / Return an Amulet of Flames / Poison Dagger
Tip: Try Old Library on floor 7, Pseudo-Dragon
   Meek tries to startle you, but you grab him and push him back, "get off
 of me, you smelly little mouse!" Meek grimaces and pulls out a dagger like
 none you've ever seen before. Instantly he's attacking you with the
 passion of a mouse and tiger mixed into one. You quickly defend yourself,
 and hold him off. He then jumps back and laughs. "What?!" you yell at him.
 He holds up an item from your inventory and tosses it to you. You scowl,
 "you little shit!" He jumps around, laughing, "Amuler! Amultet of flames!
 Bring to meeeee!" he then jumps off and out of sight.

-[ VILLAIN: Guildmaster Maxx ]- - -

clv 5 / Kill one Slave / $250
Tip: search floor 3
   As you are about to leave the training area, a middle-aged woman
 approaches you. Dressed in leather armor, and carrying an assortment of
 weapons, many strapped at her side and one large sword on her back, you
 immediately know that she is nobody to be trifled with. "You..." She stops
 and stares, "yes, YOU -- are you both deaf and dumb? Who the hell else
 would I be talking to?" She rolls her eyes at your response, "I am Maxx
 -- those idiots on the council assigned me to you as council quest
 courrier. First off, I don't like you. You make me sick. You are weak and
 pathetic and probably won't last very long. However, if you do manage to
 become one of us, I might change my opinion... Either way, you do what I
 say when I say. Do you understand?" She studies you, "good. Now your first
 task is to go down below and kill a slave. YES one of those puny and
 pathetic creatures Kill it and return and I will give you a reward." She
 walks away, "don't fail me or I will kill you myself."

clv 18 / Return a Tome of Agility / Dagger of Stealth
Tip: Try Kobolds, Outcast Goblin, Orc
   Maxx approaches you, "Stop! Where the hell do you think you're going?
 When you see me coming, I expect you to STOP and APPROACH me immediately.
 I don't have time to waste. The council wants you to find a Tome of
 Agility and return it. Do you think you can manage that, you little
 pissant shit-for-brains?" She pauses and looks at you, "So what the hell
 are you waiting for?!"

clv 27 / Kill one Pseudo-Dragon / Elixir of Restoration
Tip: search floors 3,4
   Maxx shakes her head as she approaches, "You've made it this far, eh?
 Well, I guess that means I can start calling you my little bitch. YES --
 you heard right -- you're my new BITCH. So, from now on, I will refer to
 you as BITCH." She looks you over, "if you have a problem with that, I can
 introduce you to a new method of birth control. Do you have a problem with
 that?!" She stares into your eyes. "Good. Your next task, BITCH, is to go
 and kill a Pseudo-Dragon. So, get your skinny ass out of here, and take
 care of it. NOW!"

clv 40 / Return the Paladins' Guild Blueprints / $5,000
Tip: floor 6, West center
   "Hey BITCH!" Maxx calls from across the room. She walks up to you,
 "That's right, you're the only bitch in this room. See how the others are
 looking at you like you're something special? Well, you are -- you're my
 bitch. And you know what? You're going to do what I ask of you. You know
 why? Because if you don't," she takes out her sword, "I'll make you feel
 penetration like you've never felt before." She whips the blade to your
 throat, "The Paladin's guild has planned an attack on our guild for some
 time. It's time for us to prepare to pay them back for their pathetic
 existance. I want you to find the blueprints to their guild -- they're
 down in the depths below -- one of our couriers had them, and we haven't
 heard from them, so I assume they're dead... If you somehow succeed then
 I'll give you enough gold so that maybe you can get laid and wipe that
 dumb grin off your face. Get out of here."

clv 52 / Return with Slave Masher / Black Cloak
Tip: search floor 3
   "There's my little bitch right now," Maxx walks up to you. "Two words --
 Slave Masher." She looks you over, "one word - KILL". She turns and walks
 away, "And take a goddamn bath! You smell like a giant's ass!"

clv 65 / Return a Steel Shield / Steel Shield
Tip: Try Warriors
   Maxx walks up to you, "Okay bitch -- I want you to do something for ME.
 Did I ever tell you that I feel like killing your mom for giving birth to
 you?" She looks you over, "But that can wait. Go find me a new Steel
 Shield. The one I have now is dirty. Bring me a new one and I'll give you
 my old one. Now I don't give a shit whether you like it or not. Just
 remember who is in charge here. Now MOVE!"

clv 79 / Return with Dwarven Guard / Adamantite Battle Axe
Tip: 43,26,5 - Dwarven Mines
   Maxx approaches you, "Okay bitch -- it's quest time again. Let's see
 what I have for you to do this time..." She thinks, "Hmm. It would seem
 today is the day I get information from the Dwarven Guards. Bring one of
 them back to me immediately. That means NOW!" She snaps, "MOVE!"

clv 91 / Kill one Cutpurse / Villain (pet)
Tip: ?
   Maxx walks up to you playing with one of her knives, "Ok bitch, time for
 some work. We've had some problems with a certain group of Cutpurses, and
 I want these shitbags eliminated -- and I want you to do it." She squints
 her eyes and looks at you, "Rip the hearts out of these cocksuckers
 chests. I've sent some others in the past but these assholes just don't
 learn. Maybe you can do something right for a change and finish what the
 others couldn't." She walks away, "I hope you DIE."

clv 100 / Return with Tengu / Dagger of She'tal
Tip: search floor 2 (very rare!)
   Maxx taps you on the shoulder, "I'm not gonna sit here and congratulate
 you like some other guilds would for getting to this point. The way I see
 it you sucked from the start, and you're just a shitball. I never did like
 you I never will like you because I don't like anyone, so you know that
 you can kiss my ass." She pauses, "I will, however, be testing you to see
 if you are even worthy of of being where you are now. I want you to bring
 me a Tengu." She studies your look, "yes, BITCH -- a TENGU." She grabs and
 points a dagger at you, "IF and I do mean IF you can bring one back here
 I'll give you this Dagger of She'tal."

-[ WARLOCK: Guildmaster Ulnok ]- - -

clv 7 / Kill one Giant Centipede / $700
Tip: search floor 3
   As you finish your training, a very large and cloaked figure approaches
 you and speaks, "I am your mentor assigned by the council of Warlocks."
 You can't even see his face as he speaks, his entire body covered by the
 obviously magical cloth. "I am Ulnok Tathnor. I am here to guide you in
 your teachings. Walk with me..." You begin to walk with Ulnok as he begins
 to speak, "the other magic oriented guilds claim that they are the most
 powerful or most diverse, when in reality, the Warlock's guild has been
 the one true magic using guild in the lands. We have access to all types
 of magic except those of the binding nature used by the Mages -- we do not
 believe in using magic for Slavery." He turns to you, "remember what I
 teach you and what you learn form the quests that I assign you to
 complete. When I ask you to complete a task, I expect you to complete it
 immediately and with complete focus." He begins to walk away, "I wish you
 to go down and kill a Giant Centipede with your magical abilities. A
 simple task -- something for a simple Warlock."

clv 19 / Return the Sacred Scroll of Wizardry / Lodestone
Tip: 38,39,2
   Ulnok approaches you again completely wrapped in his magical cloak,
 "this next task will require you to explore the depths below and return
 with a specific item. It is known as the Sacred Scroll of Wizardry." He
 begins to walk, and you follow. "This scroll contains general knowledge
 about the magic that is the foundation of the guild. When you find the
 scroll, read it and return it to me and I will reward you with an item
 that will help you locate others." He then walks away.

clv 32 / Return with Pandrun / Aard of Being
Tip: search floors 6,7
   Ulnok approaches you, as mysterious as ever, "as a Warlock, you must be
 very resourceful depending on which task is at hand -- even if you require
 the use of abilities that your magic does not fulfil. While we do not
 condone or teach the magic of binding and slavery, we require our members
 to find external items to accomplish the task of returning a creature as
 a test. This creature is a Pandrun. Find one, bind it, and return it here
 for your reward." He then walks away.

clv 42 / Kill one Morloch / Falcon Wolf (pet)
Tip: search floor 4
   Ulnok approaches you, "A Warlock must always be aware of his
 surroundings, and any change in those surroundings. As you have found, the
 depths below can be very dangerous to any who dare venture too far away."
 He begins to walk and you follow, "I wish you to find and kill an outcast.
 When you have done so, I will reward you with an item that will guard you
 from the draining ablities of the dead."

clv 55 / Kill one Warrior Spirit / $6,000
Tip: search floors 6,7
   Ulnok approaches you and speaks, "as you know, we have access to more
 different styles of magic than any of the other guilds. Included in this
 magic is the ability to defeat the undead, which is what your next task
 will entice. I wish you to track down and kill a Warrior Spirit. Use your
 magic to terminate its existance and return here for a reward." He walks
 away, "remember what you lean while accomplishing this task."

clv 68 / Kill one Elf / Rod of Darkness
Tip: search floors 6,7
   As you complete your training, Ulnok approaches you, still wrapped in
 the dark cloak, and speaks, "it is an unfortunate event when a member of
 our organization is forced to kill those who are members of the same race
 as many of our fellow Warlocks -- or possibly the same race as the member
 themself. However, this task is required so that all members become aware
 of the fact that they may one day have to face their fellow brothers and
 sisters in battle." He begins to walk, "I want you to go into the depths
 below and terminate an Elf. When you have done so, return here and I will
 give you a reward."

clv 79 / Return a Potion of Fitness / Magician's Cap
Tip: Try Warrior, Green Slime, Green Ooze, Aboleth
   Ulnok greets you, "you are doing very well, Your focus seems to be
 steady, and your knowledge increasing every day." He pauses, "I want you
 to find and return to me a Salve of Health. I want to assign you something
 that forces you to look once again for a specific item -- this will help
 you focus on your goals." He begins to walk away, "as reward, I will give
 you something to help you with the tasks that lay ahead."

clv 90 / Return Ball and Chain (cursed) / $10,000
Tip: Try Red Dragons?
   As you complete your training, you find Ulnok waiting for you. "You are
 almost complete with your training, but a few tasks remain. I now want you
 to focus on finding that which you loathe." He begins to walk, and you
 follow. "Quite often we are assigned menial tasks in life that we find
 either annoying, or downright unacceptable. However, if the tasks are
 required, we must embrace them. For this reason, I want you to see out the
 cursed item known as the Ball and Chain, and return it to me. When you do,
 I will remove the item and reward you." He walks off, "good luck."

clv 100 / Kill one Purple Ooze / Master's Gloves
Tip: search floors 8,9
   Ulnok approaches you and bows, "congratulations -- you are now on your
 final task." Sits down and you sit next to him, "the last task we have
 assigned is a dangerous one since you could lose both items that are
 valuable to you and even your life." He proceeds to crack his knuckles,
 "I want you to find and terminate a Purple Ooze." He turns towards you,
 "be very careful -- these creatures resist many forms of magic and have
 acid that can eat through almost any type of armor or garment." he then
 stands up, "when you return, I will have a reward for you."

-[ WARRIOR: Guildmaster Requnix ]- - -

clv 6 / Kill one Giant Owl / Iron Sword
Tip: search floor 2
   As you are about the leave the training area, a voice comes from behind
 you, "halt!" You turn around to see a huge burly warrior dressed in shiny
 armor, equipped with every item under the sun. Strapped across his back is
 a very nasty looking two handed sword. His face has many scars and his
 eyes are full of fire. "I am Requnix. I will be your questmaster as you
 progress in the guild. When I assign you a quest, you will come to me when
 you have completed it and I will relieve you of your assignment, and
 possibly give you a reward in return. I expect the best from you, and will
 accept nothing more. Your first task will be to go and kill a Giant Owl.
 It's simple, but it will give me an idea of how you work. Come back when
 the task is completed, and I'll give you a newly forged Iron Sword. Return
 soon." He then turns and leaves the room.

clv 18 / Kill one Hiksae / $800
Tip: search floors 2,3
   After training you are assigned to see Requnix. As you enter his office,
 you are impressed with the many stuffed creatures that he has decorating
 his walls and floor space. Sitting at a wicked looking desk with many
 sharp weapons is Requnix, who looks up from his desk as you enter, "I'm
 glad they sent you to me. I want you to go down and kill a Hiksae. Use
 your new fighting abilities and rip him to pieces. We loathe the undead,
 and expect you to kill any that you see on sight. Return swiftly and I
 will give you your reward."

clv 30 / Kill one Slave Driver / Gloves of Strength
Tip: 9,36,4 - enter through no-magic area on floor 3
   Requnix meets you in the training room, "I met with the Warrior Council
 and they agree that your next task is to terminate a Slave Driver. We
 loathe those creatures and their little companions -- kill the driver,
 and any slaves that you may come across... It will be favor to them
 anyway. When you return, I'll reward you... Dismissed."

clv 45 / Kill one Nastrum / Crystal Sword
Tip: search floor 5
   Requnix looks up from his desk, "It is rumored that this a Namana has
 been seen in the depths below. This is a new breed of creature and we are
 interested in its combat capabilies. Go and kill at least one of these
 creatures and return with information about them. Do not return until you
 have completed your quest." He goes back to sharpening his sword,

clv 56 / Return the Statue of Ge'tuk / Aard of Being
Tip: 44,5,8 - guarded by Black Wyverns
   Requnix gets up from his desk, his armor clanking, and walks up to you.
 "Some creatures from below have stolen a sacred statue of our master
 trainer. It is the Statue of Ge'tuk. I want you to go down, find and kill
 whoever took the statue, and return it to me. I will reward you with an
 Aard." He then sits down at his desk, "dismissed."

clv 62 / Kill one Goblin Guard / $7,500
Tip: 26,33,6
   Requnix stands up and walks around his office, "As you know, the
 Warrior's guild has had many problems with the Goblin clan and all of the
 members of the clan. For this reason, we want to plan on taking out their
 leader, but we must do it wisely. For our first assault, I want you to go
 down and kill a Goblin Guard. Keep note of how they fight, and what other
 types of goblins you seen in the area, and report your findings when you
 return. I will give you gold in return for your task. Good luck."

clv 75 / Return Black Chain Mail (cursed) / Dungeon Pirate (pet)
Tip: Try Warrior, Brave (rare)
   Requnix meets you as you are about to leave the training room. You
 salute him, and he salutes you back. "I just received word from the
 research department that they are in need of a cursed suit of chainmail
 called Black Chain Mail. I informed them that you would be able to return
 this item without any problems. Find me this item, and return with it, and
 as reward, I will give you a companion to help you fight in the depths
 below." He then turns and walks away.

clv 84 / Kill one Dwarven Lord / Adamantite Shield
Tip: 44,22,5
   Requnix actually looks at you with a little respect, "Seeing as you have
 done as well as you have, we ask that you properly represent our guild by
 returning to us the Dwarven Lords head on a platter. Please rid the
 underground of this fiend. Kill the Dwarven Lord, and show no mercy." He
 puts his hands on the hilt of his sword, "When your task is completed,
 return and I will give you a shield from my own personal collection." He
 walks away, and pauses before leaving the room, "be careful."

clv 100 / Kill one Flame Dragon / Conqueror
Tip: 19,15,8
   Requnix looks up from his desk and puts down the large two-handed weapon
 he was sharpening, "Excellent work on attaining this level of skill. At
 this point, each of our members are asked to complete a specific task
 before continuing their training. This task will be for you to kill a
 Flame Dragon. In return for this quest, you will be given a powerful
 weapon that you will be able to use to continue your conquest of the
 depths below." He pauses, "I warn you that this creature is the toughest
 creature that we assign as a quest. They have killed many warriors, and
 are not to be taken lightly. Good luck in your deed and return when you
 have completed the task." He continues to sharpen the beautiful blade,
 "this will be yours when you return successfully."

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

===== [ MONSTERS ] ===== . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [MON]

   This section is mostly for laired monsters, i.e. monsters which spawn at
specific locations, or rooms (thus "lairs"). There are two sections, the
first for boss monsters, and the second for others.

- [ Laired boss monster info ] -
 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
 Aboleth                  2,NE - 44,28, 2   ?
 Slave Driver             4,NW -  9,36, 4   Slaver's whip
 Drek Villains            4,SE - 43, 4, 4   ?
 Norns                    5,SW -  2,12, 5   Blade of Sacrifice
 Dwarven Lord             5, E - 44,22, 5   Dwarven Hammer (bugged?)
 Goblin Lord              6, C - 25,30, 6   GL head, twisted bracers
 Azure Giant Badger       6,NE - 39,30, 6   Giant Badger Skull
 Flame Dragon (Flamie)    8, C - 19,15, 8   ?
 Morgoth                  9,SW -  4, 3, 9   ?
 Gruks                   10, S - 23,26,10   ?
 Twisted Elf             10,SE - 27,40,10   ?
 Demonist                15, W -  2,24,15   ?
 Butcher                 15,NE - 44,37,15   Sword of Decapitation
 Magi of Chan            16, W -  6,16,16   ?
 Dreden Lord             17, C - 15,25,17   Mengus (bugged, only 1?)
 Lead Murderer (bugged)  20,SW -  4, 5,20   Murdering Blade
 Giant King              20,NE - 33,38,20   Giant King's Maul (bugged?)
 Lamurian High Priestess 22, C - 22,20,22   ?
 Mother of Serpents      25, N - 31,42,25   ?
 Ogre Lord (bugged)      26,SW -  7, 7,26   ?
 Kutan Jenal              ?, ? -  x, y, z   ?
 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

- [ Laired monster info ] -
 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
 Rowdy                    2,NE - 38,39, 2   ?
 Twisted Dwarf            2,NW -  6,44, 2   ?
 Conjurers                2,SW -  2, 4, 2   ?
 Orcs + Goblies           3, E -  ?, ?, 3   ?
 Slaver                   4,NW -  9,36, 4   ?
 Dwarven Guard            5, E - 43,26, 5   ?
 Disciple + Norn (Boss)   5, W -  2,12, 5   Blade of Sacrifice
 Goblin Guard             6, C - 26,33, 6   ?
 Goblin Shamon            6, C - 26,31, 6   ?
 Blood Suckers            7,NE - 41,33, 7   ?
 Black Wyverns            8,SE - 44, 5, 8   ?
 Dwarven Guards/Dwarves   8, N -  ?, ?, 8   ?
 Villain                  8, N - 10,42, 8   ?
 Frost Giants            10, C - 14,36,10   ?
 Blue Wyverns            11, C - 32,17,11   ?
 Silver Dragons          11, C - 28,19,11   ?
 Casters of Souls        12, C - 28,20,12   ?
 Eaters of Flesh         13, C - graveyard  ?
 Cyclops                 13, C - graveyard  ?
 Medusa                  13, N - 28,41,14   Medusa's Head
 Death Hawks             14,SW - 7, 6, 14   ?
 Sentinal                16,NE - 43,28,16   ?
 Dredans                 17,E? - 15,25,17 & 41,19,17   ?
 Leprechauns             18,SW - 10,10,18   ?
 Dark Flight             20, N - 20,32,20   ?
 Wizard                  23, C - 15,32,23   ?
 Asteryex (pending)      24,NE -  ?, ?, ?   ?
 Mutants                 24,NE - 40,27,24   ?
 Flamemasters            27, N - 16,31,27   ?
 Lave Giants             27, C - 15,17,27   ?
 Prophets of Insanity    28, C -  ?, ?, ?   ?
 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

===== [ MISC TIPS ] =====  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [MSC]

While a large amount of information can be discovered by reading the
helplesson, some things are simply not in there - because Artifact
Entertainment didn't just want to give away this kind of valuable info.
Some of this information may or may not be detailed in the helplesson, it
is just what I consider to be info that Demise players should be aware of.

- Strength affects the amount of damage a character does in physical
  combat. (So Giants = best fighters)
- Dexterity greatly helps when disarming traps. Two thieves of the same
  skill will have different chances of disarming a trap if their dex are
  different.(So Saris = best thieves)
- Thieving ability not only determines a character's ability to disarm
  traps in boxes & chests, but also the ability to prevent monsters from
  stealing gold & items. So you might want to give those new unknown items
  that look really good to the party's best thief.
- Intelligence & Wisdom affect the power of your spells. The higher these
  stats the more damage you will do with offensive spells, and healing
  spells will also be more effective. (So Elves = best spellcasters)
- For every point of intelligence or wisdom a character has, 5 spell points
  will be added to the character's spell point total.
- Charisma is required for charm spells, and a higher charisma makes
  monsters in the dungeon more likely to want to join you. Higher charisma
  seems to make it easier to charm a monster. (So Gnomes = best Magi)
- When companions damage or kill a monster, the character who 'owns' the
  companion receives 25-30% of the experience they would normally receive.
- High constitution gives you bonus HP per lvlup before reaching MxLv, and
  also allows you to recover from poison, disease & paralysis more quickly.
- Spell level is half your guild level, rounded up. Spell level is taken
  from the highest guild that can cast the spell being cast, and the lowest
  mana cost(if a spell can be learnt from multiple guilds) will always be
  used regardless of the active guild at the time the spell is cast.
- Uncursed items with charges can be 'recharged' provided that the object
  does not disappear after all its charges have been used. i.e. it is not
  possible to recharge potions, tomes, etc - this only works for weapons or
  other objects with spell charges. Sell the object to the store and buy it
  again, and it will now have a full complement of charges.
- Sashes are cursed because the cast spells that are very powerful compared
  to other items on the level(s) where you can find a particular sash. The
  fact that they are a cursed item means that the store will not buy them,
  and thus they cannot be 'recharged'. The sash will increase your A/D by
  the listed amount and can cast the spell that it lists also (as with all
  other items, make sure it is correctly aligned to your character).
- Any item ALWAYS sells for a greater amount of money when fully identified
  than at any previous level of identification, EXCEPT if the item is
  cursed. More money will be made from fully identifying items before
  selling them rather than selling them at a low level of identification.
- However, less money is made by identifying companions before selling
  them. So only identify companions to find out all information about them.
- Minimise mana costs for resistances (and any other spells you want to
  cast) by having one character casting the spells on everyone else, then
  go to the town and replenish spell points before returning to the
  dungeon to cast any required spells on themself.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

   You can forfeit a random quest only when you are pinned in that guild
with a penalty of the loss of 2 levels in that guild and all the experience
gained for those 2 levels - painful, but better than forever stuck.

 At dungeon level 4: You will need Acid and Poison resistance starting now.
Lots of monster groups to gain experience. You should also start finding
Crystals of Mysticism (Greenies) at this level. Each of your characters
should carry a couple. Then when you use a Greenie to cast Open Mystic
Portal you will be teleported to the spot where you cast the Establish
Mystic Portal spell (get to town very fast!).

 At dungeon Level 5: You will need Stone and Magic resistance starting
here. You will also need to use steel weapons. You may start finding
Potions of Youth at this level.

 At dungeon Level 13: You will need draining resistance starting here.

 At dungeon Level 15: You will need Mind/Mental resistance starting here.

 There are also extinguish squares in the dungeon - walking onto one will
remove ALL effects, including poison and disease! There are 3 extinguish
squares on level 3 - map them, find quick routes to them, and use them.

[ There's also one on the horizontal middle left-center corridor of floor
 4, that'll come in handy since the ants around that floor love to poison.
 In general though, the extinguish squares are your friend until you start
 relying on resistance spells - in which case you'll want to avoid them,
 and it's going to be a pain in the ass to remap your favourite routes. ]

 Fountains and Orbs:
   Occasionally you'll come across a fountain or an orb. They can come in
really handy, because fountains replenish your HP, while the orb
replenishes mana. Simply park your party nearby (face the fountain/orb) and
wait while you slowly heal. They don't heal fast enough to counteract
poison or disease (though I notice they stop your health from dropping),
but are good sources for quickies. Especially early on, when you don't have
access to healing spells/items and the town fountain may be expensive.
There is a hidden room near the middle of floor 1 which has both a fountain
and an orb. I like to think of this as a "debriefing room" to get back to
before actually exiting the dungeon. Careful though, it contains a slime
spawn and they love ambush-spitting you (20dmg+!) just as you enter through
the secret door, the little bastards. They actually killed one of my low-
level wounded characters.

- [ Attack/Defense Information ] -

   Attack/Defense (Att/Def or A/D for short) represents how likely you are
to hit or be hit in combat. If you have a very high A/D, then many smaller
monsters will simply be unable to hit you. The situation is the same for
you, however, so if you are trying to attack a monster with a very high
defense, then you may not be able to hit them unless your attack is
comparably high.

A/D is divided up into Stats A/D, Item A/D and Guild A/D. Item A/D will
increase as you obtain and use more powerful items, better quality weapons
having higher A/D, and better armour will give better A/D ratings also.

Stats A/D is dependent on your basic character stats. A 1 point increase in
Str&Dex will result in a 2/2 gain in A/D, and a 1 point WIS&INT increase
will result in a 1/1 increase in A/D. Note that this includes modified
stats due to items that increase/decrease your statistics. E.g. Bronze
plate has an A/D rating of 6/15, but has a -2 Dex adjustment. This means
that when you equip it, you A/D only increases by 2/11!

Guild A/D comes from your level in the guilds of which you are a member.
Your guild A/D will always come from the guild which has the highest A/D at
any one time. I do not know whether Att and Def are looked at separately
when the game calculates which A/D is the highest (i.e. Att may come from
a different guild to Def) or whether the totals of Att and Def are
calculated and the figures which have the highest total are used.

It appears that all guilds except the spellcasting guilds surpass the A/D
given by Artisan, but they take longer to get there.
[ Magi seems to be an anomaly though; rated same as Explorer? Strange. ]

 Guild      lv300 A/D     Max A/D@lv - Atk / Def
 Warrior     200/218         450  -  260 / 283
 Ninja       196/196         465  -  255 / 255
 Paladin     177/204         430  -  221 / 255
 Villain     192/215         440  -   ?  /  ?
 Explorer    166/201         430  -  208 / 252
 Magi         77/144         475  -  208 / 252
 Barbarian   141/170         525  -  179 / 203
 Thief       141/171         400  -  158 / 204
 Artisan     175/175         200  -  175 / 175
 Cleric       94/150         475  -   ?  /  ?
 Sorceror     76/147         475  -   ?  /  ?
 Warlock      68/145         625  -   ?  /  ?

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

- [ T Room Hints - By Blue Knight ] -

   The T-Room is a very special addition to the dungeon added with the 3.1
patch. It was added by Regis and its existance was kept secret. Those
players who started finding it talked with Regis and all agreed to keep its
entrance location secret. Of course the fact of its existance got out and
there have been several discussions about the T-Room on the Demise forums
- however, all who have found it have kept the secret of the entrance to
themselves. This was done by common agreement to preserve the adventure of
the search and the excitement of the discovery for each player. PLEASE
honor this agreement if you have found the entrance.

A number of hints have been included in the discussions. They do help
narrow the search area (to only half the dungeon levels!) but do not
provide a direct path to the level, nor the entrance. Some of the hints may
become understandable only AFTER you find the entrance. I personally spent
about a week casually checking for the entrance. When I got determined
enough, I spent 2 days in a thorough seach and found it. Note: I only play
an hour or two each day.

Since these hints are available to all in the forums, Shadow Beast agreed
to post them in their condensed form if I would put them together.

So.... here they are: 
1. "Have a cup of tea". 
2. The entrance shows up as a wall using detect rock/map area. 
3. The entrance is located in a slightly "special" area of the dungeon. 
4. The entrance can be found before level 16. 
5. "I found it completely by luck alone. I wasn't looking for it. I'll
   admit I wondered why the area the entrance was located in was how it
6. "After you have found it, the entrance does not disappear. So you should
   be able to find it with several characters."
7. "Getting back isn't as bad as you think. Getting there the first time is
   the hardest part. I use it a lot more than I thought I would, but I am
   still cruising level 17-18 (no char above 100 in any guild)."
8. The T-Room isn't so obvious to find just by looking at the maps.
9. "it shore were nice to have Tea with a whole whack of peaceful Wisps."
10. "I found it because I was remapping and searching for secret doors. The
    normal way to find doors is to bang walls."
11. "It is indeed possible to find the entrance to the tea room with
    perception. That's the way I did it, and I had no idea it was there
    either. Of course my party has two explorers, and I had gotten both of
    them to level 90 PRE-patch. I just "noticed" the entrance while

What's in the T-Room? 
Heh, heh. You'll find out. But it's not named the T-room for nothing! Also,
it helps address a certain problem with spell caster guilds.
Here's a few comments: 
"The name of the Tea room is obvious if you have been there. Walk around
  and read everything."
"I found a new Grimoire this weekend, and now use the Tea Room lots more.
  I set my Explorer's Mystic Portal to the Tea Room and go straight there
  before adventuring. I then use the Sorcerer to cast resistances on
  everyone. The Explorer casts Flight, and I'm ready for a long trip. I
  then use a greenie from one of my other characters to get to a good
  starting point... right now on level 26."
"While there I cast: Magical Flight, Full resistances, See invisible, mass
  sight veil, shining lights." "I also cast amphibious breathing and

Hope you find it eventually and by yourself. It truely will spoil the fun
if you have someone tell you where it is. I was very frustrated just before
finding it, but kept myself from asking for more hints. I'm now very glad
I found it on my own!


- Blue Knight 

- - - [ random ] - - -
Cutthroat: 6,19,4; 2,15,4; 5,18,4; 8,19,4
   Floor 4, lower left quadrant; approach lower left corner with stairs
 leading down to 5, then circle left and upwards to the small deadend path
 there. Normally doesn't appear, may have use Seer to force spawn.
   Update: tried visiting a couple times later, it DID appear on several
 occasions. If it doesn't just turn the trip into a regular floor 4 sweep
 for stat mods.

- - -

   Apparently memhack tools work for statfixing during character creation,
 but beware of exceeding natural boundaries i.e. racial max + 5 per stat
 or you'll break the game.

- - -

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

===== [ LOOT ] ===== . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [LUT]

   Here's a list of some of the more interesting drops I've found. Note
that "Found" stats are tentative; items may drop elsewhere. I double-
checked with the Guild Library as well.

+ Lethe Dagger (dagger, non-class restricted)
 Guilds: Artisan(19), Warrior(26), Paladin(26), Ninja(33), Villain(31),
         Explorer(31), Thief(29), Barbarian(31), Magi(29), Sorcerer(33),
         Warlock(31), Cleric(36)
 Required Stats: 13 Str, 14 Dex
 Found: floor 4, Warrior
 Stats: A6/D0 [1.3], 1-handed, 2 swings
 Text: "Eagerly sought by new adventurers, the Lethe Dagger is almost the
        equal of a steel dagger in effect."
 Notes: Replace your Stealth Dagger with this, it allows you to hurt those
   monsters below floor 4. It's also non-class restricted meaning low-level
   characters who are still juggling guilds can still wield it once they
   are able to in any of their guilds.
+ Treatise of Silence
 Guilds: Magi(?), Sorcerer(?), Warlock(?)
 Found: probably floor 2, the lower-left corner with the 2 Conjurers
 Text: "This ancient tome, bound in black leather, contains knowledge that
        the Guild Masters can use to research an entirely new type of
        spell. The cover of this volume has a carefully etched scene of a
        mighty city reduced to rubble."
 Notes: Huh. This isn't listed even in Sortiri's Server Scene. Wait, I
   found some references through Google. Wtf... it's a Morkal Death spell,
   "Silence Soul". On floor 2?!
 Update: Got another one, most likely from the "magic-user citadel" (NW
 corner of floors 5-7). Warlock guild gets first dibs, since 3 of my chars
 are in that guild; only the Paladin/Magi isn't in.
 Spell: Morkal Death: "Silence Soul"; available at slv3, start 17mp
   Resist: magic;   Range=2;   Progress: 15/6
   Required Stats: 16 Int, 16 Wis, 12 Con, 16 Dex
   COMBAT Spell, 1 target in 1 group
 Notes: Description says it drains life from a single target, and adds to
   caster's life.

+ Treatise of Draining
 Guilds: Warlock, Sorcerer, Cleric
 Found: Don't remember, but this treatise is usually the earliest found
 Spell: Morkal Damage: "Life Drain"; available at slv1, start 23mp
   Resist: magic;   Range=1;   Progress: 8/2
   Required Stats: 14 Str, 16 Int, 16 Wis, 12 Con, 16 Dex
   COMBAT Spell, 2 targets in 2 groups

+ Treatise of Withering
 Guilds: Sorcerer, (?)
 Found: (?)
 Spell: Morkal Alchemy: "Withering Force"; available at slv1, start 34mp
   Resist: magic;   Range=1;   Progress: 5/2
   Required Stats: 12 Str, 14 Int, 14 Wis, 12 Con, 12 Dex
   COMBAT Spell, 4 targets in 4 groups
 Notes: says little damage but spread among many; also "draws health into
   caster" - eh? A drain type spell? Hmm.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

===== [ OLD NOTES ] ===== . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [OLD]

   These are fragments of my own previous notes, mostly just pushing
numbers around and speculation. Note that information in this section is
invalidated by contradiction elsewhere - if you read something that sounds
wrong in here, it probably is.
   I'm only leaving it in because the figures are useful as curiosities,
and reading the notes may show you how the wrong approach can lead to
confusion, so learn from my past mistakes.

   Update: I removed a lot of the useless stuff so it's mostly just a bunch
of random stats.

 old notes: - - - - - alignment: [G]=good, [N]=neutral, [E]=evil
+Elf GNE [G]Art, Pal, Exp, Mag, *Sor, *Wlk
 >> 10,18,18,12,8,14
 +Mag >> 10,18,18,12,12,14
 +Pal >> 14,18,18,12,16,14
+Giant N [N]*War, *Exp, *Bar
 >> 14,13,13,10,4,15
+Gnome GNE [G]Art, *Pal, Exp, *Mag, Sor
 Pal/Mag: 14 12 13 8 16 13
Dwarf N  [N]War, Exp, Thf, Bar, Wlk, Cle
Ogre GNE [N]War, Bar; not much use cept for clobberin'
Yeti GE  [G]War, Exp, Mag, Sor
+Saris N [N]Exp, *Thf, Mag, Wlk, *Cle
 Thf/Exp: 12 13 13 10 5 16
Troll GNE [E]Nnj, Vil, Bar
 [G]Nnj: 14 10 8 8 6 16

[ hotkeys ]
A = add a nearby char to party
P = pickup a body
W = swap inventory items (you'll be asked to input: slot x, slot y)
Q = exit to main menu
(enter), /c = char info
(enter), /g = char's guild quest info
...these are all in the helpfile included when you install the game.


   The actual numbers seem to fluctuate, but for a given guild they will
total the same. E.g. A dwarf warrior is listed as 14 Str, 6 Int, 6 Wis,
10 Con, 4 Cha, 8 Dex with 15 spare points, for a total of 63 points. You
may get 12,6,6,8,6,12,+13 instead, but note that the total stat points is
still 63. Each race has it's own fixed total, for example giants have a
total of 66:

 Dwarf 63; Elf 63; Giant 66; Gnome 64; Ogre 66; Saris 66; Troll 64;
 Yeti 62; Human 64

   Listed in alphabetical and good-neutral-evil order. Stats after the
guild name refer to the starting stats in the Demise order of Str, Int,
Wis, Con, Cha, and Dex, with extra points at the end, e.g. + 6.

+ Dwarf[N] War, Exp, Thf, Bar, Wlk, Cle -- (War)/Cle/Wlk
  Dwarf[N] - War (14, 6, 6,10, 4, 8,+15)
             Thf ( 9,12, 8, 5, 5,16,+ 8)
             Bar (12, 8, 8,10, 4,15,+ 6)
  Start War (14,11,11,10,4,13)
   Cle reqs:  8 14 14 10 8 14
  To add Cle, 0,+3,+3,0,+4,+1 = Int[N]x3, Wis[N]x3, Cha[N]x4, Dex[N]x1
   Wlk reqs: 10 18 18 12 8 14
  To add Wlk, 0,+7,+7,+2,+4,+1 = Int[N]x7, Wis[N]x7, Con[N]x2, Cha[N]x4,
+ Elf[G]   Pal, Exp, Mag, Sor, Wlk
  Elf[G]   - Sor ( 7,14,13,12, 5,10,+ 2)
+ Elf[N]   Exp, Thf, Mag, Wlk, Cle
  Elf[N]   - Thf ( 9,12, 8, 5, 5,16,+ 8)
+ Elf[E]   Exp, Mag, Sor, Wlk
  Elf[E]   - Sor same as [G]
+ Giant[N] War, Exp, Bar -- War/Exp
  Giant[N] - War (14, 6, 6,10, 4, 8,+18)
             Exp (12,13,13,10, 4,12,+ 2)
             Bar (12, 8, 8,10, 4,15,+ 9)
+ Gnome[G] Pal, Exp, Mag, Sor -- Pal/(Mag)
  Gnome[G] - Mag ( 6,12,13, 8,12,13,+ 0) +Pal: +8,0,0,0,+4,0 = Str[G]x8,
             Sor ( 7,14,13,12, 7,10,+ 1)
   Pal reqs: 14  9  9  8 16 12
   Sor reqs:  7 14 13 12  5 10
  To add Sor,+1,+2,0,+4,0,0 = Str[G]x1, Int[G]x2, Con[G]x4 
+ Gnome[N] Exp, Thf, Bar, Mag, Cle
  Gnome[N] - Thf ( 9,12, 8, 5, 7,16,+ 7)
             Bar (12, 8, 8,10, 7,15,+ 4)
             Mag same as [G]
+ Gnome[E] Vil, Exp, Bar, Mag, Sor
  Gnome[E] - Bar same as [N]
             Mag same as [G] & [N]
             Sor same as [G]
+ Ogre[G]  War
  Ogre[G]  - War (14, 6, 6,10, 4, 8,+18)
+ Ogre[N]  War, Bar
  Ogre[N]  - War same as [G]
             Bar (12, 8, 8,10, 4,15,+ 9)
+ Ogre[E]  War, Bar
  Ogre[E]  - War same as [G] and [N]
             Bar same as [N]
+ Saris[N] Exp, Thf, Mag, Wlk, Cle -- (Thf)/Wlk/Cle
  Saris[N] - Exp (12,13,13,10, 4,12,+ 2)
             Mag ( 6,12,13, 8,12,13,+ 2)
             Thf ( 9,12, 8, 6, 5,16,+10) +Wlk: +1,+6,+10,+6,+3,0 ... 10 points
  start Thf (10,12,12,11,5,16)
   Wlk reqs: 10 18 18 12 8 14
  To add Wlk, 0,+6,+6,+1,+3,0 = Int[N]x6, Wis[N]x6, Con[N]x1, Cha[N]x3
   Cle reqs:  8 14 14 10 8 14
  To add Cle, 0,+2,+2, 0,+3,0 = Int[N]x2, Wis[N]x2, Cha[N]x3
   Mag reqs:  6 12 13 8 12 13, Cha[N]x7
+ Troll[G] Nnj
  Troll[G] - Nnj (14,10, 8, 8, 6,16,+ 2)
+ Troll[N] Thf, Bar
  Troll[N] - Thf ( 9,12, 8, 5, 5,16,+ 9)
             Bar (12, 8, 8,10, 4,15,+ 7)
+ Troll[E] Nnj, Vil, Bar
  Troll[E] - Nnj same as [G]
             Vil (14,11, 8,12, 4,14,+ 1)
             Bar same as [N]
+ Yeti[G]  War, Exp, Mag, Sor -- (War)/Sor
  Yeti[G]  - Sor ( 7,14,13,12, 5,10,+ 1)
             War (12, 9, 9, 8, 7, 9,+ 8)
  start War (12,11,11,11,7,10)
   Sor reqs:  7 14 13 12 5 10
  To add Sor, 0,+3,+2,+1,0,0 = Int[G]x3, Wis[G]x2, Con[G]x1
+ Yeti[E]  War, Vil, Exp, Bar, Mag, Sor
  Yeti[E]  - War same as [G]
             Bar (12, 8, 8,10, 4,15,+ 5)
             Sor ( 7,14,13,12, 5,10,+ 1)

Stat modding potions/tomes I have stocked (G/N/E):
Str-9(6/3/2) Int-4(//4) Wis-1(/1/) Con-9(3/3/3) Cha-6(6//) Dex-4(2/1/1)
Note that Int, Wis, and Cha mods seem uncommon.

- - - [ Patch notes ] - - -

   I'm playing on v1.00r3 Build 353, System DEMISE Version 1.35b, which
is apparently old code. The fixes are pretty important too, bleah. None
look gamebreakingly critical, although I'd look out for the bloat bug.
Btw, the caster 1 slot bug (see Bug section of this FAQ) is apparently
still around even in the latest version, from what I gather reading on
Decklin's forums, as well as the good ol' no-repop, and a couple of map
bugs (disappearing maps and the annotation bug).
   Still, a month on and with heavy usage (couple hours a day), my backup
and autobackup folders still weigh in around 7.55Mb. Fingers crossed.

   The following notes were salvaged from forum posts, and I managed to
get the dates on them. 2 years back. I hear work on the expansion, as well
as the actual 2.0 sequel, is slow although ongoing. This means the old game
will be around for quite some time more.
   I really hope they make it payable by CC not just PayPal. I don't trust
PayPal, and the country I currently reside in isn't supported.

- - - Changes & Fixes in Demise 1.02 (announced on 13 August 2004) - - -

* Divide by 0 error has been fixed.
 (apparently introduced in 1.01, which I don't have)
* Bloated character file bug has been fixed. If you currently have a
  bloated file, run the fix utility to shrink it after installing 1.02
  and it will no longer bloat.
* Fixed a bug that would rock you if you use a spell that would move you
  to x or y 0 instead of wrapping. For example, displacing from 5,45,10
   by -5,0 will now correctly place you at 45,45,10.
* Fxied the out of range spell casting bug that would sometimes occur for
  people that were not the leader.
 (the infamous slot 1 bug? apparently it's still around, wtf)
* When using stone spells/weapon, the monster's stone resistance will be
  used instead of the character's.
* Ring of teleportation will now work even if the book is not turned in.
* Breathing counter should stop when game is paused.
* You can now resurrect a dead companion in any slot (not just slot 1).
* You can no longer find yourself by casting "Deteck rock".
* Magically locked chests will no longer appear in anti-magic areas.
* Charisma now has more effect on monster joins.
* When you close the portal, it will unequip all your items so the
  alignment change won't improperly boost your stats because of item
  alignments of stuff you were holding when it is closed.

Changes & Fixes in Demise Server 1.02 
* The server config window now has an option to set the regen rate for each
  room. The parameter is in seconds. It is also constant now and not
  dependent on how many people are on the server. For example, if you set
  it to 600 (10 min), then room 1 will respawn 10 minutes after you clear
  it, etc. The minimum is currently 5 minutes (to prevent abuse).
* The config dialog now has an option to auto launch the server. If you
  turn this on, the next time you start the server, it will start
  immediatly witout waiting for you to close the config dialog.
* For sending messages from the server, there is now a text box on the
  dialog at all times. Clicking the "Send Message" will now send what is in
  that box instead of popping up a dialog box like it used to (as it was
  apparently causing lag when it was up).
* Messages send from the server (i.e. those typed in by the server op) will
  now be light cyan in color instead of light green like all other typed
- - - " - - -

- - - Changes & Fixes in Demise 1.03 (announced on 3 September 2004) - - -
( yeah I know, not even a month since the previous fix eh? )

   Demise 1.03 is here. This is just a minor update to fix a few things and
 make Demise ready for Archi's upcoming expansion... 
Bug Fixes:
* Selecting the automap while in the city will no longer cause an error.
( what error? I've accidentaly accessed the automap (tab) in town as well,
 no error occured )
* "Sticky pics" fixed. There were some items that when you scroll your
   inventory would not update their picture correctly. This has been fixed
   for both the inventory and the bank.
* Game and server should correctly connect to and work with the master
   server again.
Note: You will want to install this patch before installing future
   expansions or mods, including Archi's expansion when it comes out.

Like 1.02, this patch just replaces the two appliactions (Demise and the
Demise Server), so you will need 1.01 installed prior to using this patch.
- - - " - - -

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

===== [ BUGS ] ===== . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ERR]

   The articles below are mostly sourced from forum posts; some don't even
exist anymore, I got help from Google's caches for some of them.

- [1] Spellcaster Slot 1 bug - - -

In SP, if your spellcaster is not in the first slot, his spells will affect
radically fewer targets than they should. Very often: they affect nothing.
You FREQUENTLY get "no monsters in range" when that's total hooey.

If your caster is in slot 1, the spells he casts will always hit the
expected number of targets. So, if you cast a spell that can hit up to 4
groups of 7, it will hit all 4 groups, and kill up to 7 monsters.
If you have your caster in any other slot, there is a problem. If your char
in slot 1 kills all the monsters in group 1, your caster will get an 'out
of range' message, and won't hit ANY monsters with their spell, even though
there are still 3 groups of 7+ monsters attacking you.
I also think that if the first group starts with a lot of monsters, and is
then reduced to 2 by your first character, your spell will hit, but will
only kill up to 2 monsters per group, instead of all 7.

You simply don't hit the monsters you should with the spells you cast. 

Ah, I thought there was something up with my sorceror. So your forced to
put the weakest out front.

This is the worst bug in Demise (the No-Repop bug would be the second
worst). It's very annoying that this game has been patched 6-7 times and
the two nastiest bugs (bugs that have been reported since beta testing
prior to the first release) are still with us.

   I think the game code checks how many enemies are available by examining
 only the FIRST monster group, which is why it screws up. The problem is I
 don't understand why a caster in slot 1 is not affected by this bug.
   Theoretically PC actions, regardless of slot location in party, should
 use the same targeting code. I know certain stuff is affected by who is in
 slot 1, like brightness view, but I don't see why targeting code is.

- [2] The no-repop bug - - -
(can't find reliable info on this, but the name and anecdotal evidence
 suggests that some monsters never respawn - making quests where you need
 to find that type again undoable)

   This bug is just stupid, I bet it's a typo in the numbers concerning
 the rate of spawning / respawning. Also, some monsters are far too rare
 (re: Tengu).

- [3] Map bug - - -
 Can't find reliable info on this, but from forum posts and my own
 experiences it seems the automap will suddenly occasionally disappear,
 which kind of sucks since it's very important to know where you've been
 and to remember the landmarks which help you on your way. However, this
 time around I'm taking the previous precaution of always exiting the game
 after resurfacing and finishing my guild/shopping business. Maybe it's the
 fact that I'm running it under WinXP now instead of Win98SE, but I haven't
 seen any anomalies... so far. True, I have applied the patches according
 to the directions, which as far as I remember I didn't do last time.

 Update on map annotation bug:
   When you add annotations to the map, it causes identified squares
 (particularly the Extinguish square marking) to appear randomly in places
 where they are not supposed to appear, or others (particularly Stud and
 Anti-Magic squares) to refuse to show up properly, again at random. It
 doesn't rework the squares so that they ARE Extinguish squares or fail to
 be Stud/Anti-Magic squares, it's just a real PITA.
   For me, I have only a few squares annotated in the dungeon, and I have a
 general idea where the REAL Extinguish squares are, so the rest is just an
 annoyance. Just be careful where you step until you're certain, though!

 Update on map annotation bug, part 2:
   This bug occurs whether you use annotations or not. I don't remember who
 started saying it was due to using annotations, that's not true. It
 happened to me and I never annotate my maps.

 Update on bloating bug:
   Just keep an eye on the data folder - it appears to be around 83MB total
 (including the backup folder). Can't seem to find the link to the char fix
 utility on the forums though.
   Update: The size total seems to be messed up a bit. Further digging
 shows that a subfolder, \Demise\System\Demise\Resource, contains 4 .DER
 files that are 59.1Mb in size and are dated January 2000. I assume these
 are game resources and NOT part of the actual saves. For those, I think
 they are in \Demise\System\Demise\Backup\ as well as a similar folder
 \Demise\System\Demise\Autobackup\ which are only 7.5Mb in size each, and
 contain files with names that indicate current stuff (like items, map,
 etc) and have a timestamp corresponding to my playing dates.

 So, I think those are the only ones you need to worry about. At 7.5Mb in
 size they're still pretty small, hopefully there aren't any problems.

   I won't speculate on this bug, other than it may be related to the bloat
 bug. Making the save/load code complex for protection reasons is all well
 and good but they really should put robustness ahead. After all I hear
 hackers have managed to break it anyway, there are trainers floating
 around out there.
   Personally I don't use trainers, cheating = god mode = boring & ruins
 any fun a game has. Demise is arguably even more savage than your typical
 current RPG, yet I'm enjoying it a lot. It's the challenge which makes it
 great. No babying or handholding for newbs, it's just "here's your kit and
 a grenade, good luck."
   That aside, I fail to see why protection should involve monkeying with
 saving - I've yet to see a game without some sort of crack, trainer, or
 cheat out there. Encrypt the damn thing if you must, but please make sure

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

   Last minute notes: The numbers in the tables are mostly lifted wholesale,
lock, stock 'n barrel from the Demise help manual. *shrug* I find them
easier to digest as plain text. The Master Race Mix List I created to list
down the nonhuman guild possibilities, as well as WHICH guilds are actually
available to you DURING character creation -- so you don't look at the
manual, plan to start a Gnome Paladin, and then realise you can't
actually START as a Paladin since the little Gnomish twats
don't start with enough stats ;/ Use the list to plan how many of each stat
potions and tomes you will need for your characters, after you have built a
brawling party to go down the upper floors hunting for those.

   During the first 2006 update I copied a whole bunch of info from several
excellent Demise fan pages, some of which seem to appear to have been last
updated 5 years ago... I am not claiming the info as mine, think of this as
an archive of sorts. Better than hunting outdated Google links, no?

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

   To do: site links and a bunch of other odds and ends. There really isn't
 that much out there, a lot of it is lost among old forum posts and
 abandoned websites. There isn't that much activity on the long-time fan
 sites either, their forums are mostly just vets reminiscing or rank
 newbies asking basic questions, only to disappear afterwards - not that I
 blame them totally, it's kind of a tough game, and the rewards are
 basically those you get by level grinding in other games: get better stuff
 and kill harder monsters.
   The thing is, you have to admit, that as far as pure dungeon crawlers
 go - modern ones with acceptable graphics, not roguelikes languishing in
 text-land with crude ascii "art" (ugh) or primitive 2D graphics a la
 "Moraff's World" - Demise stands pretty much on top of the heap. I love
 stats just like any old-school player but seriously, I've had my fill of
 moving a character represented by 'O' along "maps" lined by rows of '-'s
 and '|'s.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

===== [ CREDITS ] =====

- Decklin's Demise
   Decklin is the latest owner of Demise, and these are the forums where
 the vets now hang out at. There are a couple of other forums if I'm not
 mistaken, but iirc they're related to the unofficial expansion (DTR) or
 something like that.

- Sortiri's Server Scene
   Apparently Sortiri too took to saving stuff from around the web.
Fortunately she appears to be one of those veteran players still active
so her information should be reliable.

- Bunch of notes taken from websites that I no longer know whether are
still alive or already dead. If you find anything of yours let me know
so I can credit you properly. Give a link to your site if possible, I'm
still interested in Demise info.

- Oh, and Ti-chan, for saving this thing. If she hadn't I'd still be
digging through piles of forum posts from wherever. Good luck wherever
you are, Ti.

-  Lastly here's a Shout Out to all the Pirate Parties out there.
Keep up the good work guys!

Thanks for reading.

- [ Anti-credits ] -

   Big Media @ Content Cartel for pushing DRM/TCPA.
   The thugs who produce starforce.
   Scumware and spyware peddlers.
   Spammers and malware writers.

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violation of copyright. If you want to put this up on your personal
webpage, email me. This isn't unreasonable; with so few Demise fans out
there, I'd like to know where this may end up.

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